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2013 Yearly Overview Aries

You are going to be very happy with yourself this year Rams. Your solar 1st house is full of fun and hopefully a lot of unexpected luck. You also will be carrying around a good deal of appeal, including sex appeal all year long! If you arenít interested in this kind of thing, then you might want to dress in drab colors and make little eye contact. People can be attracted to you in an immediate way and you will definitely be even more of an effervescent personality than you usually are.

If you tend towards overdoing something, especially beauty treatments or working out, which includes things like yoga and other eastern types of physical regimes, be extra careful because you may develop physical problems which are very unusual or difficult to treat.

Money is a bit of a head scratcher for you this year. This is because the south node is gracing your house of income, which is not necessarily good. If you have always taken the easy way out in your finances things might get a bit hairy for you. However, if you have always put yourself out there and done jobs which made you exceedingly uncomfortable then you may reap some very nice rewards for your bravery and willingness to go beyond your comfort zone.

If you are in a fund raising field, plan on staying close to home this year in order to utilize your gifts most appropriately. A local humanitarian entity might need your expertise and they can also introduce you to a great many influential people. Obviously this is most probable if you are already involved in community affairs.

If you are looking for a roommate, you will have many applicants and the one you pick may be a bit larger than life. Or maybe they will be an expert at using all your stuff and never paying the rent on time. However it could be you who is receiving something for nothing since Jupiter is involved and Jupiter tends more towards giving than taking. In fact, you could land a pad that doesnít require a lot of dough or has some other major perk. Donít question it, just know that the Universe has your back this year.

Your difficulties are few this year, but if you are to encounter them, look to your partnerís finances or some bizarre fantasy you are obsessed with to be the culprit. This isnít really a year you should be looking for a lot of different outlets for sex. Yes you are attractive to others, but you need to be very discriminating with whom you chose.

As for your partnerís income, perhaps it will be less than is adequate or they may be on the last leg of a regular paycheck. Perhaps they will be retiring or maybe they will have to take a pay cut to keep their job. Someone who is rather cruel could be calling the shots in their job, so support them so they can continue to deal with this person. Maybe you can put out some feelers and help them find a new position where they donít have to be so miserable.

The one major issue for you this year with regard to your career could be your sense of self-importance. This doesnít mean you arenít important, but it could mean that the higher ups donít find you to be as endearing as you find yourself. On the other hand, maybe you will come into a great deal of power this year. Make sure you wield your sword of power wisely or else what you do now can come back and wreck your life later.

Your friends will be very sweet and fun this year. A friend with which you belong to the same group, fraternity or sorority can do a lot for your public image now. Or maybe their instability will only bring you into a spotlight that reeks of weirdness. Make your own way and donít rely on those groups to which you belong. Your group might just be a gang that will chew your arm off and beat you over the head with it.

You can rest assured that whatever secrets you are asked to keep or that you need to be kept will be. However, your intellect is dwelling in the area of secrets and escapism which makes you rather prone to fantasies and illusions. If you work in a field where you need to be in tune with your imaginative side, this can be really good, so make sure you work on those art projects you have waiting in the wings.

If you are someone who has a very rich (and vividly, lovelyÖnot perverse) fantasy life, maybe you should consider writing it down. The insights you have can be very worthy of sharing.

I hope you have a very wondrous 2013!

2013 Horoscope for Taurus

2013 is going to be a bit different for you my bovine friends. This year your solar chart has a very full 1st house which relates to your ego, personal agendas and talents, health and how you wish to be perceived by the world. You appear to want to come across as being very sure of yourself, even aggressive. This may go as far as you losing some of your easygoing nature, which is actually one of your best assets. Letís face it, in some professions it doesnít pay to be sweet and funny, so your edgy evolution could help you in a shark infested career. However, I donít think you want to carry this aggressive thing to extremes because the old adage that you ďcan catch more flies with honey than with vinegarĒ isnít an old adage for nothing.

You do have your feet firmly planted in terra firma in 2013, as the element of Earth is very prevalent in your solar chart, which is just a reverberation of your innate nature anyway. Therefore you surely are aware of what you are doing and you wonít be set off by little annoyances. This extra burst of pragmatism is underscored by your intrinsic need to make a lot of money so you can feel secure and comfortable. Many of you may decide to take on a side job, maybe something you can easily do in your off time.

As we meander around your 2013 solar chart we find there isnít a lot going on in several houses, including your house of speculation, entertainment, children and love affairs. This doesnít mean you will have a year void of fun and frolic, but it does mean that you really wonít be overly focused on entertainment.

Your house of marriage, best friends and business partners is hosting the lord of cruelty, traitors and boredom. Okay, donít get all bent about this, it is also the planet of long term, mutually satisfying associations which last because of an enduring compatibility (or maybe a tenacious depravity). Doesnít really matter: This is your fated and destined lot in life and you canít get away from it. To clarify with an example: This can be best explained by those relationships which have progeny. Even if you divorce the partner you will still be forevermore joined based upon the little people you put out into this world. Hopefully you can find some other reason to hang. In the case of business partnerships, perhaps you have built an income together, so even if you truly hate each other (which this year you may) you canít get away from the paycheck. Figure out a way to make it work without being around one another.

If you are looking for a permanent love situation you can definitely find one with a practical, hard working, stolid type. In fact, this person is someone of the ďdestinedĒ variety. The establishment of the relationship will not be easy to negotiate, but if you can arrange it you can have a passionate soul mate for life.

If this energy pertains to your best friend (I wrote fiend first, hmmÖ isnít it interesting how close these two words are in spelling) this person is not likely doing a thing for your personal appeal at this point. Saturn opposing your solar sun is sincerely very icky. This isnít an exact opposition, but you have another little touch of poo on your solar sun, a conjunction of the south node. Therefore, the combined energy of the configuration is quite potent and not necessarily the best auspice. You need to be aware that a partner is out to get you or is running your business into the ground or some other crummy plot. As a side note, the 7th house rules marriage as well as ďopen enemiesĒ. Yes, the Universe has a sense of humor.

This south node thing with your sun is not really great for your health. You will be prone to infectious diseases and because Saturn is involved, blockages and the multitude of irregularities of old age. Over indulgence, or even indulgence in foodstuffs you have never eaten a lot of, can bring about distressing health issues. However, genetics can also save you from some ugly stuff now too. Things that would kill some folks will just make you stronger.

I do want to mention, as a bit of a silver lining to this, that some people are actually blessed, in heavy doses, by the south node. Donít be afraid of it if you have typically taken the more difficult road in life; the one that has offered lots of opportunity for growth beyond your comfort zone. These people will be duly rewarded.

You may feel compelled to spend some time overseas, which is a great thing for you and can bring you into contact with people having a great deal of power. This can do a lot for your career. In fact, this year you may develop a very important relationship with someone who can help you immensely in your career, on your personal quest of enlightenment or with college. For those associated with a university you may be able to utilize the connections in very profound ways.

You will be very popular in the groups you associate with this year. Some of these people will be very glamorous and can bring you opportunities. You may become very emotionally involved with some of the groups to which you belong. These can run the gambit from humanitarian charities to gangs. Therefore it is important to note that it depends upon the orientation of the affiliations as to how you ought to behave. Try not to become emotionally attached to those who voice ideologies which hurt others. This may seem like a ďno brainerĒ but it is amazing how the heart can mask the brain, especially if a magnetic personality is involved.

You still have that weird-ass secret in your 12th house. Last year you deigned to make it funny or rather enjoyed yourself with regard to this secret. This year the fun has dissipated. If this is something that lessens another, or even worse, betrays another, then you may want to extricate yourself from it. Some secrets are best left secret.

There is a very profound configuration which I discussed in the 2013 Yearly Highlights section at length between Uranus and Pluto this year, and it will be in play to varying degrees for the next several years. The weirdness in your house of secrets is impacted by this in a big way, and for quite some time. Pluto is currently transiting your solar house of university studies, philosophy, soul searching, benefactors, in-laws, largess, international business and travels and dealings with foreigners.

Uranus squaring Pluto is reminiscent of the counterculture movement of the 1960ís and is indicative of rebellion and a major sea change in thought processes of those who become powerful verses those who do not. If you are a physician, this can be explained best by the upcoming changes in the healthcare system. Doctors are not going to have as much power. Patients have needed to be very proactive in their health care in the past twenty or more years anyway with doctors becoming more and more inaccessible every year. This inaccessibility is not going to be helped by the new changes in health care, but maybe there will be some other perks, like letting people with pre-existing conditions be eligible for all insurance. So, if you happen to be a doctor, you will see a lot of changes in your practice and how the hospitals you practice in are run.

If you are college age and are rebelling against getting a college education because the studies recently have suggested they do not pay off, you might be making a mistake. This is not because a college education will automatically get you a job. It wonít. However, college makes you learn how to think, how to research and gives you additional time to grow up and find out what it is you are actually good at and would be willing to do for the rest of your life. Having a college education doesnít make you better than anyone, but it does give you an opportunity to work in an environment that doesnít beat the hell out of your body. Manual labor is great when you are young but the older you get the harder it is to get out of bed in the morning and there is always heat and a/c in an office, whereas there is not in a warehouse or outdoors. Statistically, as long as you donít get fat in a sedentary type job, you live longer in a job requiring a college education. I agree. I canít do the 9 to 5 cubical thing either. So get an education in general business and go into business for yourself doing whatever it is you love to do, from art to security to computer techie to whatever it is you have a gift for doing.

May the coming year bring you the equivalent happiness which you have bestowed upon others.

2013 Horoscope for Gemini

Happy New Year! The New Year is often times a sigh of relief as a year of difficulty exits and a year of prosperity enters. Most people who read horoscopes have an area of interest, and in my experience those areas are love, money and career. In that order. So that is how we will address your 2013 solar chart. That way I can avoid the ugly little moon/south node conjunction in your 12th house. That isnít good in very many instances though Iíll try and spin it for you if you want. Later.

Venus is usually the sign we look to with regard to love and money. You have the excellent luck to have your financial house graced with the sign of Venus, as well as Mercury close by it. If you work in a communications field, are a writer, negotiator, driver, linguist, teach children or parents parenting skills (a very needed job venue), this could be an exceedingly good year for you financially. You also could find work in a beauty or comforting home goods field especially if it requires you to travel short distances. Vacation home sales might also be a nice option. Also, family businesses are apt to give you a great deal of benefit.

I do have to tell you that you have Mars on your ascendant in your solar chart this year. This is rather diametrically opposed in regard to what it could mean for you. On the one hand it will make you more aggressive and more interested in sports activities that involve a great deal of effort. If not organized sports then something like weight lifting or some other sort of body building activity could float your boat.

