DECEMBER 2013 Monthly Highlights

There is a very big event this month with the moving forward of Uranus, the purveyor of all that is different. On the 17th, this planet of eccentrics will resume direct motion and begin again to show what good old ingenuity can accomplish when unimpeded by paperwork and rhetoric. Unfortunately this symbolism comes at a time when some of our earthly neighbors are being made to rebuild their lives after the terrible devastation of a typhoon, the likes of which have never been seen upon this earth in documentable record. May Uranus give them the energy and the inventive spirit to do what must be done so that they can start anew.

Many of us find ourselves caught in a whirlwind of sorts now, for a plethora of reasons. Life is like that, the ebb and flow of good and bad times regale and haunt us all from time to time. I don’t understand the reason other than this is our learning ground and to not learn means you are missing a vital opportunity. And sometimes learning is hard. If we chose to live in a sometimes inhospitable place, we need to be prepared for all contingencies. If we live in a cold climate prone to blizzards and inclemate weather, then we need to have a back-up plan to heat our homes if the electricity should fail. If we live upon an earthquake fault line, it might be good to keep a few cases of water and boxes of energy bars around. But, sometimes help doesn’t get there fast enough and oceans invade the land taking any preparations we had out to sea. Which is why it is good that the U.S. military can get almost anywhere fast: Just one of the many benefits of being our friend.

All in all the December auspices don’t look half bad and the Christmas spirit will have plenty of time to mull. Mars will move into friendly Libra on the 7th, which isn’t exactly comfortable for him but will bring a little bit of romantic tension and quell some of his baser instincts. If you have an interest in someone romantically, it may take a little more assertiveness to get their attention. Ladies, be careful while you are out and about with “friends” as one of these people could decide they want to be more than just friends: Which is fine as long as this is also amenable to you. If not, prepare accordingly.

On the 12th there is a very good transit between Lucky Jupiter and Saturn. Because these planets are in rather emotionally expansive signs, this can bring about some effusive feelings at the holiday parties, so keep this in mind when you plan the guest list and avoid derivatives which can create conflict. Jupiter is retrograde until March, so Saturn should have a pretty good reign on things, but still, there will be a few who fly under the radar and could make things interesting.

This same energy is good for joining up with someone more established or simply older and more experienced, and trading ideas for some future project. This would be a planning phase rather than an implementation phase. Wait until spring time to put any plans into place, perhaps the first couple of weeks of April being the earliest timeframe to begin.

The 20th is the day of the winter solstice and will be the shortest day of the year. On this same day Venus will move into retrograde motion. If you wait until the last minute to do your shopping you may decide that everyone is undeserving of anything but a lump of coal, so try and get it done before this date when the “Grinch” might take over your heart.

Another side of a Venus retrograde is the potential that some down on their luck friend, or maybe an elderly aunt, cousin, neighbor or sibling could ask to join your festivities. A few of you will hear from a lost love during this time, which might be especially nostalgic or poignant especially if you are of an antique generation. Enjoy your time together and do whatever needs be done to make this little bit of magic happen.

The 25th, Christmas Day in my little part of the world, has a few surprises in store, not all of them pleasant; think of the scene where Bumpuses’ dogs steal the turkey in the “Christmas Story”. That kind of thing, not earth shattering but you could be eating duck, hot dogs or pizza for Christmas dinner. If you have a young male who is expectantly waiting for Santa to bring him some ridiculous item on his Christmas list that you know for sure Santa doesn’t want him to have (maybe because “he’ll shoot his eye out”) get ready for a major tantrum. Also, be extra, extra careful while traveling please.

On the 30th there is a little jump in volatility and it could carry over into New Year’s Eve. This could turn out well for those who have bets on football games or if you like intense conversations at parties.

NOVEMBER 2013 Monthly Highlights

There is an interesting bit of news in the astronomy world, and consequently, also the world of astrology. Though it is a bit hard to fathom what “impact” this will have energy wise…no pun intended. The comet ISON will buzz by us this month. The Russians actually discovered this comet and named it Nevski-Novichonok, which while hard to pronounce for non-Russians is still, if we were to be fair, the correct appellation. At any rate, it was discovered on 9/24/2012, making it a Libra, so it is less scary than if it were of some other sign. Venus rules Libra, therefore perhaps we can hope it is a harbinger of peace, beauty, prosperity and love.
There are a number of articles on the comet, here are two if you are interested:

**Comet ISON Plays Coy with Astronomers

**Comet ISON: Incoming Stargrazer

The astronomers say that she (the astronomers are calling her a she…Venus…big smile from the astrologer) will pass just inside the orbit of Jupiter. Therefore it is of even greater interest to Lucky Jupiter obviously.

This comet is being likened to a very spectacular comet that was visible in 1680! I think there is an article in Wiki about what was called the “Great Comet of 1680”. Imagine people in those times seeing a great white orb with a fabulous tail streaking through the sky. I’m guessing folks took quite a lot of notice. I wish we could watch ours in the same darkened conditions they had, but we have “light pollution”. Here are some artistic depictions of the Great Comet of 1680.

Comet Nevski-Novichonok will grace our skies around Thanksgiving here in the U.S.A. I will try and have my telescope out, though I admit, I am not that great at using it. I think if the comet does not burn up by going too close to the sun it will be bright enough that we can see it with the naked eye and binoculars will be enhancement enough for those of us with little astronomy skill.

So, on to the auspices for November…

All Saints’ Day (November 1st) shows as being an extremely eventful, memorable or otherwise noteworthy day. There are ten transits active involving the more dominant aspect types (conjunction, opposition, sextile, trine, square and inconjunct). One of them a reiteration of the Uranus/Pluto energy we have in play this year. This energy was particularly strong in the summer of 2012, again in the spring of this year and it has carried through to now because of retrogradation. Uranus will go forward on December 18th and there will be another direct meeting in the spring of 2014. This force will be not be finished even then, for it will be with us into 2015! This is why we refer to the outer, transcendental planets as those harboring “sea changes”. They move slowly and when they change sign or make application to one another you can bet there will be reverberations here on planet Earth.

