Here we are at the end of another year and with Christmas upon us. The beginning of the month is infused with energy, as well as with the Magic of the Season. We have a transit that may open up the sense of wonder and tolerance in a few people who well need it.

Later in the first week there are some really negative energies. Causing austere conditions and an overall lack of energy. There may be some end of year closing of books that cause some real problems for people. Trying to explain where their budget is going and such. If you are in charge of a department where one of the managers is having problems accounting for their inventory expect the worst. You will likely need to get rid of someone which is always rather tricky.

On the 9th, Mars will enter a sign it is compatible with on the 9th, Scorpio. However, they are also rather intense together. This is great for strenuous things, as well as those that require endurance. Scorpios are the endurance masters of the universe. This energy will assist them, especially if they have been ill as it should strengthen the recouperative powers. This weekend also has the energy of spontaneous romance.

On the 19th Saturn will enter its own sign of Capricorn, which means it is at Home, and quite happy to be so. Saturn is a rather dour energy, not a lot of lightness of being and all that. But without him we would all be living in caves and never be able to cross a raging river or find anyone to be a leader anyone wants to follow. You know. One that doesn't lie, abuse their power, abuse other people or base all their decisions on financial gain. This is an excellent energy and brings us Saturn at its best. These are the leaders that give a damn, and are probably sacrificing their own lives in some way to fulfill the promises made to their people. The doctors that still sit up in a filthy armchair in a hospital because they actually care about a patient and the engineer that thinks about the people he is building a building for and their needs before he gets started and gives them happy little gifts throughout their building or home. Cubby holes and funny little sunny spots to read and such.

Mercury goes direct on the 22nd, which is great for all the last minute travelers and shoppers. Or at least it may be. Mercury is snarky as he moves from forward to back and it takes him a week or so to get a better disposition. After the holiday sales will be the best. Unless you want something trendy.

The end of the year has someone denying something or putting a lot of energy into a bit of subterfuge or a really big lie. This is always a bad thing. The lying thing. And dissembling is the same thing. Just don't even think it isn't. At any rate, remember the game you play in this life is the game life will play with you. Methinks this may be a rather eye opening for some. Especially those that don't have a reserve of good energy to waste.

People used to ask me "how do I restore my depleted karmic energy?". I always answered, "Crap, I dunno". That is because I don't know what you did to deplete it to begin with, though I can usually help figure it out if you are serious about it. Mostly it is about the right use of energy. Who do you help? Just family? Not as many karmic points as you might think because it is an expectation. Simply put, you make 'em, you marry Ďem, you take care of Ďem. Do it well, there are rewards. Clearly. Do it poorly and your progeny will stink up your world, especially by around the age of 40 when the dew is off the rose a bit.

Go out and be a "do-gooder" like me? Honestly, it is a crapshoot karmically. Some people are in the situation they are in because God wants them there. We don't know why. Apparently we shouldn't even ask. If you want to do this kind of thing go deep. Stuff that will profoundly affect you personally and probably mess you up for life is the only thing that gets you REAL kudos from the Universe. Which you don't notice because you are busy slitting your wrists.

This is the Season to try to do better. This is the Season of Love. Great thing is, Love is still out there. People do nice things for other people. Some people are just really fabulous folks. I hope you know some of them. I hope your world is infused with them. I hope we will all work really hard in the next year to be the best we can be. Because Saturn is going to meet up with Pluto. Soon. The Universe will take a tally of who is naughty and who is nice and what everyone's motives are. I suspect this could get ugly. For some. For most, what you have striven to accompish will come to fruition. You will complete a skyscraper. You will genetically engineer yourself into a Zen like creature that transends the Universe altogether. You will use your power so wisely that even Nature allows you entrance into Her realms. You will transcend something truly horrible and turn those abuses into cares for the world. Please at least try.

Merry Christmas to you all, and to all a truly good night. See you all right back here in 2018! As usual, if yearlies are late, forgive me. The later they are, the better they are.


The first weekend of November brings a reckoning that the holidays are upon us and there are things to do and to buy and plan. Venus is the most persistent energy and can bring meetings that culminate in some surprising and/or stabilizing conclusions. Venus will move into Scorpio on the 7th possibly making the kids want something specific for a gift very intensely indeed.