Along with the problem with Mars, you also have your house of health filled with some rather debilitating energies. Those diseases of the elderly (arthritis, gout, osteoporosis, etc.), dental and bone problems could stalk you. If not you, then an older person in your life could begin failing in a remarkable way.

The abovementioned energy could bring someone very noteworthy from your past work environment back into your life. You might be able to re-establish yourself in their business and stabilize your job in a way you had not thought to be possible. In fact, they could call you up and beg you to come back!

This is further indicated by the presence of the planet of glamour in your house of career. Therefore if you at one time worked for someone who seemed to be on their way up and certainly part of the beau monde, then you will be very lucky in attaining a position of some eminence. Even being a lackey with this member of the grand poo-bah could set you up for life.

On the other handÖ This is indicative of a need for surgery or a bout of some pretty nasty fevers, broken bones or sprained muscles. Therefore, while all energetic activity is to be applauded due to its health benefits, if you overdo something you are already looking down the barrel of a scalpel. So, be very careful how much you exert yourself if you decide to get into some sort of extreme sporting activity.

Lucky Jupiter is doing its level best to assist you in money making activities by upping your personality quotient. You have a level of beneficence that will carry through to those who interact with you. Even if you donít have a ďpot to pee inĒ as my people say, you will still be seen as someone with honor and effervescence that makes others feel better and wish to do things which assist you. Just make sure you donít promise a lot more than you can deliver or act in a way that imitates the shifty chameleon.

Okay, lastly. I would be remiss if I did not address ďthe big uglyĒ in your house of secrets. Your emotions may be a little more than off, making you either way too aware of your feelings or devoid of them. Either way, they are going to make life difficult for you. If you have an elderly mother who is not doing well it may be time to find a place where she can have 24 hour supervision. If you are older and not doing well, and are getting more afraid by the day, this is the time to take things into your own hands and find an assisted living environment which you can feel comfortable in, before things get so bad that you have to be bodily removed due to some untenable issue. There are some really nice places to move to that have all the amenities to make life easier for you, and it is easier on you and your family if you make these decisions on your own. Some of them even have progressed levels of care so that you can ease your way into your twilight years. We can all pretend like it doesnít happen, but it does, so taking control of it will truly make you feel better. Also, there are ombudsman programs in most states, so make sure you look up these numbers before-hand and if you see horrible things, make sure to report them. You can do so anonymously. If not, call your congressman and suggest this option before you even have to go.

On a bit of a different note, if you are on the dating scene this is set to be a year which brings you a plethora of dating options: At least one of which may be someone with a great deal of money, and if not money then a gift for bringing you happiness and fulfillment. (Go ahead and let your mind run wild on that one, not what I meant, but probably apropos.) Of course there is a bit of energy from your house of friendship that could bring some weirdness into the mix, so donít go all out for someone you donít really know just on the say so of some random friend. However, there is also some intrigue here, which can be interesting, assuming they donít turn out to be a complete freak. You could laugh more than you have laughed in an age. Worth looking into Iíd say.

Have a wonderful 2013!

2013 Horoscope for Cancer

2013 will be a year in which you can sell your talent or the products you make and come away with a tidy little profit. Communication, local sales and your writing ability may bring you to the attention of people who can assist you in your work. Your countenance is pleasing to others and people will want to be around you. All of this will serve to make you quite happy I think.

Lucky Jupiter is assisting your ability to expand your influence and grow your personal ideologies in a way that ingratiates others. You have much to offer the world Crabs, and this year will show you how to give in a way that others will be nipping at your heels to receive. You have communicative abilities which will be greatly envied. Utilize your gifts so that others may benefit and you will be able to do no wrong.

Doctorís offices and hospitals may be part of your life this year, though you will not necessarily be the patient. A female relative or someone you are enormously fond of may be the one who needs to spend a bit of time laid up. There is a great deal of protective energy here, so it may not be anything overly serious, but perhaps a need for a little surgery. You should probably be careful about disorders which cause growths or where corpulence is a problem, like diabetes and heart problems. You will tend to gain some weight this year due to Jupiter making you so popular and people asking you to lunch and dinner all the time!

Your closest relationships, such as a spouse, business partner or a best friend, will run to the extremes this year. There might even be some sort of a cold war going on between you. If it helps, it appears you have the moral high ground: Which isnít really that helpful when someone you care about is being mean or has an agenda incongruent with your own. Some of you will decide to extricate yourself from these associations as a result of their interference with your happiness.

For those of you who are in search of a life companion, someone may enter your life that seems solid and reliable. Give the relationship some time before you decide if they are a ďkeeperĒ or not. You do have at least one indicator for the commencement of a life relationship this year, and another auspice which bespeaks of a very durable and quite intense joining. The level of emotional volatility can be exciting to some and it may make for a very compatible long term outcome, though perhaps a bit austere over time. Think ďtall, dark and handsome/prettyĒ: Also, perhaps, a bit older than you.

Your cash flow can be enhanced this year, maybe through your leadership or speculative abilities. You have some kind of talent which can pay quite lucratively if you play your cards right. Donít be afraid to put your creative talent out for the world to see. You never know who might be looking!

One area which you may want to be careful of is getting involved with some sort of charlatan or con man, either through a religious organization or even a physician, as well as any sort of influential person, like a politician. They may offer to help you, and they may be able to do so in a rather amazing and miraculous way. However we both know that these kinds of things, while entirely possible, are tainted with the stink of people who are just about bilking you out of your money. Donít ever quit believing in the good in people, but always keep a weather eye on other potentials which are not so marvelous.

Your career sector still has the lord of chaos and genius in attendance this year. Which will bring you possible upheavals at the company you work for, but can also open up new opportunities via computer technology and even in obscure fields, like the weapons industry. You or someone in your immediate family could decide to enter the military, in which case there will be vast adjustments to be made. In some cases the head of the family may either instigate the military career or be violently against it. If you are contemplating a career as a soldier I hope you receive more than enough support for your decision at home and I believe you are quite noble in your desire to protect us.

May your New Year be wild and wonderful!

2013 Horoscope for Leo Horoscopes

Ah, you have the easy blight of the grand trine all about your solar chart this year my lovely Lion friends. Yes, in knuckle dragging mouth breathing astrological societies, trines=goodÖĒughĒ. However, in actual practice, trines=utilize your opportunities but donít use others. Grand trines can create a way out of extreme difficulty, or they can allow someone to ďrest on their laurelsĒ to the point of zombie-ism. What path you take rests largely on the kind of soul you are. I think you are someone who uses your open doors to create opportunity for your own advancement as well as that of others.

Be very aware of other people wanting to take what is yours or infringe on your turf in 2013. The parasites will be coming out of the closet with their grasping hands swatting at your wallet.

You have the fluid and fluctuating moon on your solar ascendant this year which creates a number of issues. Some of them good. Some of them not so good. The moon is a lovely light when taken alone and makes you shine in an ethereal glow. On the other hand, it also regulates all of our bodily fluids and when on the ascendant, a point known for health insights, it can indicate some rather difficult issues. Problems with your blood, stomach, breasts, electrolytes, encephalitis or dehydration are just a few of the problems that can manifest.

On the other hand you will be much more interesting to the public this year. If you work with the public, this is a great thing. However, it is important that you come across as being nurturing, warm and it is even okay if you have rather volatile moods, as long as they are appropriate for the circumstances.

Financially, you have the gift of Venus, the ruler of money, at Home in your earned income solar house. A friend or spouse can bring a great increase in income. If you are looking for a job, you might be luckiest in finding lucrative positions in fields of decorating, money lending, beauty products, massage therapy and commerce dealing with home goods which are comforting, like furniture or fluffy blankets.

Your family is likely to be a bit of a problem, with Saturn weighing in and bringing with him all the menagerie of difficulties associated with old age. You may need to help a relative invest in some handicap friendly home improvements. Even if it is only a bar on the tub, a booster seat on the potty and a light on the stairwell, it could make the difference between independent living and a permanent trip to the nursing home. If you are older, I am speaking to you, and not about a family member. And given the moon on the ascendant thing, you might want to consider interviewing some home service people who can do things like laundry, cooking and grocery shopping. And walking the dog or hamster.

Your solar 6th house of health and work is further lamenting the old age problems in your world. And if it is not old age, it has to do with underworld activities at your place of business, the like of which you need to steer clear of or risk a very bad year. If your boss is an older person, and if they really are not very nice, even conjuring the ghost of ďScroogeĒ the Bad years, this could manifest by them being usurped by a family member who takes over the business. This can cause all kinds of instability in your work environment as restructuring is probable.

Your spouse or business partner looks to be helpful, for a change, this year. They will have your interests at heart, or maybe they will be utilizing your business dealings to find a much better situation for themselves. The good thing is they arenít planning on shafting you so if it happens it is probably someone elseís idea. (Like that matters if youíve been financially skewered). Juno is an asteroid that is very protective and nurturing of relationships, especially marriage, and she is working on your side regarding these issues.

If you work in a job where you manage money for someone else, especially someone with a lot of money, make about 10 copies of everything. Do whatever sleuthing needs to be done to find out if they are hiding anything that can get you into trouble as their business overseer. Under no circumstances help them hide assets or be involved in covert activities. This will hit you much harder than it will them if it goes south.

You will have a number of changes in your world with regard to your foreign investments, in-laws, university studies and world travel. If you are in college, you might decide to change schools or be asked to enter some sort of nerdy club that will really help you out in the future. If you do a lot of traveling, you will meet a number of quirky and interesting people from foreign climes. They can greatly assist you in your pursuance of abundance too. You may also be drawn to rebels or groups that want to make significant change on the planet.

Your career has a bit of problem this year with the south node making things difficult for you. You might be better off sticking close to home instead of embarking on a world tour. Doing some advanced research within a university or with other higher minded people can fulfill your wanderlust. Your career is not a place you are supposed to be focused on this year unless you have some circumstance within your natal chart which says you will be rewarded by things in your past or something you already paid forward, to an extent which is no less than profound. If you are looking for a job, your best bet will be via an entity you have worked for before, or someone from your past.

Your house of secrets is full of interesting stuff. Maybe a really interesting foreign friend who makes your fantasy life a reality. Or maybe you find that your workout routine is the most satisfying part of your world, just make sure it isnít because of the scantily clad individuals at the weight machine next to you. Unless of course you are free to pursue this kind of person, in which case, you are in for a treat that might just kill you. But you will die with a smile on your face.

May 2013 bring you many abundant blessings and happiness!

2013 Horoscope for Virgo

Well, my dear Virgo, at least you have the Dragonís Tail moving off your midheaven in your solar chart, however, you do still have it very high in your chart. And alone. We will discuss this more later. I like to start at the beginning, and for you this entails a rather important issue.