If you were born in the mid to late 1960’s you will most assuredly feel this in some way because these folks have the energy of extreme transformation, through rebellion and shocks when necessary, inherent in their lives. They do not even have a choice in the matter; change, chaos, revolution and a decimation of structures (especially antiquated, unfair, misinformed and dogmatic) power structures, haunt them all their lives. This is the energy of the civil rights movement, Mr. Elvis Presley becoming the king of rock and roll, the Vietnam War and all of its misguided loss and ill-treatment of warriors brave enough to do what their country asked of them, the Beatles phenomena, the formation of the National Organization of Women N.O.W., Medicare and Medicaid, Martin Luther King and John F. Kennedy assassinations, the Chappaquiddick incident, and Woodstock. Those born during this era carry an amalgamation of very potent and diverse energies, to say the least.

Those having these two planets in any kind of powerful configuration with personal planets (i.e., the sun, moon, ascendant, Venus or Mars, as well as the nodes, which are not personal planets, but rather personal points) have this energy in spades. Some destroy as much as they create, mostly things which needed to be gone, but they must remember to rebuild and offer a way forward after they have debauched debauchery.

These Blessed Miscreants hear the voice of their God, of the Universe and of their fellow Earthlings whether they wish to or not. They are the greatest potential source of Change for Good this earth currently has because they are at a time in their lives to actually be able to impact the world: And because it is simply their calling to do so because they bridge a gap between two very different ideologies. I’ve asked this of my fellows before and I shall ask it again. Get out there and do whatever it is that you do that can have a positive impact on the greatest number of people or just a few dispirited Souls. There is not one embodied spirit on this planet that is not here for a very important reason. Some play a small role upon the World Stage, others a larger one, but neither is without Cause. I implore you to find yours.

We have a hybrid solar eclipse on the 3rd which will be most relevant for Ghana and the Ivory Coast, though it will be seen also in Florida. This eclipse will be in Scorpio at 11 degrees. This will be the next to last eclipse for Scorpio, the final one taking place in October of next year. See how patient the Universe is Scorpio? She is giving you lots of time to fix whatever is amiss in your life. In other words, you have until October of next year to alter your world in whatever way is most pertinent to Scorpio in your chart, which likely includes You.

Lucky Jupiter will move into retrograde on the 7th and a few days later Mercury goes direct. Then a few days after Mercury’s direction Neptune will follow suit. Reality sets in, the rose colored glasses come off and clearer thinking will prevail. Neptune’s movement forward is a very positive portent, as well as Mercury doing so. Anything you were confused about, from relationships to your financial situation, depending on where you have this planet in your natal chart as well as in transit, will no longer be obscured. Communications will increase.

Jupiter moving into retrograde is good for maintaining a level head and avoiding grandiose schemes. People of influence will operate behind the scenes more productively than if they do so overtly. If you have a wonderful, beautiful rather implausible but highly fabulous idea you wish to set into motion it would be best to spend extra time in the planning phase and not launch it until after March of next year.

October 2013

Thank goodness, it looks like this month might be a bit calmer than we have seen in a while. This isn’t to say it will be devoid of celestial happenings, but they may not be quite as rambunctious as the past few months. We can at least hope. If your month ends up being completely crazy, blame your natal charts crappy aspects and the somewhat minor transit between Saturn and Uranus, or the retrograde of Mercury on the 21st.

The transit between Saturn and Uranus in the most uncomfortable designation happens on the 5th. Saturn is direct and in brooding Scorpio, making an uncomfortable transit to retrograde Uranus in Aries. Therefore, Uranus is at a disadvantage here, with Saturn holding court due to its direct status. This is bad. This is extra bad because of the double dose we are receiving via a mirroring of Pluto in Capricorn. I have pointed all this out in previous writings, so this is actually old news, just with a new twisty trigger.

The unusual can be made mundane, and any excitement you feel will likely be drenched with pragmatism or pessimism from another who doesn’t have your vision or is merely jealous of you. We’ve discussed the problems associated with Saturn in Scorpio. This combination actually can be one of the worst energies out there, but we’ve been contending with it since October 2012, so hopefully we’ve learned how evil it is and can avoid it or have put together a nice little plan of action to decimate it. Just note where it is transiting in your natal chart and give those associated with that house and the aspects it makes a wide berth. And no, not all things regarding this energy are completely awful, but quite frankly, it is just a little austere and disciplinarian for most people’s taste. Think rule mongers and power seekers.

Okay, so enough of the stuff about the ugly, vicious people lurking in dark places waiting to jump us. Once Uranus goes forward we can be assured of quick reflexes and the ability to outmaneuver, outguess and out think anyone who messes with us. This is the ninja vibe. This happens at the end of December, so you can begin planning their comeuppance. The only down side of Uranus going forward is that it is currently in Aries, which is a very aggressive and anarchist kind of energy, which has been the harbinger of a bit of chaos as well as cries for freedom in the world in recent years.

There is an appulse lunar eclipse at 25 degrees of Aries on the 18th. Because this is a rather dim eclipse it may not carry the power of a partial or total eclipse and may only be noticeable for you if you have a natal planet at exactly 25 degrees of Aries.

The other issue this month is the Mercury retrograde in Scorpio on the 21st or 22nd through approximately the 10th of November. This is actually an improvement over the last couple of years when the holiday shopping season was detrimentally haunted by the anathema of shoppers, Mercury retro.

You might need to spend a rather large amount of money on a vehicle during this retrograde, maybe to refurbish it. I wouldn’t buy a car while Mercury is retrograde however. Another possibility is that people in power are having some rather important discussions behind closed doors. These communications are not likely to become publicly known until mid-November.

Happy Halloween, and I think based on what is on the T.V. lately as well as the astrological influences on that night, we shall see a lot of zombies.

September 2013

September is here, with its tints of orange, brown and yellow, the smoky smells of bonfires of leaves floating on newly chilled air, and, of course, going back to school and football season. These nostalgic thoughts make many of us smile and recall our past, and others become enlivened at the prospect of new adventures. However, this isn’t the reality of everyone on this big sphere we call Home. While I do live in the bubblegum world of near Utopia myself and always have, I am disturbingly aware of what is going on for folks in other parts of the world. Their struggles are difficult for us to even contemplate, much less discern a way to help beyond pray, which frankly, might not even be appreciated.