The moon is now very near your solar sun, which is rather emotionally charged. You will feel things this year that you perhaps would rather not feel. If you are a Virgo with little water in your natal chart, or other more touchy feely energies, this is going to be very disconcerting for you. Things that once you tackled with analytical reserve will bring an emotional response to you which may not be very comfortable but can offer additional insights. Just know that any time intense feelings are involved, it is for a reason.

On a more esoteric level, this configuration is going to give an inordinate amount of intuition. This is a year when you must be sure to trust your instincts. The unfortunate aspect of instinct is that is does not give us an earthbound reason as to ďWhyĒ. Live with it. Even when you canít see the ďWhyĒ in a situation, the reason will unfold eventually.

Money can come your way this year quite readily. Libra is involved and will make this a wonderful year to take on a partner in your money making endeavors. Actually all years are good years for you to have a partner to make money since Libra will naturally fall in your solar 2nd house, but this year you also have the innate blessing of Venus. Venus is the planet of money, as well as partnerships, so she is very at Home in this house. Therefore your partner is likely to help you greatly in your financial endeavors.

There is a crapload of fate and kismet in your house of extended family, roommates, teachers (K-12), short vacations, commutes, networking, conversations and communication and remedial learning. There is a great deal of superficial enjoyment in this house, but with Saturn here it isnít likely you are supposed to be pursuing that route. Powerful people from your past can have a hand in this, but if they give you too much grief it is easily handled by the 3rd houses axis which rules gurus, lawyers and chiefs who can bury bad guys as easily as they eat a sandwich. Incidentally, the good guys holed up in your 9th house are not just equipped to handle it but they have the ability to annihilate your detractors. Only caveat is that you must be a pretty tough cookie yourself

If you have children this is a year they will develop some pretty intense personality traits. If they seem to have an inherent gift, like music, art or even athletics, make sure they get plenty of opportunity to express themselves in a productive manner. This will mitigate a great many difficulties. Of course, this house also rules love affairsÖ

If you like the tall, dark and handsome types this is very, very nice indeed. You may meet someone who is extremely focused and can accomplish more in one day that most people you know accomplish in ten years. This person is likely to be a bit older, but donít be put off by this, unless they think you should put up with any paternalistic crap. Lovers who act like a parent are really a little too creepy to contemplate.

This is a great year for growing friendships and expanding your horizons into areas which you never deemed interesting. Humanitarian and charity organizations can be great places to meet people with whom you have like-minded ideals. Of course you have to watch out for the weirdoes, but you have to watch out for them at the grocery store and lunch counter anyway. Nevertheless, you are more likely to find people with whom you feel an affinity for in places which you have an inherent sympathy and symmetry.

Your house of secrets is housing your planet of angry. Therefore it seems reasonable to surmise that you are hiding a great deal of pissed off from the world at large. This is cool, as it could very well serve your purposes. However, all emotion is better left to manifest and if it is not allowed to do so it will become some kind of a malady. Therefore, keep a journal of all the things that are making you bummed or irate and at the end of this year see if they are still relevant. If they are, go after the perpetrator with both barrels locked and loaded.

This is a year you can find joy within your closest relationships. There is the potential for a true love, one which has experienced the angst and difficulties of life and has risen from those depths into sympathetic, even psychic responses, to one another. I hope at the very least you are able to find someone to commiserate about life with who is worthy of your affection. I will warn you that this sublime energy can plunge into the realm of liars and deviants in your house of closest partnerships. Therefore, while you may receive a person of sublime attributes, some can be met with a friend or partner who has a line for every truth they tell. Figure out which one they are, and then deal with them in kind. Another possibility is that a partner to whom you were estranged could come back into your life and you will be able to make things right and heal all of your old wounds. This path sees you riding off into the sunset together living in peaceful bliss!

Lucky Jupiter is broadening your visions concerning your hopes this year. A partner or group of friends can bring you the impetus to believe again in optimism. You could be asked to join a group with a great deal of influence, perhaps even be a leader in this group. This is a year where you will have many opportunities to make friends and make a difference in this world based on the humanitarian beliefs that you have. All activities of a charitable nature will bring you huge blessings as this is truly where pragmatic, earthy Virgoís shine every single day of every single year.

I wish for you the utmost in happiness this year and into the years beyond!

2013 Horoscope for Libra

You are blessed with a good deal of popularity still hovering about you this year Libra. You are likely to be dealing with the public on a regular basis, even if you are not in a career that requires it. You also have enhanced intuitive powers at your grasp and you need to follow your gut instincts in most of your dealings.

Your financial house, from the standpoint of the money you earn, is full up this year. This means you will be focusing a great deal on what you have and consequently on what you think you need. Looking around at others and seeing what they have, and comparing it to what you have, isnít likely to make you feel better in the long run, so donít get caught up in this sort of competition.

You may decide to quietly look for a new position if your current job is not offering you the respect you feel you deserve. Or perhaps you are not comfortable around the people you come into contact with at work. Or maybe it is that you know the practices of your firm are less than honest and you donít wish to associate with them anymore. Keep your interview process as quiet as possible until you are sure of a new position so you donít create additional enmity.

Saturn and the north node are making anything associated with your earned income a bit hard to take. You are certainly supposed to be focusing on it, and even developing some austerity measures to combat any deficits. No, this wonít make you particularly popular with the family. If you happen to be a single person, this still applies. You must learn to live within your means. Credit cards allow you to spend easily and can be hypnotic in their allure, but this is a slippery slope to tread upon and when accounts come due it can be quite a shock if you donít manage their use. If you have trouble staying within your limits it might be good to put them away for a while. You should be happy to note that as the year progresses your financial situation will get better and if you do find a new job it should be vastly more enjoyable than your old one. Even if you do not find a new position you should find a little bit of happiness, maybe with a new boss or co-workers, or with a fairly substantial raise, as the year progresses.

Your family may require a lot of focus this year and some of it will be of an intense nature. Pluto is holed up in your solar 4th house, which can mean a number of life transforming issues will land upon your doorstep. Endings and beginnings are marked by this energy and neither is accomplished without a fair amount of circumspection and effort. Some of you may be moving house into one which will bring a change in your overall stature. Others might need to do major renovations upon an existing home.

We discussed the changes which your partner could be undergoing last year, compliments of Uranus, and they will be continuing to unfold this year. This may manifest in your spouse, best friend or business partner. This year we add a square from Pluto to Uranus to the mix, which is not a small vibe to contend with and it will be active for the next several years. Those who have the Uranus/Pluto conjunction of the 1960ís in their natal chart will likely see profound changes in their lives and the lives of their family. This isnít anything to necessarily look upon with trepidation. NecessarilyÖ All partnerships and family relationships undergo times of transition, just be aware that some of yours will be rebellious and profound in nature. If you deem yourself to be the ďauthorityĒ within your family or partnerships, that also has the potential to change and maybe morph into vast additional responsibilities.

Your partnerships are further infused with Uranian content due to an opposition between Uranus and your solar sun. This can bring about a number of issues, from odd behaviors to sudden and inexplicable endings. Some of you could become the object of an intense infatuation from someone you work with or who says there are a friend of your partner, your best friend or your spouse. In the case of best friends, they may decide they are in love with you. All of this needs to be approached with care if you also feel the same way, for while Uranus is a longer lasting vibe, it isnít the most enduring one and when the transits are over, so could be your relationship.

For those on the prowl for a life partner, you can meet someone who awakens in you feelings that have been dormant and that will completely unsettle your world. You will be attracted to people who are quite out of the norm to what you have usually been attracted to, so if you normally like blonds, you will now like those of a darker countenance. However this isnít likely to be the only way they are different. They may be the most intelligent person you have ever encountered, they likely will be into computers or perhaps they will be the hippy type and into humanitarian things. Or they could be the exact opposite of that. It is quite possible they are your exact opposite and counterpoint. Also, this could happen to your partner/best friend instead of to you.

Be prepared for the upcoming tax season and if you think you will have to pay, make sure and put money aside as soon as you can. You may be dealing with some issues from your past with regard to a partnerís debts. Your house of ďother peopleís moneyĒ either a partners or the money you manage for another, has some comeuppance to contend with this year. If you work for someone who hides money, takes money ďunder the tableĒ or has some other kind of unethical business practice be sure you canít be traced to their proclivities as they are likely to be found out this year.

Problems around your sex life or that of your partner can manifest, or maybe they will develop predilections which are different and even obsessive. Someone may become very possessive of you. If you believe in ghosts, then expect to be visited. There may be discussions regarding inheritances. All of these things are attributable to the 8th house hosting a visit from the less friendly node. Try not to fall back on crutches you have used in life before in order to cope. If your life and livelihood is affected by an addiction, you need to set it aside. Probably. Iím not one to be against a weakness as long as it doesnít keep you from earning a living and you arenít mean while you do it. Some people would be much more enjoyable beings if they would mellow the hell out and take a toke or something. Iím just sayiní.

You will have opportunities to expand your influence through your career and public image this year. If you need a new start, someone of influence could assist you in finding a new and more comfortable path. If you are willing to travel, probably a great distance, you will find more options.

You can receive a level of energizing and invigoration from being involved in some type of group activity. This is probably best accomplished through athletic events and teams or some other activity that utilizes action and muscle. Otherwise the groups to which you belong could become competitive. Competition is a great thing as long as it isnít taken too far by small minds with little going on in them. You may also find that the people you encounter in a group activity are more aggravating than they are worth and leave the group. In other instances it will be necessary for you to take charge of a flailing endeavor and get it back on track again so you can meet whatever goals you have previously set forth.

You have Lucky Jupiter reigning over your chart this year Libra, so while there are some areas of your life which will require fortitude, you neednít worry overmuch about your overall wellbeing with beneficent Jupiter watching over you. I hope that you and yours have a lovely and prosperous 2013!

2013 Horoscope for Scorpio

Happy New Year! You have entered a year sure to be one of the most memorable of your life. Herein you will learn much and understand even more. Your inherently focused nature will be called upon to refine and further develop itself into a honed and deeply integrated force. There will be no shirking your responsibilities now, Iím sorry to say. But with Saturn visiting you on a personal level you must be on your game. All the time.

Saturn is currently in your sign, which we have discussed at length. If you missed it, suffice it to say you will be called upon to show the world you have what it takes to succeed. This is an ugly process for some, so just know that we all have days and years like these and you are not being singled out by the Universe for any reason other than it is TIME .

If, by chance, you have been coasting along in life with nary a thought to being the best you can be in some area, then this may well come as a shock to you. There will be no slacking off, no doing things half way nor will there be any evasion or conning. You know, those lines you feed people to finagle what you want. If you donít have the talent and if you wonít go above and beyond the call of duty when necessary, then you simply wonít get to play the game. Which in a number of cases might be preferable to you.

Not only do you have Saturn vulturing you, you also have the north node hanging out with Mercury, the ruler of communication and intellect. The nodes are these little mathematical points based on the moon and actually donít exist in tangible form. Oh, but do not ever think they are not there. These points show us ďThe WayĒ, as well as the ďNot WayĒ. (Yeah, so Iím not eloquent, Iím not paid to say pretty things. In fact, Iím not paid at all so cut me some slack will ya?) A rule of thumb is that the north node wants you to do something you are not comfortable doing. The south nodes best description is of someone who is afraid to venture forth into the real world because they are cowards, not talented enough, or lazy. The only caveat here is that sometimes the south node will give us a gift that allows us a safety net in life, usually due to an accumulation of good deeds or overcoming adversity. This gift can be an inherent talent like Mozart had. They have worked so hard for GOD in some capacityÖof which we are not privy to nor can we discern... they just donít have to play by our rules. A word of advice: Leave them alone.

Back to You Scorpio. For those willing to learn, the UniverseÖGODÖis sending you a teacher. And not only will you learn through diligence, dedication and old fashioned hard work, you will also learn from a master. Those who have no true vocation or avocation will not meet a mentor, nor will you be blessed under these particular auspices.

A roommate, sibling, aunt, uncle, cousin, carpool mate, neighbor or teacher in your life could bring you some big news this year. If you live with a roommate, you might want to be a little careful about them developing a huge crush on you. Same goes for a neighbor or maybe your kidís teacher. An extended family member might tell you about an affair they are having or divulge to you that they are on the verge of bankruptcy. Should be interesting, but it wonít likely be something you really want to be a part of or even contemplate.

Most people want to know about their financial prospects for the year and you do have some, however it is hard to tell if they are actually that helpful. Your earned income sector will be prone to a bit of fluctuation. This could be a cash flow problem, or it could be a cash overflow which you must contend with channeling into the right areas for investment. So this is certainly not all bad and your natal moons aspects can tell you a bit more about this. If you have a wonderfully placed moon, then you are likely to come into some money. This is further indicated by the part of fortune being in the area of your partnerís money. So even if your prospects are dim, a partner could reap some really healthy benefits for the family coffers this year.

If you have children, you should be vigilant about their being bothered in some way. This could be bullying, or it might be that you have an exceptionally sensitive child who needs a bit of extra help assimilating. However, you also need to realize that once you are dead (sorry, but this gets my point across in the most pointed way, which appears to be necessary given your Saturn/nodal problems) life isnít going to treat them as special, unless they actually are. Therefore, coddling wonít do them any good. If they are so terribly talented they can name their price and have ďpeopleĒ to shield them after you kick, then donít worry about it. Otherwise, you might want to teach them to use their gifts, be proud of them, never take crap from people and in essence be strong enough to make it in a cold, cruel world. Oh, and did I mention that it appears they could be THAT talented?

Love, not relating to spouses, but love affairs or those you date this year will be sweet, sensitive and profoundly wounded by life. No one can save people better than Scorpio, except maybe Virgo. If you are out of the mood of saving, or if this person puts off a whiff of desperation that you donít care to deal with, then donít lead them on, theyíve had enough disappointment in their life. If they seem redeemable and truly loveable, you might have just met the love of your life and the two of you can slay one anotherís trolls and ogres till the end of time. Nothing is better than finding someone who is worthy of doing this for and who will also do it for you. If you feel violently protective of them, that should give you the first clue that they are worth keeping.

There could be some unusual happenings at work this year. Changes, at the very least, but more likely you will meet some real freakfests around the break room. Odd does not begin to cover it. Therefore, you need to keep your cards close to your vest and donít invite these people home for dinner until you figure out their exact level of demented-ness. I donít want you to write them off immediately though because they may be true geniuses and can teach you more in one evening then you have learned in your entire life. Keep your mind open at all times.

If you are divorced, you have not heard the last of your ex. This could be your worst nightmare, so I am just warning you. (Like you didnít already know they were maniacal.) However, if you parted company with someone (business partnership, live in relationship, best friend or spouse) and havenít heard from them in some time, and wouldnít mind seeing them, you actually have an opportunity to do so this year. If you meet someone who appears to be marriage material, or meets any of the other above close relationship criteria, this person will be someone sent by the Universe to aide you in some way. Maybe teaching you new and amazing techniques (which they learned through stubborn persistence and tenacity) to implement in your business, which will likely become a partnership of some sort.

If this energy pans out as a marriage partnership or best friend, then there is some whisper of the netherworld attached to it. If you believe people can come into this life searching for one another because of an attachment from the ďother sideĒ, then this is your person. You will feel like you have known them all your life, and you probably have, even if it was in spirit form. This does not mean for sure it will work out, but it is a relationship that basically Has to be played outÖfor better or for worse.

I hope that Saturn leaves you much better than he found you and that you have a remarkable and enjoyable 2013!

2013 Horoscope for Capricorn

The biggest change in your solar chart for the year of 2013 is that you have the moon waning in your public sector. This can mean a great many things, but the short list of issues has to do with your public image.

Granted, few people really have a life with enough largesse to warrant the mention of a great deal of notice, but this year might be the year you do, in fact, have a hand in the cosmic pot of fame. Those in a publicly oriented career will be called upon to take on an even greater roll, allowing you to meet whatever goals you are vested in achieving. You have the chance to become a ďnameĒ in your field. This will be even more likely if you have a business partner and are working together towards a goal.

This success can also impact your income level greatly, with a significant increase in your cash flow. Put measures in place early on to contend with this. You may want to hire a tax attorney or even a staff to assist you in keeping track of all the details associated with your new found fame and cash flow.

What you say carries a great deal of weight and some of what you must impart may not be easy or even enjoyable. Just remember that with power comes responsibility, and sometimes this is not pleasant. Therefore never forget what your vision is, what your purpose is and what drives you to do what you do. For any who are not doing something noble and decent, there will be repercussions which will also be very publicly played out.

There may be great changes in your home environment this year and it is likely a few of you will be moving to a place very different from where you have lived thus far. Perhaps your success will produce a job offer which will take you to another area of the country, or even another country altogether. Others of you will just be going through the normal growing pains every family experiences. Parents getting older and needing care, children getting older and leaving the nest and new additions to the family, all creating a need for change. None of this is unusual, but it can be nerve wracking at times so be sure and take some quiet time for yourself in the coming year to rest, relax and reflect.

For those who are interested in dating there is good news and bad news. Which you will get depends upon what the Universe deems you need in order to grow beyond your current state. This is a year of fated relationships, some of which can only be explained as being sent from Heaven. Others will be on the receiving end of a romance from the bowels of hell. There will be little middle ground. Be careful out there.

No one really wants to hear about their health if it is bad. I get that. But. Jupiter will do a lot to protect you this year. Thing is, Jupiter is all about growth. Pay extra attention to any part of your body that you have two ofÖyou know, eyes, shoulders, lungs, etc. Jupiter does have a down side in that it causes tumors to grow very quickly, fortunately however, they are often benign. Again, I repeat, Jupiter is very protective. This is a year of overcoming health issues, and in some cases finding a miracle cure.

Friends and charity organizations need your assistance this year. If you have special skills or access to people with these skills you may be asked to lead a humanitarian effort. I expect this will be fraught with difficulty though, so donít get involved unless you have the time and patience to see it through to the finish.

Old friends may pop back into your life, and you should probably welcome them in, even though it does appear they have some issues they may drag you into. Perhaps there is a reason they have been away from you, like a major disagreement of some sort caused you to part company a long time ago. Maybe it is time to make amends. Destined relationships will come to you now, though these will not likely be people you become intimate with, they will merely be friends or you will belong to the same social group. Regardless there is something you should learn involving these people or from a group which you belong this year.

May 2013 bring you abundant happiness!

2013 Horoscope for Aquarius

Your 2013 solar chart is bringing you many blessings! Or at least one. Venus has taken up camp on your solar ascendant and she will protect you with every ounce of her being. She will also make others think you are very charming, as well as enhance your physical appeal. If you are in sales, she will bring buyers to your doorstep who want to make money for you and she will bring you friends who can do the same.

You really will have an opportunity to create lovely things. If you are into making yourself pretty, you can do that too. This will also seep into your world of love affairs, bringing you a great many offers for dinner dates and entertainment where you are the appetizer of favor. In fact, this is so pronounced in your chart I feel I must warn you that you can run into some people who promise you a great deal more than they can deliver. We know you have talent to offer, but what they can offer you may indeed be in question. Donít get carried away by a pretty face or a seemingly endless expense account.

Your business partnerships may not grow much this year and if you are married this isnít likely to be a year of great change within their lives. In fact, you may find them quite boring, but this doesnít mean they arenít worth keeping. Staying local will make your marriage and business much more effervescent.

On the career front you are being asked to do a lot more than you have ever done before. This can also contribute negatively to your long term partnerships. Perhaps you are never home so there is little to report. At any rate, your career and public persona is experiencing some fated dramas. Saturn is a very unhappy planet on most days and he can bring about austerity, hard work and if you work in a sweat shop, maybe cruelty. If so, and you can do something about it without getting yourself killed, you may need to organize a coup.

You will feel very emotionally connected to the groups to which you belong this year. You can also meet a very nurturing friend or a wife while involved in activities, groups, with your friends or humanitarian endeavors. If the group to which you belong is intent on getting you to fork over a great deal of your cash, you probably need to rethink your affiliation. Same goes for someone you meet who you might consider wife material. If she is overtly interested in your cash flow, she probably isnít that interested in you.

On the other hand, you might meet someone, on the love affair front, who can ignite a sweetness in your soul which has been eternally missing. No, Aquarians are not inherently tender and gushing of love. But if you want to keep someone in your life right now who has had an impact on it, you might want to at least try to be a little ďtouch-feelyĒ and huggable. You have Lucky Jupiter in residence in your love affair, entertainment, kids, speculation and creativity arena and therefore you will experience a number of opportunities here. This could entail everything from finding an artistic inspiration which brings you recognition and wealth based upon your immense talent. Or maybe you will meet a love interest who is independently wealthy and can treat you like the king or queen you deserve to be! Even if your outcomes are more on the mundane side, this will bring you a great deal of happiness all year long in any or all of the areas I mentioned.

Have a wonderful year full of blessings and happiness!

2013 Horoscope for Pisces

2013 looks to be a year that is all about you! Your house of ego, individuality and health is absolutely full of planets. If you have ever considered seeing the world, going to college or even joining an ashram, now is the time.