The problems in countries like Egypt, Afghanistan, Pakistan and (all the other “Stans”), Iran, Iraq, etc. are complicated. They fear us, and we I think should fear them. Recent examples: Fox News: (Video) Christian girl murdered leaving Bible study in Egypt; Huffinton Post: Egyptian Christians Persecuted Post-Morsi's Downfall . Until their mission is not to eradicate those who are not like them it really does not behoove those of different beliefs to try and help them, the only caveat being in cases of those who have proven they are more evolved and wish for a mutual, respectful and happy co-existence. History does repeat my friends, there is nothing new under that big yellow sun of ours and as long as people believe in persecution, oppression and assimilation, in Any facet, there can always be another holocaust scenario. Probably not in our lifetimes, but somewhere down the road.

These deep, dark thoughts come compliments of Pluto, the annihilator of the status quo and expert in the abrogation of the human spirit. Pluto is doing his dance from backward to forward motion around the time of the autumnal equinox. Pluto is currently ensconced in a sign that is less than optimal for its potent energy signature, Capricorn, which isn’t exactly lightening the mood. Disregard anyone who says Pluto is a lesser planetoid, he is still a harbinger of great events and powerful implications. Anyone who knows a Scorpio or has this intense vibe in their chart prominently knows it must be dealt with gingerly, patiently and with great regard.

I want to make clear here that people who carry a Pluto/Scorpio signature are not necessarily the epitome of the worst of the abovementioned characteristics. Every single energy out there has an equal and opposite energy to balance it. It is true that some of those with very strong Plutonian energy in their charts can be evil. So can every single other sign/planet combo. They can also be the manifestation of all that is profoundly empathetic, sympathetic and passionately compassionate. Not only that, they are not afraid of the dark or anything in it. They’ve been there and conquered it and they’ll carry a light for you while you do the same in your little corner of this sometimes dark and scary world.

Pluto in Capricorn takes the power obsession of Pluto and mixes it with the diligence, discipline and sometimes the inescapable cruelty of Saturnine Capricorn. So, while Pluto has been retrograde things may have been going on that no one knew were truly that deeply disturbing. Now as they meet the light of day, they can be dealt with appropriately.

We get a double iteration of this energy signature with Saturn sextiling Pluto at the same time Pluto goes into forward motion. The totality of these vibes can merely mean that in your world it is time to get down to business or to begin a very complicated endeavor for which you will need strength and fortitude but which you have been mentally and/or physically preparing since April. If you can withstand the hardships, you will be presented with an outcome that is worthy of praise and congratulatory measures, perhaps beyond any you have ever received.

If you are involved in a career that requires you do research, when Pluto goes forward you will be able to bring your findings forward and make a name for yourself in your field. The same goes for investigations that were begun in April or even before. These inquiries and reviews will need to be closed and the outcome of them made public. If you were involved in some endeavor that is concluding and you have wasted a lot of time you may be reprimanded about that now, and some will be fired for hanging upon a purported hunch or discovery for which there was essentially nothing to discover. Others however will be hailed as heroes and their intellectual achievements lauded if they have uncovered something worthy.

October will bring us a lunar eclipse, which I’ll talk about later next month, but it is useful to know that lunar eclipses can bring a release of emotive feeling to the fore. Usually this is a rather personal or behind the scenes kind of thing. The beginning of November will bring its fellow, the solar eclipse. I expect these eclipses will illuminate many of the issues conjured up during the Pluto retrograde phase, for good or for ill. Eclipses are often associated with culminations, especially solar eclipses.

August 2013

August is always a rather fun month as summer winds down (at least in this hemisphere, winter is winding down for those Down Under). End of summer romance is always a potential, and this August is no exception with a lovely joining of the planet of love and attraction happening on the 2nd, which is a Friday. The next weekend has a light reverberation of the energy, so if you do find a friend you may be able to spend two weekends with them, and maybe even a forever if it is meant to be!

On the 7th there is a harder energy signature to contend with between Lucky Jupiter and the little guy with a big punch, Pluto. This combination of energy often is tied with big business and financial issues. Because this is a more difficult meeting, the planets being at odds with one another, if one has overestimated or been unrealistic, there will likely be losses. However, the opposite will also be true for those who were more conservative in their dealings and investments.

Jupiter with Pluto is also a time you can gain profound insights if you commence upon a philosophical journey or enter the halls of higher education. If you believe in yourself and in your future impact upon this sphere, I hope you will consider the latter. And if you can’t do that, what you can do is broaden your mind through all of the free content that can be accessed on the internet. All works not subject to copyright, which mostly includes older works, though I am unsure of the dates. Sites like Guttenberg Project or Google Chrome who offers a free app for “Open Library Book Search”, though I am not as fond of it as it has a more difficult format for reading long works. I am sure there are many more, but there really is no excuse for people who own a computer with access to the internet to not be well read even if they can’t pursue a college degree. All of Shakespeare’s works, as well as Homer, O. Henry, Thomas Hardy, Emmanuel Swedenborg, Arthur Conan Doyle, Charles Dickens, The Bronte sisters, Emily Dickenson, Wilkie Collins, Jane Austin…I could go on and on….they are all there for FREE! I love it. Also, Amazon offers many free books for the Kindle on their website, but sometimes they charge a little bit for books you can get free on Guttenberg, though reading on the Kindle app is vastly more user friendly.

If you are an ambitious type, you might find that you are being overlooked for positions you are more than qualified for due to a personality conflict or flaw. Sometimes we can all lose a bit of polish and allure, so maybe if you try being more charming…not in the romantic sense, that would be creepy at work…but you know what I mean. Quit belching out loud in your cubicle; don’t stare at every bottom that walks by…that kind of thing.

Mid-month will be active, but it is not apt to carry many significant challenges, or rather, no new ones will likely pop up. At least until around the 18th.

On the 21st Jupiter will make another impact with a powerful outlying planet. This can be a time of missteps and misguided effort. However, it can also be a time of innovative breakthroughs and amazing discoveries. These will not be sudden accomplishments, but rather ones that have endured some strife upon their path towards existence.

People of a fiercely independent spirit will be participants in this energy spurt. Conflict will be part and parcel to their plight. Sometimes this kind of expansive spirit is bent on destruction, which often is a necessary impetus for some souls who need their freedom at whatever cost. How do you think all free nations came to their freedom? This energy gives these freedom fighters a spirit of oneness and a magnanimous philosophy from which to launch their endeavors. Some part of my soul hears the call of these free spirits and not only applauds them, but prays for their success in pursuing lives of their own choice. Something deeply embedded in me would be willing to take up arms (or pen) to defend my right to make my own decisions and to do so for you too. Please use this exciting and potent energy to do good things for many people. As a female, I am praying fervently that the ladies in countries that have not allowed them to experience the world as I have…the good, the bad and the ugly…to be allowed to do so. Give them an education and let them live their life for God’s sake.

With that imploring, I will sign off for now. This is a fantastic month to get out and do things and experience things you have never done before. Try to walk for a spell in someone else’s moccasins. We can’t know our own truth until we understand some of the truths of others…we just can’t. Not only is that Biblical, it is just plain fact.

July 2013 Monthly Highlights

Things are pretty slow at the onset of July, consider it the summer doldrums or a winter lull, depending on where you are on planet earth, but don’t become complacent because before the end of the month I suspect there will be a bit of excitement.

In the United States of America we have our summer holiday celebrating our Nation’s independence on the 4th, which is always quite a celebration. Where I live we all set off our fireworks over the lake for everyone to enjoy, it is extremely cool. As we celebrate our holiday, may we all take a moment to remember and honor those who gave their lives so we could live in freedom.

Saturn, the king of time and those who are deliberate, disciplined and stodgy, is switching to forward motion on the 9th. Obviously it takes him a little bit of time to get going after his retrograde phase so give him a couple of weeks to get back to his allotted pace before you begin planning a big building project which actually doesn’t happen until the beginning of August.

On the 13th Mars will move into touchy-feely Cancer, which isn’t a real comfortable place for the god of war, but it does bring about more effort towards nurturing. This is helpful given that Jupiter has dedicated the next year for taking care of things at home as he also took up residence in Cancer last month.

On the 17th Uranus will begin the most active time for July’s energy signatures (and actually this build-up of energy is rather unsurpassed so far this year), however all of the movements I will mention have been building in power up to this point and will continue their impact for varying times from a week to months.

Uranus will move into retrograde motion on the 17th. This is a rather big deal since Uranus has a tendency to bring about surprising and shocking events and while it has been in Aries, a sign of action, the effects can be expected to be more overt. Uranus will be retrograde until December 18th, so our innovative tendencies will be lessened as will our oddities. Those things ruled by Uranus, like computers, will be more prone to dysfunction. Aquarians will also find that things don’t go quite as easily for them and they may feel a bit under the weather or have nagging doubts about something. Such is the way of all retrogrades. If you feel doubtful about something try not to make a definitive decision until after the first of the year if you can.

We have a number of trines, or what are considered as positive energy signatures, taking place all at once between the 18th thru the 19th. Jupiter will trine both Saturn and Neptune, then Saturn will trine Neptune. On an individual level these energies are extremely good for removing obstacles and doing more to insure good things happen or a goal is reached. However, as they all roll together it can be a little bit too much of a good thing leading to hubris. Because of the planets and signs involved, namely Neptune in Pisces, lord of liars, spies, oceans and which also speaks to the government, combining with Jupiter, who governs over extensions, over spending, over optimism, extremes and beneficence and Saturn, ruling those in executive positions and leaders, we can attribute some of the events of the past few weeks to these signatures. We now know the government is spying, the IRS is overstepping their power and targeting specific groups, and the whole bunch of them are throwing money out the window as quickly as it comes in and even before it does. With Saturn moving forward, it is time to figure out what we are going to do about it and which heads will roll.

Further. Spying and misusing your power are not exactly honorable endeavors, never has been, never will be. Given the broad stroke that was used (referencing the spying), why not tell everyone? Methinks there are more infringements to our rights being hidden from us. In trying to find criminals, you have turned yourself into criminals; you have lessened your position of authority and made yourself unworthy of the people’s trust thereby undermining the integrity of our entire nation. I curse you: May all your Legos have sad faces; may you be cloned and used for spare parts for people living 100 years from now; may your children rob your nursing home to pay their taxes; and may your personal “American Dream” manifest as porn featuring syphilitics.

All of the trines mentioned may be construed as being a very good thing for some of us. Jupiter is well known for easing burdens and rescuing people at the last minute. Jupiter trining Saturn will most assuredly lessen the load placed on someone’s shoulders that has been doing way more than their fair share for entirely too long. Jupiter trining Neptune will bring about deeply moving feelings of connectedness and universal attunement. Even Saturn will do his bit for good by making things orderly and teaching others how to manifest their insights, artistry and perceptions into something useful and tangible.

June 2013 Monthly Highlights

There is a reiteration of energies this month concerning Saturn and Neptune, with the largest signature happening with Neptune on the 7th as it falls into retrograde motion and will remain so until November of this year. This is a major “head’s up” if you happen to be a Pisces or have Neptune prominently placed in your natal chart.

Retrograde motion is a normal course of business for all of the planetary beings. The sun and moon do not go retrograde, but everyone else who parades around us in the Heavens does. Therefore, it is obviously not a horribly detrimental thing, but you can think of it like the planet involved having a bit of an allergy or a cold of rather long duration. You may feel a little “off” if your planetary ruler is involved. Projects you are involved in can make you feel drained, and life in general can be more of a slogging process, than one which you feel you are making headway. Nothing comes easy when your ruling planet is retro.

As for the Saturn/Neptune connection, this is extremely relevant and these two planets will do a tango on the 11th and again in July. This combined energy has much of the mystical in it, where intuition meets the discipline to use it artfully. There can be wondrous discoveries now if people will take the time to explore them. Old mouldering hypothesis may be cleaned off, redeveloped and built upon to bring forth something truly beneficial to humanity.