You have a couple of very obvious paths exhibited within your 2013 solar chart and these two or three arenas are leaving little room for anything else. Pisces went through a time in 2010 and 2011 when you may have gone to great lengths to change your image and even your looks. Maybe these efforts have begun paying off now or perhaps you have decided that they did not and you are going to go back to the way you were. For whatever reason, you are about to experience a period of time when you will be recognized for your worth, or come to the realization that your worth is not tied to whatever it is that you chose to change a few years ago.

Some of you may decide that living in a foreign country would be your best option now. Offers could come in which make it to your benefit to change your national residence. Money , and if you are in need of some bloody lucre, a foreign clime could give you a better opportunities. This might actually not pertain to you, due to the other line of energies which is aimed at your house of family. This can show that you are worried about your current home if you must move away, but it might also speak to a family member moving very far away.

If you have been a bit negligent in the responsibilities with regard to your real estate holdings, you might want to find legal counsel. If you are in the market to buy a home, you might be given an opportunity to make a dream come true.

You have a configuration which is known for bringing fame to you, or perhaps infamy, but letís hope not. In the case of fame, it could be thrust upon you. If you do find yourself in the public arena, be sure and prepare your family for this possibility. If a family member happens to be the one who has a meeting with fate, enjoy the reflected limelight.

Most people want to know about love and money in the coming year, and you probably need to take note of the fact that Uranus has entered your house of financial earnings. This is not necessarily bad, nor is it good. Uranus has to do with changes, computers, innovation and electronics. If you are interested in making vast changes in your life, this placement again reiterates the possibility of a new line of work, perhaps far from your current locale and in a different country. You might also have a sudden rise or fall in your income, or money could come from unexpected sources. Make sure you put a little money away for emergencies this year.

In the case of love, people will be very attracted to you now. You carry an allure that makes you quite desirable and in some cases even glamorous. If you are looking for love, your personality is your greatest asset. Someone in your family can also bring about a great happening and even greater happiness. This might be fiscal, but they might also introduce you to the person of your dreams.

I hope that 2013 brings you all the happiness you deserve!

2012 Yearly Horoscope for Aries

For normally decisive Aries, this year will have you second guessing yourself and changing your mind mid-stream. This may be because you have so many new options opening up in your life. You had the planet of change and upheaval move across your solar chart ascendant last year, so if your life has undergone tremendous adaption, you should blame Uranus. When this particular event happens in a natal chart it is often the most life altering time you ever experience. A solar chart is not a natal chart however and unless you also have an Aries Ascendant, it is unlikely you will have such a severe outcome as that of Uranus going over your natal chart. However, it is certainly noteworthy.

Your financial situation is open to any endeavor you might wish to pursue, the more altruistic the better, with Jupiter in house. Another option will be in sales of luxury items, beauty products or some sort of advanced teachings of higher knowledge and maybe high end real estate.

Keep your communications with regard to relevant data to a minimum. People may try to chat you up about what you know and you need to screen very carefully before you offer any of your hard earned knowledge. You may encounter someone in your past this year, maybe in your neighborhood or it could be a relative like a cousin, aunt or uncle who comes back into your life. You could have a few unresolved issues with this person. Try to resolve them but if you canít you may want to delete them from your life again.

If you meet someone new, maybe during your commute, through a relative or roommate, you could feel a very strong connection with them the minute you meet one another. I wonít say this is a really detrimental linking, but it will only be a blessed one if you have some sort of excess available in your energy field from your past. In fact, for those who believe in reincarnation (I donít but I can see the argument) this could be someone you loved a great deal in another life. One of those mystical connections. Just know that it is unlikely to be of long duration and even if you manage to keep them around the relationship has a high likelihood of smelling like month old athletic socks under your backseat floorboard in the sizzling summer sun after a few years. Bottom line is it is a ďbeen there done thatĒ relationship. You are wasting precious earthly time by revisiting it.

A better option comes in the form of someone from a more exotic clime. Juno is also assisting and Juno gives us those relationships to which we truly belong. This will not be a path that will be automatically comfortable for you. However, it offers your greatest potential for growth and the Universe will laugh with you on your happy trail if you chose to pursue it. You might find this person while attending a college course, traveling a great distance, seeking a higher metaphysical appreciation or while exploring someplace youíve never been.

There is also the possibility that this destined thing in your life is not a person but a path. In order to find your bliss you will need to wander further afield than you ever have. Explore another culture, study different philosophies, take a cruise around the world or find God. In some cases, this will be your year to take a leadership role in the lives of others.

Be careful to do a lot of stretching exercises before you go for your workout, more so this year than ever before. You will feel more energetic and desirous of more strenuous workouts, but you will also be more prone to muscles pulls and broken bones. Just make sure to take precautions before you do anything physical.

You have a rather lovely build up of energy in your 12th house this year Rams. This isnít very easy to decipher and will also be very hard for you to absorb given this is not one of your most compatible houses. However, you can find a great deal of comfort and fulfillment in solitude or working with a large enterprise. If you are trained to work with hospitals or prisons, you might find a way to utilize your intuition to find more viable outcomes for people in these institutions, and at the same time make yourself a great deal of money.

The most important thing in all of this is to keep your humanity. Neptune/Pisces/12th house are all the same type of energy, though it does manifest in a different manner depending on where placed. This is the energy of the ďtrue believerĒ as well as that of the true deceiver. Donít get caught up in someone elseís lies and deceit. If you use this energy correctly it can bring you grand blessings that transition you into a new arena of life.

All in all this is not a pretty great solar chart Aries. There are a few difficult spots, but you have the equipment and knowledge to make sure you only receive the best kind of outcomes.

Yearly Horoscope Taurus 2012

One of the biggest assets you have in 2012 is your own personal charisma and ability to express yourself. Jupiter will lend a hand to your natural persona giving you a joie de vivre that you havenít felt in some time. You can accomplish much now as long as you do not let conceit or overconfidence mar your current good luck. If you do avoid the pitfalls you can expect advancement in your personal field of endeavor, including career and marriage. Farming, gardening, banking and other Taurus related fields will be advantageous for you too, even more so than at other times.

The above would be even more benefic if it werenít for a rather unhappy transit between the moon and Jupiter. There is a bit of danger of miscalculation and problems with the law and in business. Your partnerís mother may also have some difficulties for which you will have to assist her.

This year you will be even more well grounded than is even usual for your practical self. These pragmatic character attributes are important to your success this year and you must adhere to them.

Your earned income is not particularly lucky this year, unless you are someone who has been overlooked for bonuses and advancement up to this point. If this is the case, you might receive a real blessing which has been long overdue. Be very careful with your cash expenditures this year because you may not be able to restore your bottom line easily. Those areas where you have been prone to take the easy way out might catch up with you.

The great thing is that you have a guardian angel assisting you giving you a definite leg up in the area of your income and ability to earn more when needed. Friends will hook you up with others who need your services and your talent will get you out of many of your difficulties. You will have to work hard, even perhaps taking on a lesser role than you are used to in order to make ends meet, but at least you should be able to cover all your debts.

Your marriage partner, best friend or business partner might serve to bring you more problems than assistance this year. They could be more emotional and high strung than they have ever been in the past. This can be a good attribute for the onset of an extreme, deeply connected, new romance, but a difficult one if the feelings lead to either of you becoming emotionally unhinged. Jealousy can be a major problem, so keep yours in check and be careful not to cause your partner these kinds of difficulties. Openly flirting with others may make you feel cool, but it isnít likely to make your partner feel that great unless you have that kind of arrangement.

If you and one of your children are having problems, you might want to look into the people they are hanging out with, especially if they appear to be running in a pack. Gang activity or a friend who is very deceptive and misguided might be the culprit. Encourage your child to be more artistic if they show that propensity. They have an open channel to that realm this year.

Mars is the planet with the most difficulties in your solar 2012 chart. Mars rules aggression, sex, men, sports, anger and heroes. If you are not firmly committed to someone be very careful not to be overly directive or paternal with people you are dating, or with your kids. Anger will get you in a lot of trouble now and will likely make those you wish to spend time with not want to spend time with you.

The best potential of this combined energy is that you can meet someone who you have a true primal vibe with, leading to some really exciting sexual attraction. This wonít be about flirting, it will be about something way more carnal. Hopefully there will be more to it when the initial attraction wears off.

You can gain a great deal of power through your relationships and via your partnerís money this year. This wonít be easy for you, but it is the route that will bring you the most fulfillment. The path will be set forth for you, and while it may not be a comfortable well-trodden road, it will be the one that you can hear the voices in the wind calling you to bolster yourself up and take yet one more step forward. Nothing truly worthwhile in this life comes without a struggle and some sacrifice. For every death, find a way to be reborn, for every ending, find a new beginning with fewer obstacles to hinder your growth, and for every power play that goes awry, there will be another gain of power somewhere else in your life.

In your career you might not have a stellar year unless you work for a hospital, prison or other sprawling industry. Computers and electronics are always an excellent foray for you. Computer techs who work for the government or hospitals in some secretive fashion may have a good year with many opportunities to show off your genius.

Yearly Horoscope Gemini 2012

This is not a year where you will likely be on the summit of the wave on a personal achievement level, but rather, you will be reaping the benefits from a partner and their more aggressive tactics. You can gain a great deal of positive accolades if you use your intellect or manual dexterity. You can be an excellent leader as long as you donít over sell yourself and your abilities. This energy will be better if you let others amongst your group to be the leader, and you subtly direct things behind the scenes. Your artistic gifts, especially music and singing will be very satisfying, and even lucrative, especially for those who have tread the path of starving artist up to now.

Those Geminiís looking for a permanent love relationship, or maybe a new best friend, you can find them by going about your daily affairs and maybe even at work. You need to work on those relationships closest to you this year in order to be blessed. This isnít likely to be an easy task either, and you will definitely consider throwing in the towel and going your own way. If you are completely unhappy and you canít see any way forward to make a relationship right again, then you might need to sever the relationship and go in another direction. However, it is indicated that the relationship you have are worth saving.

Be very wary of utilizing a partnerís finances to further your personal agenda. You also need to be diligent in reviewing your partnerís expenditures this year as they might be taken advantage of by someone they trust to do their books, or maybe they are hiding money for some reason.

In your career you can do well in companies associated with shipping, the ocean and other large bodies of water, pharmaceuticals or gas. You can also meet some very glamorous people this year, and some very sensitive souls can bring you insights into your advancement forward in your field.

There is a better than average possibility some of you will move house this year, or experience some sort of upheaval on the home front. Someone in your home could decide to move out, and it could be a rather contentious change with some angry words exchanged. For others, some sort of very strenuous and involved home repairs might be in the works.

Your house of power, taxes, sex and death has a rather potent grouping of energy in it for 2012. You may have some very emotional experiences. Extremes of feast or famine are possible.

You have a huge amount of sexual magnetism all year, and if you want a child you probably can conceive. Your child, or the mother of your child could cost you a lot of money and eat up the resources you had saved for a rainy day.

Make sure you are on the right side of the law with your taxes this year because if you are not you might be in for a very difficult time when all is found out. Major cash expenditures or refunds are likely this year, depending on how strictly you have paid into the system. Your partner can bring in a huge amount of cash or inherit a great deal of it.

There can be a major upheaval of your social set and those you used to hang out with may suddenly disappear from your life. You can also join a group with similar interests who are extreme and ahead of their time in some way, and they can bring you experiences that will open your mind to much greater ideas and perspectives. Some of the people you are around could be very interesting or quite obviously odd, so reserve judgment on those that you know only within the context of a social group with whom you have no long term experience.

In 2012 it is rather imperative that you find a significant other or best friend. The Universe is asking you to open your heart to a rather independent soul who can teach you a lot about future trends while having respect for your personal space. Attorneys can also figure prominently, as can the clergy and other influential types.

Yearly Horoscope Leo 2012

There is much that is hidden in your life this year my lovely Crabs. Perhaps hidden from yourself, as in subconscious issues, or maybe these will be acts you prefer to hide from others in your life. These matters do not have to be negative in nature, as the two most friendly planets in the zodiac are being harbored here. Perhaps it is a year for you to take the best of yourself and ponder it, using your talents and gifts to help and heal yourself or those closest to you.

Others, say a brother, sister, aunt, neighbor, cousin, friend or even your father could be the one hiding something. Most likely it is a money issue, or perhaps something to do with hidden affections. This potential will manifest most prevalently if you work with one of the aforementioned people. In this case this person would have a superior position to yours or have some sort of legal job. Issues of confinement are in play here, and anything from hospitalization to prison might be involved, but most likely it will have more to do with a propensity to use escapism as a coping mechanism.

Your home life may see some upheavals, with people moving in or out rather abruptly. This includes the possibility that you will be the one to move in with a friend or a partner of some other sort. Most everything to do with family, home, antiques, your past and real estate will garner more problems than solutions this year. However, if you can find the wherewithal to overcome this negativity, your staying power will pay off in the end. Though the end could be a number of years from now. At any rate, the more solid, reserved and preserving you can be with regard to the foundations of your life the better off you will be in the years to come.

Your partners, including best friends, spouses and business partners, will be bringing in more opportunities to take a positions of power and influence this year. If you are not involved in any partnerships, you will certainly be drawn to very influential types this year. These people will have a good deal of personal power and they can teach you a lot about how to make an impact on the world.

On the down side, you could be attracted to partners who want to manipulate and control you. Obviously this is hardly a news flash to anyone involved in any type of long term relationship as the longer we know one another the more adept we become at pushing anothers hot buttons. Try to stay away from those who push yours or to whom you enjoy being directive and paternalistic. Also, donít go after someone just because they are prestigious in ways you have not managed to be alone. Find your own power before you even think about joining forces with someone who inherently has more influence than you do. Most of all, donít allow anyone into your world that is a psychic vampire and steals all your good juju.

Female family members might have a tough year financially. Your fluid resources are definitely under fire, so make sure you have your accountant double check all your numbers before filing your tax returns.

Your in-laws may have a year full of confusion and disillusionment, or they might be acting very mysterious or become extremely glamorous. This also could pertain to a second marriage, a member of the clergy, your professor or someone in your personal sphere which could be described as being foreign or exotic.

Be prepared for major changes with regard to your career, especially if you have had a humdrum job for a long time. Uranus is set to shake up your world and open up new avenues for achievement if you are brave enough to pursue them. The Universe is asking you to use your personal genius to assist the world. Donít argue that you donít have a genius bone in your body, because you do. We all do. God has given each and every one of us at least one true gift, usually more. To deny your gift is tantamount to denying a Higher Power, which is your prerogative, but it wonít likely turn out well for you in the end. You have more courage than you realize and you will be asked to utilize it in the next couple of years. Please donít let us all down, we really do need your ability to nurture, heal and even manipulate (for good of course). Whatever you do, think first about what is best for us all, not just for those in your little sphere. God will Bless you for the things you do that aide the greater good.

Yearly Horoscope Leo 2012

Hang on to your hats my Lion friends because this will be a year you will not soon forget! I hope this doesnít turn out like the old Chinese curse of ďhave an interesting life!Ē You have a couple of glaring configurations, which hopefully will play well off each other. One will sweep you into the torrid tempest and the other will ground you to the earth with a vice like grip.

Your solar 9th house is full of excited emotion and perhaps a good deal of nervousness. The 9th house has to do with leadership, authority figures, foreign business, people of another culture, long distance travel, in-laws and second marriages.

If you are looking for a second chance at love, there is most definitely a possibility for that to happen in a way that makes you completely crazy, neurotic and out of your head. Lots of unexpected emotions will bubble up. The hero in you can come out full force making you want to rescue or save someone. If you happen to be the jealous type, and even if you arenít, these feelings could bubble out of you like a fountain. Whatever is your usual mode of expression, you will probably start acting differently, perhaps more aggressive if you are normally laid back, or more nurturing if you are usually forceful. All of these expressions can come out when dealing with any 9th house issue, not just in relation to a love affair. You could have problems with a boss or while traveling. There are lots of ways this intense feeling might manifest. If you happen to travel in foreign lands with a great deal of unrest, you would be wise to tread carefully and be prepared for anything. If you have a child in college, or you are in college yourself, steal yourself for extreme feelings or contentious issues to be brought to the fore.

So, after all of this excitement, we have to look to the next major issue in your 2012 solar chart and that is a conjunction between Saturn and Mars in Libra sitting very low in your chart. These two planets donít get along that well and make for a great deal of sluggishness, and stops and starts. In some ways this can work in your favor, especially if you find that the moon is wreaking havoc with your feelings, this will steady your nerves.

If you have a neighbor who is of foreign decent you might want to steer clear of them if you have your ascendant in Leo too. If you are brave, make friends with them so you donít have to worry if they go wackadoodle on you. Or at least can recognize it when before they do and flee. Same advice pertains to your in-laws.

There is one final item worth mentioning and this one is giving you a lucky break somehow. You have a chance of finding fulfillment doing something that is very uniquely you. If you are in sales, you can have a banner year. If you are an artist or actor, the same can be true. Regardless of your profession, you should feel pretty good about yourself.

Another area that offers you growth is through your friends, especially female friends. This will probably be new people that you meet, rather than people from your past. That isnít to say a friend who was important to you in the past wonít pop back into your life. However, I think you should concentrate on finding a new group of altruistic or forward thinking people with whom to associate and hang out.

If you happen to be a creative person, this might be your year to be recognized for your achievements and talent. One scenario could be something like having a fall out with your boss (9th house), quitting, but finally getting to focus on this talent youíve been too afraid to pursue and stayed with a job with a regular paycheck. Sometimes when one door closes it can open you up to an even better option. Children can also bring about some fated change in your life and some difficult decisions. In all your decision making this year you will be better off in following your heart, even if it is the more difficult path.

Yearly Horoscope Virgo 2012

Virgos may not have quite the drive or burning desire to accomplish things this year as last, but they also wonít be plagued with the ire which accompanied last year. Your practical nature will be blessed with a nod by the Universe which will bring you opportunity to utilize your gift of pragmatism.

Your career is an area of a few differing signals culminating in the dependence upon what you have put into it prior to this time affecting your outcomes now. Jupiter in Gemini is hosting your career sector and will bring about generous consequences to those who are more than adept at their job skills. For those who have merely gotten by in their chosen profession and only have a rudimentary skillset, the outlook is much less rosy.

The south node is also impacting your career sector this year from the 9th house of bosses. The south node is symbolic of our true gifts, as well as being an area of detriment if we fall back on these gifts too often. We hear the enchanting call of that which we long for, but it is merely the ďsirenís songĒ luring us to our folly. So, if you get a job offer that appears to be too good to be true, donít leave a perfectly good position you already have to pursue it because there are likely a number of undisclosed drawbacks. IF, on the other hand, you are someone who excels at what you do, have paid your dues, have plenty of talent at hand to be successful, and you have some influential people backing you, a once in a lifetime opportunity can come to you or a dream can really come true!

Friends and the groups which you associate with will also be of vast assistance to you this year. These people will be looking out for your best interests and will nurture you more than anyone else can because they are very attuned to you. Your friends and group affiliations can also bring more money to you by opening doors for you to meet new people.

Cooking, restaurants, activities with children, growing plants, home repairs or renovations and antiquing are all areas where you can meet new friends or spend time together with old ones.

There is one more major opportunity for those who wish to pursue a college career and that is the availability of ďpublic moniesĒ to assist you in paying your tuition.

The south node placement mentioned above is probably the most glaring problem in your solar 2012 chart. Another issue is that of either feeling ill equipped for a major task heaved upon you, or of being too optimistic in your outlook and getting into a situation which you donít have the ability, time or talent to fulfill your duties.

Your overall financial situation should remain stable, particularly for those who share their finances with a partner. This isnít to say making money will be extraordinarily easy, but any difficulties will be surmountable. Those who have a nice stable income, will maintain that income. If you need a job, an old friend will assist you in finding a well-paying one, even if it is rather boring or mundane. There is hope too that you can be very fulfilled in any job you have however, and there are further indicators that you can have some sort of a windfall or partnership opportunity that will set you up nicely for a major income source.

Those relationships which you deem most important and the people who are the closest to you may be being a bit deceptive or lost in their own world. Deception and secrets are part of the makeup of your solar charts partnership house now and for a few years to come. These are the worst potentials though. If this energy pertains to a marriage, it will be your first marriage. Best friends can also be a culprit. Just know that all is not as it appears and you will probably feel quite disillusioned.

The good thing is that your heart will be healed most effectively by these same people. Another potential is that an ďopen enemyĒ (which also falls in your partnership house, sadly enough) has harmed you, lied about you, in some way and your nearest and dearest will come to your rescue. And as this house also pertains to legal issues, there might be cause to pursue a legal venue to conclude the matter.

So, enough of the bad stuff. If you are looking for love in 2012 you can find someone who is terribly romantic, perhaps even glamorous! Secret admirers are a definite possibility and they can heal your soulís heartbreak in ways that can make you smile like a befuddled fool for months on end.

Vague encounters, happenstance and mystery also surround this energy signature and it will be very interesting as to how this plays out in your life. Someone quite intriguing can enter your life and bring your faith in love and in higher powers back to life.