Neptune is largely involved with gasses (as in natural gas, helium, propane and the like) and pharmaceuticals, as well as other more esoteric areas, like dreams, premonitions and religious experiences. Saturn can bring these later things to the fore in a tangible, practical form. Even more concretely, it can make a person working in research and exploration of energy resources and drug efficacy; including new discoveries, come upon some very significant revelations.

Neptune also rules the oceans and any large body of water. With Saturn involved we can look to those projects where mortals are trying to harness the power of the ocean for their own use. We may accomplish our goals now if we are not too overconfident, but be sure of your engineers and ship builders because when these two planets meet with less accord, things may go awry.

The Saturn/Neptune energy is meeting in a very easy configuration, which is deemed “positive” but I think a more apt term is easy and lacking effort. Nothing in astrology is intrinsically positive or negative. Everything in astrological projection has to do with how you use it and what your actions have been up to the point of the energy at hand. Yes, there are some “free spin…you win!” instances as well as a few, “Boom. You are dead” anomalies, but by and large, astrology allows us to utilize the energies in either happy and helpful ways, or selfish and degenerative means. This Saturn/Neptune energy can go either way for us mortals. In some cases evil disciplinarians will kill the inspiration of the idealists of the world. In other instances, confusion, distractions and amorphous assertions will squelch the genius of the gifted, yet befuddled.

This energy is perfect for those who have been in their field for a long time and worked diligently regardless of how they were regarded. This is the epitome of an instance where the voices of the Angels whisper in the ears of their Chosen Ones; who hear and do…and know not why. Nor do they care, for they are simply ecstatic that the Angels deigned to notice them at all. When miracles are seen here (and they will be) they are long past due.

The middle of the month, particularly the 12th through the 18th, will be quite energetic and happy. There can be unusual attractions and unexpected meetings of people who are meant to cross one another’s paths. This can be a contentious meeting, due to the overt energy, but in most cases it will be enthusiastic and bring about a surge in inventive potential.

The 19th is a wonderful day. Jupiter graces us all and brings us an opportunity to learn and grow and be more than we might have thought possible: Even if only for a moment or for a few hours. Never, ever, think that the small things you do don’t matter. They DO! We can’t all be part of the big wheel making the Universe go around. Some of us have to be content (and are, no doubt, Quite Content) with doing what we can with the gifts God gave us on a very small scale. This is totally okay. The “meek will inherit the earth”, as the Good Book I read says.

Additionally, today (the 19th) if you get a chance to do something for someone who is a stranger and not part of your clan, please do it. This shows God, the Universe, the Great Spirit, Buddha, Allah or Krishna that we CAN care about something more than ourselves and our own…which in kind gives that Entity hope in us as a People…because like it or not, we are all just the same when you take us apart.

Helping others is a good thing. (Unless of course the person doesn’t want your help…didn’t ask for it and doesn’t need it. In other words, make sure you are correct in your assumptions. Some people need, want and deserve help. Some people need it, but the Universe thinks they should pony up and help themselves for a change and quit being a wimp. Use your discernment, ask a few questions and when in doubt, go straight to the source). People with disabilities and the elderly are the folks you should focus upon, but do so with respect or don’t do it at all. You most certainly are not better than they are just because you can assist them.

The last item of interest this month is that Mercury will go retrograde on the 26th until July 20th. Don’t sign contracts, buy electronics or computers, or especially try to get anywhere quickly (as you will find detours and delays).

May 2013 Monthly Highlights

We have a couple of minor eclipses this month, one on the 10th and one on the 25th. These will likely bring about a few culminations and illuminating moments for those who have them hitting areas of their natal chart that are important (like the ascendant, moon, sun and such). For most of us, these eclipses won’t register to a great extent, but they could result in something you either knew was coming or had some intuition would happen.

The real issues have to do with our personal lives. In general, the annular solar eclipse will highlight the house of partners in the chart of the central U.S.A. Countries have natal charts too, even the eclipse itself has a chart, for those of you who aren’t as familiar with astrology and its many forms. You can actually make a chart out of a question, posed at the moment you asked it, which is called horary astrology, which I don’t do. I think the cosmos are a little more farsighted and arcane than that, but whatever floats your boat.

The 1st brings a couple of transits, the most potent being an opposition between Mars, planet of men, war, sex, new beginnings and aggression and Saturn, planet of cruelty, stability, time, old age and the devil. Bummer when they don’t get along, even worse when they do. The secondary energy is that of the sun trining Pluto. Not likely helpful either, nevermind the trine. The best case scenario is that if you are involved in a very strenuous or rigorous project or activity, you may feel you can’t manage it, but the sun trining Pluto will offer additional determination, focus and power, potentially allowing you to achieve your goal. This is further supported on the 5th when we receive a trine between Mars and Pluto. I’m a little discombobulated regarding this cumulative group of energies, but I don’t think it can be worse than the 3rd week of April. Unless you are spooked by eclipses…

On the 10th we receive our first eclipse of the month, a solar annular which will occur at 19 degrees of Taurus, and it shall cross over Aussie land. Taurus is all about money and can be quite avarice in its pursuit of such. Therefore, if you are dealing with a May born person at this time, or if you have a major planetary player in your chart at the degree of 19 Taurus, expect some news regarding finances. If it is the case of the Taurus born and you are in conflict with them, they may be trying to get something for nothing or think that you owe them something. Rot that. Don’t put up with their predatory tactics.

The 18th is an active day, but mostly involves the fast movers. You can have a very impressive conversation this day, hopefully with someone worthy of your time. Better yet, someone who is attractive to you and with whom you might share more than a passing conversation in the future. Perhaps even a light flirtation that keeps you daydreaming for a week or two.

The 20th has the crux of many of our problems coming into exactitude, Uranus square Pluto (this energy is active from around 2011 to 2018 if given a long berth). We discussed this in the yearly highlights I believe, so go back there and take a gander to reacquaint yourself with this truly heavy vibe. I would have to say that the square between Uranus and Pluto is part and parcel of much of the bad stuff happening last month. This kind of long term potent energy signature can manifest in varying degrees for a long time…and will. So pull up your bootstraps and get used to this badass kind of energy.

What you Need to Know.
In the conglomerate: People (specifically those with bombs) don’t like the U.S., the U.K. and Israel (or France, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Australia, Denmark, Canada, Italy, Austria, New Zealand, Greece, Finland, Switzerland, Japan, Portugal, Chile, Mexico, Spain, South Korea, Brazil, Poland, Romania, Norway, Belarus, India, Turkey and any other place where people “Live And Let Live”). And…they want us dead (hence the “bomb” reference above, and you may also refer to Boston as the most recent event in the U.S. and like, yesterday, [doesn’t matter which yesterday, pick one] for Israel). Granted, no one picks on most of the other countries mentioned (except South Korea because their neighbor sucks). But don’t think for a minute “they” (I feel like I’m talking about zombies) wouldn’t come after ya’ll if we were all gone, so get on board or be the last guy standing with your thumb up your ass because you are too nice to get involved. They aren’t “nice” and while we in the U.S. would like to be (and keep inviting these killers into our country, for God’s Sake), people keep bombing us and if we get incredibly mean, they will be on your doorstep anyway. Peer pressure defeats the playground bully. Like us or not World, we ain’t the bully and you better sidle up before we send them your way. We’ll close our borders and offer brochures to your lovely lands. And tips and cheats about how to get in and who has the cash and such. Easier to be friends and combat a mutual enemy. We can defend our borders. Can you?

In further explanation of Uranus/Pluto: In your everyday, mundane life. Refer to Charles Darwin and the “survival of the fittest”. Genius can help a cause. A lot. Find one, better yet, several. Power can be useful, as long as it isn’t corrupted. In which case, refer to the genius…or the most nonpolitical, honest, wise guru of your group. He or she with no affiliations to influence them and needs no public lauding.

The 25th has the appulse lunar eclipse happening at 4 degrees of Sagittarius. Lunar eclipses tend to be more personal and can make those whom it touches directly a little misty eyed. In some cases it can be indicative of an emotional connection.

The 28th finally gives us a little bit of love. Or complete overcompensation for something. I’ll wager on love anyway because we need it in a big way. And with Jupiter in play we can see it in a humungous way. Unfortunately we can expect to see it over done, over blown and just plain crass. Do things in moderation, even good things. Spread the joy around a little or it just gets distorted.

On a smaller scale, the end of May is a time when excellent energy abounds with regular people. Graduations, proms and a time to reflect on what kind of person you have put out into the world are all apt examples of this Venus/Jupiter feeling. If you did your work well, as a parent, you will know that your child will be a fabulous addition to the adult world. A giving person, who enjoys learning and will never quit doing so. An open mind that is not stunted with dogma and familial prejudices. Rainbows and butterflies anyone? Yeah, I’m allowed to dream, even if I do so knowing such fluff is a myth. Please raise kids that keep this hope alive. Please give them the option to be open to this often stinky, mean world and all it's diversity. And please God, give them the intuition and common sense to know when to quit trusting.

I have a conscious knowledge (based upon tangible, documentable fact) that there are those who observe our belief systems and wish to stifle them: Those who see our freedoms and willingness to accept others as a weakness of our society to be exploited: And those whose own belief system martyrs them if they kill us. Uranus is individualistic, but has a need for belonging to a larger conglomerate. Pluto is highly volatile and desires power, but is more needful of personal recognition than even Uranus' energy is. Group consciousness will run into personal desire, and groups will strive to gain power through their amalgamation. I reiterate. Find your big girl and big boy panties. We are going to need them.

April 2013 Monthly Highlights

Ah, the month of taxes in the Northern American climes. The 15th for the U.S.A. and the 30th for Canada. No one is happy to have to do them though some are happy to get their money back. This year we have energies which may cause more than a few conundrums during tax season. The underworld is going to be doing overtime trying to figure out ways to hide their loot. This might work, but I’m thinking they better be pretty astute if they want to evade the government edicts, unfair as some are. So pay your taxes and vote. Voting is your outlet if you don’t like the situation.

Nevertheless, there will be issues that are pretty intense and those who are intent on staying on the legal side of tax season may need to do some major budgetary adjusting in order to make your payment. Oh well. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do. The IRS doesn’t allow a lot of options but actually, if you warn them upfront, they are nicer than if they have to track you down later.

Pluto goes retro on the 12th at the same time as Saturn demands adjustment from the planet of chaos, Uranus. This is a major overload of vibes and not to be taken lightly. Pluto is a financially savvy planet, and has connections in the mafia and with people with more power than they deserve or probably any of us are comfortable with them having. So, as he goes backwards from our purview, we can be assured that people will be hiding things. The most probable folks on this list are of course, Scorpios, and people in power, with connections to people in power, people involved in creepy stuff like “under the table” and “off the books” fiduciary exchanges, money laundering, pharmaceuticals and those who manage money for others. By the time Pluto goes direct (September) someone will be on to them and retribution will be sought.

Additionally, the inconjunct between Saturn and Uranus is another interesting operative and it happens the same day Pluto goes retro (12th). I’ve discussed this before, how Saturn and Uranus are really the antithesis of one another. And yet, one cannot even exist without the other. They NEED one another. After all, there is no need for discipline if there is no chaos and no ability to build upon genius without both of the energies. Everything is good in the zodiac taken in balance and in positive vein. Things only get creepy when people use their powers for evil. Don’t do that please. Now is a good time to work on it.

Your kids, if you have them, are entering a whole new world. They will think entirely differently than you do, not that this is any different from past generations, though, it could be more overt. Only because the technology they understand was not even born when you were young. Those of us who are older better be apprised of this and do everything we can to keep up with the new gadgetry. Picking what is relevant will be a very important, and avoiding time wasters even more so.

Hey, I get it. The first thing I do after I kiss my husband in the morning is to turn on my computer. Facebook is great, especially if you are feeling isolated. You know there are folks “out there” and it makes you feel better as you start your day or end a really crappy night. That’s cool. Just realize that there is other stuff too. Like nature. Like a real pen and paper and your thoughts written in your own hand upon it. Like visiting a shut in or someone in an institution. If you feel like crap in the morning even with your 750 facebook friends cheering you on, just think how your grandma or that old guy who used to help you with your bike that lived a couple houses down when you were ten feels isolated in the nursing home.