Yearly Horoscope Libra 2012

As I pulled up your new 2012 solar chart I noticed a couple of things right off. The first is a very promising association, an emotional expiation or fulfillment in your house of university affiliation and studies, in-laws, second marriage, exotic people and travel. The second is a completely full house in your earned income sector.

The first configuration is the nicest in your solar chart this year and will bring very strong feelings regarding to your 9th house. You might have a chance to travel the world and fulfill a lifelong dream of seeing the Louvre, the Sudan or Mt. Everest. Whatever travel bug you have, you can go now and have the time of your life! If you need money to go to college, you might get a scholarship or you might find a generous benefactor. If you are looking for a second Mr. or Mrs. Right, you could find them and there will be hours and hours of conversation, spur of the moment vacations and some wonderful feelings you thought you would never feel again.

As far as your income, someone elseís loss could be your gain. If you have been working very hard, it is likely someone who can assist you has noticed. This can bring you a really great surge in income! Accentuate your abilities, particularly any you have that include a gift for detail, organization and administration. These can bring in big bucks.

You need to focus on your personal income and move away from relying on your partnerís income. However, if you do find yourself in a bind, you can still fall back on a partnerís resources. You can have the best of both worlds.

Oddly, you have some rather ďickyĒ energy in your job house, given the promising energy in your income house. The positive is that perhaps a job you once had and got let go from will be the doorway to a much, much better position where you can really use your talents with no reservation or orders from the gestapo. Otherwise, you probably need to avoid ďjobsĒ and look for a career. Also, donít fall back on sketchy co-workers or your hairdresser (unless you too are a beautician) or dry cleaner (ditto to beautician) for job references. Finally, donít go out with some dude or dudette you keep running into at the coffee shop. What they propose as coincidence is actually stalking.

If you are looking for a new career try something that allows you to actually care about people. Sometimes the ďcaring professionsĒ are very far removed from actually caring in reality, but they are the best we have. Join one and make those who work within and ignore the laws of decency see a way to do things differently without compromising their clients. There are ways to do this and keep your boundaries; mostly people just need to care. Not care for those who use government assistance as a means to and ends, but for those who have no voice without yours. You will learn to know the difference.

You have Uranus retro in your house of partnerships, best friends, business associates and marriage. This is less than optimal if you like consistency and reliability in partners. However, if you like excitement and weirdness in your close relationships, this can be the year for you! You also might stumble upon a person of real genius and vision to give your business a huge chance of phenomenal success, or open up your personal life to a level of joy youíve never known. Or they might be a sociopathic user who scams you out of your world. Use your discernment my friends, this isnít a mistake to take lightly. Your first clue will be an act of aggression that surprises you. Jealousy is kind of cool at first, and can just be a primal show of caring. Or it can be a glimpse of something darker and more scary. If your spidey senses are on alert this is someone to dump. Fast. This edict is especially for those sweet women out there who like to save people, as well as for those lovely, rare guys who see everyoneís gift whether they actually have one or not. Donít be taken in by a pretty face with no soul.

You have a secret ace in the hole my friends, so you will get a chance to opt out of some issue or have an angel come to your rescue, but please donít make your angels work that hard. Iíve never met a Libra I didnít like or love, so you all take care of you will ya?

Yearly Horoscope for Scorpio 2012

Opportunities can come knocking this year in the form of career accolades. You have an alignment which is indicative of fame astride your solar midheaven and it can open you up to the opportunity to see and be seen by your peers and superiors. If you work in an area where appearing before the public is paramount, this will do much to assist you. Actors are found in this energy, as are CEOís and other influential types. In some cases this venue can also put you in contact with someone who stirs up a few romantic feelings.

Opportunities are more apt to come to those who are older and more well-seasoned to lifeís ups and downs. To reap the rewards here you need to have paid your dues within your career path or perhaps work with those who are older and well established in their field.

You might be making an announcement of some kind this year. Some of you will announce the birth of a child or the purchase of a new home.

You have a good deal of influence, either with someone powerful or because of your own charisma and power potential. You might have some contrary feelings about these areas. Whatever you do try not to misuse the power you have or to say one thing and do another. This will not go well for you if you arenít true to your word or your values.

You also might be caught in some sort of dualistic power play and it appears you only have very superficial knowledge of all the details. Until you know the problem in depth donít let anyone coerce or manipulate you.

In your love life, you may be in such demand that you can snap your fingers and several admirers will come running. This is a great thing, but donít let it numb you to feeling true emotion. You could find someone who is just perfect for you now, but make sure you are honest and up front with them if you want to have a lasting, long term relationship.

You can meet your true soul mate this year, in either a romantic way or via a business partnering. This relationship can be one which you feel so comfortable with one another that you donít even need to speak half the time. This pairing has the nod of the angels, but it will probably only come to those who have suffered in love in the past. In some cases you might feel as if you have known this person your whole life even though you have just met.

Dating will be a mixed bag for the Scorpions of the zodiac. Some of you can find the romance of a lifetime that resonates with the above paragraph in that it will heal your spirit. You might meet someone who is handicapped or has a child who is handicapped. This relationship will help you grow in ways you never fathomed. On the other hand you could attract con artists and deceivers. This is only true if you have been too naÔve in your past relationships or if you have been the deceiver before and hurt someone so that your actions now come back to haunt you.

One of the worst potentials in your chart this year is that Saturn will square your moon. Therefore, the negative vibe of Saturn can lessen some of the more positive potentials mentioned earlier. Saturn and the moon together are indicative of restricted and controlled emotions, and sometimes it can bring about sadness and loss. This is a very somber influence, but it can help you understand the upcoming shift of having Saturn move into your sign in October of this year. Prepare yourself for this upcoming time (fall 2012) because it may not be one of the better times of your life.

The moon rules nurturing types, including your most nurturing parent. This parent may be in need of more care or be going through some financial hardships. Do what you can for them but donít get sucked into their vortex because ultimately you canít live someone elseís life or completely cure their ills. All you can do is pray for them and offer a hand when you can.

If you are caught in a soul sucking vortex, you need to determine what it is that is making you feel this way and do what you can to fix it or get rid of it. Endings are hard, but living with your heart in a vice is harder.

You may have to compete more than usual while earning your living this year. This is not a problem for you because you will have more than enough drive to meet and surpass the competition. You are intellectually in tune with your work, which will make you a very tough contender. You will have the best opportunities if you work on contract or commission, or if you are a college professor.

You might want to stick a large chunk of your earnings into a savings account. There are indications that you might need this money later, perhaps for some spur of the moment trip that you have always fantasized about taking. On this trip you will likely be accompanied by someone special who makes you laugh or brings excitement to your life you havenít had in a while. This doesnít have to be a romantic entanglement, but it might be! Just be open to all serendipity and spontaneity. This could be a new co-worker, someone you see regularly at the coffee shop or even in the doctor or vetís office.

The first half of the year will be much more enjoyable than the last half I would imagine given the fact Saturn will move into your sign in the fall. You can make a lot of cash and enjoy spending it with those you care about during these first six months of 2012. Donít be surprised if you gain some fame or become a leader in your career field. By October the glory and accolades will be over and the real work will begin, so enjoy your time in the sun, then roll up your sleeves and prove to the world you are worthy to stay in the limelight!

Yearly Horoscope Sagittarius 2012

Your normal lightness of being may be a bit lacking this year my dear friends. Much of what occurs will require a great deal of your attention and at some points may leave you a bit breathless. This isnít to say it will be a bad year, ah contraire, it may in fact be one of the best years of your life professionally, especially if you work in an analytical, health, editing, service or military field.

Your work has in some way caught the attention of your supervisors or even the general public. If you have ever had notions to attain fame, this could be your year! There are also some indicators that this could be not only a fulfilling year, with you advancing to great heights in your profession, but also a lucrative one!

If you do happen to obtain a windfall financially you may want to squirrel a little bit of it away for a rainy day. You may find too that you have some secret debts that wonít wait for payment. Try to avoid accruing a great deal of debt as it is likely you will have a hard time getting rid of it and it could haunt you for a number of years to come.

Oddly, there are indicators that you actually should be working in solitude this year, which run directly contrary to the element of fame at the pinnacle of your solar chart. Perhaps the intellectual work you accomplish this year will bring you fame later in the year. This appears to be more probable for those who work for large entities, such as the government, prisons or hospitals.

Fate is stepping in to assist you in your intellectual accomplishments, and you will be given a gift from the Universe if you focus on some hidden project that involves communication, computers, writing (especially romance novels or love letters) or whatever esoteric passion you might have.

Some of you might be harboring a secret love. Why it is a secret is a bit baffling as it appears the Universe is blessing your union and it neednít be kept in a closet. Writing love notes to one another will be very emotionally charged, but keep in mind you have a very public chart this year, meaning anything you are keeping a secret isnít likely to remain so. One potential is that your past follies will catch up with you and the fame indicated in your chart will turn to infamy. This can also be a destined event, rather than one of folly, because not all fate is enjoyable but it is all necessary to our growth as a human being. This is the most likely for you if you have had a secret love affair with someone for a very long time.

You have a very emotionally packed year in store for some reason, even if you do not have a secret love. Perhaps you will be wearing your feelings on your sleeve or be prone to public displays of emotion. If your emotions are not an issue, then your family may be. There are so many potentials here that I wonít try to elucidate them, but one thing is certain. It is quite complicated.

Your money house shows a rather complicated scenario as well. Pluto and Mars are conjunct in Capricorn! This is hugely ambitious energy and will make you very desirous of attaining wealth, perhaps of necessity or maybe just because you want the good things of life and to live the life of the ďestablishmentĒ. Given your whole chart configuration this year you can accomplish whatever you want, assuming you have been working towards it diligently prior to 2012. You might also wish to join some fringe group like the ďoccupiersĒ, and while I applaud non-violent means of expression, I think that type of event wastes everyoneís time and costs others money, which wonít exactly build up your spiritual bankbook positively. Find something to DO that teaches, or lend a hand to an organization that does have your beliefs at their core. Milling about is a waste of time.

Pluto in your income house can bring huge windfalls, but it is also known for being an indicator of extremes, so the other end of the spectrum is bankruptcy. This isnít going to be something that sneaks up on you, so donít let that potential scare you if you have a pretty stable financial outlook as you read this. In your case you can earn a wonderful nest egg if you use your gifts well this year.

Your children will potentially be a handful this year, with rebellion rearing its head. There is also a great likelihood for them to exhibit some element of genius which is begging to be pursued. Some of this genius may be the ability to be a leader among their peers, just make sure it isnít the leader of a gang of miscreants.