Just try and find something truly tangible and that is an intrinsic part of you on a personal level to work on from time to time. I never write this column by hand anymore. I am faster and my thoughts seem to be more in sync with the computer keyboard. Still, I write when I can by hand. It grounds me. Find something tangible that grounds you at least a few times a week. You will feel better and what you have can’t be lost by a “Cloud” bursting.

There is a partial lunar eclipse on the 25th at 5 degrees 45 minutes of Scorpio. This will not be overly strong unless you are a Scorpio (remember too Pluto is retrograding, so this is piling on for Scorpios) and especially if you have natal planets at this degree. In the U.S. central time zone solar chart it will illuminate the local environment. This includes your network of friends, roommate, mode of travel and your kid’s school. You could feel more need for focus in these areas. There could be emotions involved in this but hopefully it won’t be more than the pet lizard in the 2nd grade class is molting. Get your car or bike or whatever you motor about upon checked.

On the note of lesser energies that are worth mentioning. The 7th is a wonderfully sexy and partnership oriented day. The 15th brings Venus “Home” in Taurus and love will rule, as will sensuality, comfy shoes and lazing in the Spring sunshine. Maybe you will be given a break by the taxman or meet the person of your dreams (or of the next six months) waiting in line at the supermarket. The 17th is all about aggression. Stay out of skirmishes and pointless competitions. You might be dreamily forgetful on the 18th and a bit skitzy through the 20th. The 24th brings secret love and the partial lunar eclipse exacerbates this if you were lucky enough to find it. The 26th gives a lovely little attraction hangover.

March 2013 Monthly Highlights

You can get a lot accomplished as the onset of March rolls around, especially if you aren’t afraid of taking charge. Bosses will be more cooperative and even if they say there is no money in the coffers for bonuses, they very well may be coughing some up. Granted, you may have to point out how much you have contributed (and put up with) in order to make them look all nice and shiny or in making their products fly off the shelves.

By the 6th there is a war of some sort in your immediate environment. This has more to do with those who must debate against figures in a position of command, and who are amassing the forces with little wisdom or apparent innate ability to initiate implementation in a strategic manner. The actual energy signatures are actually rather favorable, but because it is being overdone, and because there is a great deal of “deluded power” in the sign of Pisces in play, I am cautious regarding these auspices.

I don’t know how y’all feel about freedom but from someone with the most prominent energy signature in their chart being the sun trine Jupiter, I have very strong feelings about it. For those of you reading from countries other than the U.S. “greetings” first and foremost, but you may want to zone out on the next paragraph or so while I vent some editorial commentary about my country, which actually does relate to the current astrological conditions but will not be very interesting to you. I apologize for that profusely.

Our country has made such great strides in overcoming a great many flaws in the last few years, not the least of which was electing a person of color to be our president. He has visions for the future of our country that in some ways I applaud. But in other ways I am terrified. Terrified at the lack of discretion being used in implementing programs that I don’t think they have thought through. One of which is the health care law. I am no expert in health care implementation, but I am a rather astute observer of systems and have a modicum of education in said field. I also have experience working with government entities. They are a bunch of tree killing time wasters on some days, and on others, they are the last line of defense in saving lives. Crap ass way to work mostly.

I worked for a program once that spent the last six months I worked there changing all the rules and sending us to class to relearn something too cumbersome to learn once. Much less three times. This was a program trying to help sick kids who were falling through the cracks of the current systems. So, this is my estimation of how things went: “Yes, Mrs. Blank, we got the life enhancing surgery paid for with this new program, he can now eat without a feeding tube!” Two weeks later: “I’m so sorry Mrs. Blank, we won’t pay for that, sorry, you are back to liquid nutrition in a tube in his stomach that keeps getting infected and he will probably die.” No, this didn’t happen, but things like it did. And those of us who have encountered an hysterical, desperate parent whose kid with a disability does mean something to them (even if it seems the rest of the world sometimes just wants to ridicule them for acting out in restaurants), we never, ever want to experience this again.

For Christ’s sake people…I beg you...DO NOT MAKE CHANGES TO SYSTEMS WITHOUT THINKING THINGS THROUGH. THERE ARE PEOPLE ON THE FRONT LINES WHO HAVE TO IMPLIMENT THESE DOCTRINES AND THEY NEED TO MAKE SENSE!!!! Please only do things to enhance systems. You will have no medical professionals willing to even participate if you screw this up because they have to deal with these patients as PEOPLE and they also have to sleep at night.

Further…and in conclusion regarding my editorial commentary: Asking doctors to spy on their patients because they are too fat or smoking or doing whatever they do that may not be good for them, but that is truly not anyone else’s business, unless they are NOT PAYING for their insurance or medical needs, is not even vaguely smart. Asking physicians and nurses to spy on patients is a travesty of the doctor/patient relationship (assuming you see yours long enough to have one…which isn’t their fault, entirely. They don’t have time and aren’t “allotted” enough time by current insurers). Not only that, but you are setting up doctors and nurses to get sued. If they infringe, dissuade or impede upon their patients accessing health care, or if these folks start harassing their patients, there will be lawsuits. The like of which will decimate the entire medical field.

I don’t think the writers of these laws understand the depth to which people who are doing destructive things assuredly understand what they are doing is, in fact, destructive. They do! They just don’t care or they are truly weak willed, (God love them, and we must too, or you are not cut out for one of the Caring Professions). The medical field doesn’t have time enough (or heart enough) to make someone care or hold their hand 24/7 (no one can do this). Plus. FOOD GOOD. SMOKES GOOD. WINE GOOD. Must have more. We truly are cave-people at heart, God bless us. If someone wants help they will come to you. I promise, they will. Have those programs in place (i.e. weight loss, drug rehab, alcohol abuse), beyond that, you better mind your own business or folks will revolt. No one wants a Nazi mentality providing their health care. If individuals are way beyond the norms in weight and such, make them pay a little more for coverage. And not an amount they can’t possibly pay.

If you look at socialized medicine that is relatively successful around the world you will find successes in countries where the population feels they have a great deal of freedom, mostly due to a surplus of national wealth (Norway, Sweden, etc…). Whereas, the Netherlands just had a couple of twin brothers who were deaf euthanized at their own request because they were going blind and didn’t want to go into a state run home…or to never be able to see one another again. I have to believe they felt their options were limited, even within their Free system of socialized care. On the other hand, the sweet spots appear to be Norway and Sweden, where their nationally run oil companies contribute to all society members in the form of wonderful social services. Guess what dudes. We ain’t got that here.

This tug of war is coming to you compliments of Saturn and Pluto, one ruling discipline, the other ruling power mongers. Neither is pleasant when taken in their abysmal forms, even if you put a nice little energy behind them, like this month. These are the days of pretty words masking an agenda. Oh yes, much can be accomplished…and shall. However, the cost of implementation and training is high and in the end it will not likely be static, this is because people are forever changing. We can’t afford elaborate and confounding rules associated with health care. KISS.

The 17th brings about the direct motion of Mercury, coinciding, adroitly enough, with the international day of drinking…St. Patty’s Day. If you go out that night it isn’t likely to go smoothly. Doesn’t mean it won’t be fun.

The 21st has Venus moving into Aries, making the pretty words come across a bit more abruptly. You can get a glimpse of the passion someone has for you or a subject now.

The 22nd might bring something that agitates you and could bring about a pleasant or unpleasant surprise. Be careful in traffic. Idiots will be afoot in more voracity than usual.

The 23rd has a major adjustment happening, which likely will be showing itself several weeks before this as it is triggered in your personal natal chart. If you have been being too sweet to someone who is just a turd, you may need to “get your dander up”. If you have been being a jerk to someone who is a nice person and lets you, I hope they kick your ass.

So if all this were not enough, get ready for March to blow out of 2013 with a roar! Heads are likely to roll in some arenas, as there appears to be a passing of the guard. Hard to know if the baton will be given to someone with any sense at all though, be sure to wait and watch very carefully. Some of the surprises that accompany this time will be very romantic and enthralling for those in the market for such things. I think happy endings are surely part of this energy signature. At least for those who exceedingly deserve some grace.

However, there is evil afoot too (always is, sometimes it just hides better…but in these few days…it can’t). Angry words will spew forth from someone who has either had enough of the nonsense, or from someone pretending to be something they were not and got caught at it. God sees all. The Universe does not stand for obfuscation, at least not for long. This, my lovelies, is one of those times in which the Truth is seen.

February 2013 Monthly Highlights

Valentine’s Day is upon us and I hope you all have a Valentine to celebrate. February begins with two of the planets involved in love affairs switching signs. Mars will soften up considerably by entering Pisces, so empathy will prevail in most circumstances overriding aggressive tendencies. Venus, on the other hand, will move into a colder climate by way of Aquarius. Excitement will be more optimal than whispering sweet nothings, so don’t plan a romantic dinner at home if you are looking to impress, perhaps a trip to an amusement park or a hike in a natural setting. Sparkly stuff like aquamarines, amethysts or a gem of other nice watery, oceanic color will make nicest blingy gifts.

The week before Valentine’s Day actually is quite lovely. The Mars in Pisces energy will be duplicated with a conjunction between Mars and Neptune. Perhaps there will be some sea storms, which can obviously be bad: If you sail the ocean watch for odd anomalies, like rogue waves, or maybe ugly mermaids. However, for the most part it will bring a peaceful conclusion to otherwise more cutthroat potentials.

Even more light-hearted notes will prevail by the 6th and 7th, and these can be indicators of very romantic and serendipitous potentials. However, this is not an energy that promotes serious, enduring relationships; it is more apt to bring about transient, fun loving interactions. So don’t let things get too “heavy” if you are looking for a date for Valentine’s Day. Your best bet is to send out a number of invitations to a party, and just let people mingle and meet and follow their whims. It is likely that you will be very surprised and delighted by who ends up making a connection.

By the 15th, there will be some rather intense energy situations, and at this point there could be a few permanent bonds established. Magnetic attractions will compel some people into a vortex of obsession, which can be good or very, very bad, depending on how it is handled and the character of their intent. Keep your wits about you, especially with people you do not know well.

The 18th has Saturn moving into retrograde motion, which is never an overly favorable event. The best spin is if you have decided to hide a committed relationship from the world for a while, just until you wrap up a couple of issues which might conflict. Otherwise it is a harbinger of some rather difficult situations getting even worse. Within the U.S.A. humanitarian and charitable organizations may be “running on empty”, so to speak. Things are bad out there for lots of folks, and the groups designated to assist them may not be equipped to do so. There may also be problems with supposedly benevolent organizations taking more than they give.

People from your past with whom you had friendships can pop back into your life. Maybe they work for the same company you do and have been out of the country or on assignment away from the home office, in this case it is probably okay to re-establish your relationship. However, if someone from your past shows up in your life for no apparent reason, it might be a good idea to wait a bit to see if there is some ulterior motive. Saturn can indicate people who use others and it is a good bet they want something from you, maybe even your job, ideas or spouse.

Mercury will join Saturn in retrograde motion on the 23rd. Some of you will probably be saying good-bye to a work situation or a co-worker. A few might be moving or have to find an alternate route to work due to the refurbishment of old infrastructure. Saturn doesn’t go direct until early July, but Mercury will resume forward motion on the 17th of March. This will be a good time to do some revamping of a project, maybe some additional research. Don’t forget to explore the works of historical figures where you may glean some extraordinary insights into your current dilemmas. Oh, and as usual, avoid buying electronics or anything with an engine.

At the end of the month, Venus will move into Pisces, which is a very compatible energy and actually brings wondrous things when their positive attributes carry sway and co-mingle. Then on the 28th, this energy is again duplicated with Venus conjuncting Neptune. This can be disillusioning for some. Maybe someone you counted on is a back stabbing creep. Maybe someone with slime in their veins will divulge your deepest darkest fears to someone who can use them against you. OR. Maybe you will be given a gift that elevates, enriches and blesses your life in a way that you never dreamed possible. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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