If you are dating (this can pertain to your child as well if they are of that age) it can be a very interesting year. Excitement can be found with a new love and you can meet someone in a very unexpected or serendipitous way. This person will be quite different from those you have attracted in the past. The only downside here is that you could meet someone who has a rather dominant personality, and if this is the case and they make you uncomfortable with their aggression you should quickly trust your instincts and boot them out of your life.

All in all Sagittarius it looks like it could be a stellar year for you if you avoid the pitfalls. The nodes are indicating that you spend more time alone than might be your preference. When you do feel the need to hang out with others, you probably want to stay away from co-workers, military types or people you see regularly as you go about your daily business. You will have better luck if you quietly spend time with old friends or people you meet in association with 12th house characteristics.

Yearly Horoscope for Capricorn 2012

Your new solar chart for 2012 is missing the element water Cappy. This means a number of things, such as you will not likely be as emotionally driven as in other years, but it can also bring about health problems involving your bodily fluids, not the least of which is dehydration. Any time any of the fluids in our body become lacking, from blood to electrolytes, we can face mortality. Sorry, that is a bit heavy for a first paragraph, but we may as well get the ugly stuff out of the way first eh? Unfortunately we arenít doneÖ

You will need to find your personal power this year, if you have already found it, then it is likely you wield it in your outer world. This can be a positive and a negative because with power comes responsibility. Also with power come enemies if you use your power inappropriately or towards someone who may actually have more hutzpah than you do. I say this because it appears that public opinion is not in your favor, or maybe you are at loggerheads with your family. If you are a boss, your minions could be contemplating your demise.

You could come into some easy money this year, which is always a great thing! This money might even put you into a very glamorous frame of mind as you go out and buy a bunch of play pretties. One of your friends might need you to float them a little loan, but if you know them to be unreliable in their finances you might want to avoid doing so. Shipping, oil, gas and anything involving the ocean can bring in extra income this year. As can industry related to beauty, romance and luxury.

If you have in-laws, they might need your help in a move, or there could be some major sparks, as in disagreements. WowÖthat never happens. For those who get along with their in-laws, you might want to get box seats to some athletic event you both enjoy to utilize this energy in a positive manner. A hiking trip could also be fun, and if you donít like them, you can lose them in the woods.

Your ruler is at Home in your career house, which for most is not a great placement, but for you could be an indicator of hard work leading to some really excellent results such as those already mentioned when we discussed your finances.

One thing I didnít mention pertaining to your finances is the potential that you might overlook something. If so, it will be unexpected. So, make sure to double check your accountants numbers and mark your calendar for tax times if you pay quarterly. Also, someone might be skimming some off the top within your organization and you need to be on top of that too.

Secret meetings and dealings with large, sprawling businesses can be lucrative but only if you use your best communication skills and play it smart, which likely means being able to avoid publicity.

Yearly Horoscope Aquarius 2012

There are many wonderful potentialities in your solar chart this year Aquarius! The Universe is offering you unexpected opportunities for new love, money and friendship. Women will be particularly helpful to you and they can open doors, perhaps in secret or covert ways, for you to advance in your career or discover an entirely new one.

Money will come to you in unexpected ways, especially if you use more subtle means to attain it. If you work in the areas of shipping, petroleum products, pharmaceuticals, or any field that offers glamour, this is your time. Your innovative techniques, ingenuity and surprising entrepreneurial skills can amaze others and open doors for you that allow you to pursue dreams you never even knew you had.

Your friends can also bring leads to you which give you the ability to enter new fields of endeavor. These affiliations are especially blessed, though they will not be easy or comfortable liaisons, however, they are sure to further your purpose towards what the Universe wishes for you, as well as what you truly wish for yourself.

Someone you meet through a sibling, neighbor or teacher can also fill the abovementioned bill. Pay attention also to any short trips you might go on and the people you meet while doing so. Neighbors might also open doors to the universe for you, as can roommates, extended family and other such 3rd house characters.

You will be working very diligently this year, and the more astute you can appear to be to the higher ups, the better you will fare. Saturn is hovering about your solar midheaven, therefore things will not go easily for you unless you are willing to prove yourself. For those of you who have already proved yourselves (and then some) this time will allow you to reap some pretty extravagant rewards, which might even allow you and a partner to open your own business.

This is also a time when those who are willing to work hard and go through a college curriculum will come out on top, assuming they are a team player and can work a financial spreadsheet. If you happen to be working with someone who is highly educated but doesnít have any financial acumen or just canít get along with their counterpart, you can definitely take the reins away from them. Just work longer and harder, and utilize your closest friends to make this a fabulous time in your career. The biggest downfall in this is if you tell everyone you can do more than you actually can. So be extremely realistic in your expectations as well as those you transmute to authority figures, for if you promise more than you can deliver, you will be cast aside like last weeks wash water.

Part of this wonderful energy can also manifest in ways that appear a little too good to be true. If the situation rings accurately to this vibration, donít let someone try and pull a wool cap over your eyes. Odd personages can bring some very interesting options to the fore, but you donít want to be sucked into a scam or anything which hurts others. The Universe is a jungle and within that jungle there are those who only want to use your talent for their own benefit. Which is fine, as long as you are compensated appropriately. However, if you are not, then there is obviously something wrong with the chain of command. Demand your rights and search until you find people who will assist you not only because of your talent but also because they have your best interests at heart, or at least have a heart.

Be wary of people you meet who wish to discuss your finances in too much depth. There will be some opportunistic types around who might feign love or professional admiration, but only truly want to utilize your financial acumen.

The abovementioned situation might not occur in your life, but in the life of a sibling, cousin, aunt or uncle. Or perhaps a roommate, car pool friend, teacher or neighbor might be taken advantage of or lead along a primrose path. You can likely see this, but they canít so you might want to let them in on your insight but if they wonít listen, you need not feel any guilt for you tried.

The same energy that can give you financial success can also give you amazing grace in love. Every Aquarian responds intuitively to the energies which Uranus, your ruler, brings. So when the planet of love and your ruler unite, you will certainly feel something special, perhaps in an earthmoving way, or maybe in that you immediately recognize one anotherís souls. You might find someone who shares your ethical ideologies or can teach you something you never learned growing up.

Falling in love at first sight is something most of us believe only happens in movies, but this year it could actually happen to you. Someone you meet at a community event, through a neighbor, sibling, cousin or during your commute to work can completely unnerve you and sweep you off your feet.

Use your communication skills and donít be afraid to let others know your best assets, but donít overplay your abilities either. Quietly using your power will bring you the greatest acclaim this year.

Keep an eye on your finances and donít ignore issues that come up. You could realize a dream of having it all or be able to lead a team into battle, overcoming great odds. Just know that the timekeeper of the zodiac is requiring a huge amount of diligent effort for you to reap the rewards that are just within your grasp.

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Of all the new solar charts I have pulled up so far, yours has some of the most diverse possibilities. You have a huge blessing from your ruler Neptune having just gone over your solar ascendant. Neptune is your friend and has seen you through some tough times, and opened up some truly magical opportunities.

Chiron is traveling with Neptune. Chiron, a very important asteroid, is symbolic of an eternal wound for some, the gift of healing for others, overcoming great odds by the maverick or teachings from a guru. Chiron is also the patron saint of people with disabilities. Having it on your ascendant could be a precursor towards the need for some mobility assistance, I am sorry to say, but since the baby boomers are aging this is a reality that if you are of that age group you need to understand. If this isnít you, it might be someone in your life who is of that age cohort.

This is not a bad thing for most Pisceans because your ruler will be kind to you. However, there will be a few of you who have a misguided grasp of life that it will affect negatively. For these, which is not likely to include anyone who reads this site since those who do are already more forward thinking than most, but for the bottom of the barrel kind of Pisceans, this will be ugly and deserved. Perhaps they are prejudiced and their new boss will be of the ethnicity they hate and that person will fire their narrow minded ass. Or maybe they hate Jews/social workers/men/homosexuals or girls with bigger brains than they have. With this energy a woman/Jew/homosexual will be their doc in the emergency room when their testicles rupture, and s/he wonít care. Hey, payback is usually really funny.

The Universe (GOD) wants you to get a career. Pick a side, any side. Going through life without a true vocation isnít going to get you anywhere from this point forward. Yes, it will be difficult and uncomfortable. But if you manage to do it, you will be the maker of your own destiny. Otherwise, you will continue to be pummeled by the winds of fate and a negative checkbook balance.

Your finances are hard to fathom with Uranus and Mercury conjoined there. If you happen to be a run of the mill genius, then, no worries mate. If not, then you will experience a lot of unusual or strange events. Mercury is asking you to be much smarter about your income. Do you have a surplus? Donít let it sit in your checking account not earning any interest. At least put it in an interest earning savings account that doesnít penalize you for withdrawing it. If possible, put it in some sort of bond or stock, if you have enough to play with, even if you donít know a thing about it. Bonds are pretty safe. There are also mutual funds that are safe albeit low interest, but still better than sitting in a checking account. You can even invest in ecologically sound things. Do some research before investing in anything. If you have more money savvy friends, seek their advice, but if they are trying to sell something, RUN.

We havenít talked about love because this doesnít appear to be a great year for you. If you are already married, perhaps you and your spouse should begin some sort of work out routine or start going to athletic events you both enjoy. Strenuous work around your house is also good, so do yard work, build on to your house or do something else that uses muscle. I say this because Mars is in your partnership house and if you donít find something to do together, then you will just fight. The good thing about fighting is that you get to make up, but even that gets old after a while. Competition is another potential, but if you compete with your partner without supporting each other you probably are doomed. Donít hook up with someone who only attracts you (either in a personal relationship or business partnership) because you are both players. This really just isnít a good year to find a life mate, well, with the exception of someone with whom the sex is great. That actually can sustain a relationship for a very long timeÖat least to the point where you wonít either one care anymore.

Your immediate family is a detriment this year. Obviously you canít get rid of them, but perhaps you can travel a distance away from them? If not, donít let them suck you into their stupidity or worse.

Others, perhaps those whom your family would prefer to avoid, will be welcomed back into the fold of their family. These will be folks who have nowhere else to go and who in the past have assisted their family in some way and now their family owes them. Yeah, implausible. Mostly, this is not a good year for real estate, your home, which could be underwater, as they say, or for antiques. UNLESS, you have old juju that is unclaimed, in which case, you will cash in now!

Take extra care of your health. The moon is affecting it and the moon brings a huge plethora of problems when she is mal affected. Your bodily fluids can be compromised, as can the breasts and stomach. For most of you this will not amount to anything dangerous, but if you have any weird feelings or hunches, be sure to follow them up with a visit to your health care professional.
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