Jealousy is in the air as well as magnetic attraction, which floats around and lands on random folks offering plenty of interesting transpirings and spectacles. The holidays are a great time to hook up with someone and the romance of the season brings about opportunities to meet people. With the passion of Scorpio at the helm there should be some heartfelt feelings running amuck as the bonfires of All Hallow's Eve are turning to embers. The possibility for our feelings being more fortified will be with us throughout November and in some case manifest as overspending if they donít play out in attraction.

On the 11th, which is Veteran's Day in the United States, Saturn will help out Uranus and visa versa making opportunities come more readily and ironing out any kinks in plans that had seemed chaotic at the start. This energy should help things flow more smoothly in general for several weeks as it is triggered on and off in everyone's chart. For those in the fields of contstruction, electronics and mechanics you may have one of those "lightbulb" moments when you figure out how to fix a problem with your project that had been a show stopper . This is a fantastic energy for moments of genius like that, or of just setting things to rights that makes you feel quite exhilarated and accomplished.

The 18th-22nd seem to be the most problematic dates of the month. Again, jealousy, envy and immediate and intense attractions will be part of it, as will financial rows probably over status oriented purchases that are unnecessary and very prone to personal preferences not always agreed upon by those sharing the checking account.


For those in need of some focus or a bit of control you can start to feel the mantle of power fall gently back upon your shoulders by the second week of October. If you are currently in the unfortunate situation of being at the mercy of someone that wields their power poorly and at the expense of others, then you could get a reprieve from their oversight this month.

There is a lot of energy about as October begins so make sure you have some energetic outdoor chore lined out as we head into autumn. Then on the 10th Jupiter will surge forth with the intensity of Scorpio as it enters that sign and will stay there until November of 2018. This combination of energies is often associated with larger financial concerns. You could feel overwhelmed about your finances or some other portion of your life.

The banking industry is likely to have a surge in home repair and buying and selling in the areas where there has been damage. Of course they have likely lost money here too.

Another area associated with Jupiter in Scorpio is known as "the goods of the dead". Any business having to do with end of life matters is apt to see a little upserge in opportunities. This includes estate issues and business inheritances. Maybe someone will come up with a cool new way to come back from the dead, which is fraught with danger, I mean, if you don't make it out alive you will have to hire someone from the afterlife to dispute your bill.

Saturn will help keep Mars from running amuck on the 11th, which is probably good given the possible force coming along with Jupiter with Scorpio. Looks like some additional discipline or supervision might be in order just in case too much enthusiasm spills forth.

We will all have to be more adaptable during the week of the 15th as unexpected situations can crop up making it necessary for someone to immediately take charge. Doing so may bring a person into your life the following week that is impressed with your work. If so, the 24th or 25th might be the best day for a meeting.


I began writing this a few days before the solar eclipse that took place the third week of August. Obviously the world didn't come to an end, even though we did experience the largest single rain event in the history of the continental United States as hurricane Harvey landed on the 25th. The Houston Chronicle has a short video outlining some of the charities they recommend you donate to if you feel the Spirit move you to do so. And I hope it will. They do mention the Red Cross, which is a worthy and wonderful organization, but they are only there for a short time...for first response normally. There are other organizations that will be there for the clean up and rebuilding and my impulse is to donate to one of them that will help those most in need. And there will be a great need since this event has hit some of the poorest neighborhoods hardest.

The area on which Houston is built is actually natural wetlands. So this event has always been entirely possible given that 4.5 million people have chosen to live there and build over those wetlands. And Harvey wasn't even a category 5 hurricane. Doesn't matter now, those communities are there and they are likely there to stay, so prepare accordingly. Every single person on this planet lives somewhere that can be effected negatively by what Mother Nature has to offer on her bad days. So please help the people of the Texas and Louisiana Gulf because next time it could be you. I love that area of the world and it's "folks". I've been praying a lot for you!

We did also experience the Charlottesville event too in August. It is unfortunate that there are asshats everywhere that clearly want to mess up other people's lives because their lives are so dismal and disturbed they can't stand to think of other people being happy. We label these folks mentally ill but this actually does a huge disservice to those decent people living with the true disease of mental illness. The people doing this are all simply evil. Something is devastatingly broken inside of them and they can't be fixed. I don't know if it was their parents that made them that way, their environment, their religion or lack thereof or they are just a demon inhabiting some poor weak bastard's vessel. Real people don't kill other people on purpose, unless of course those theytried to kill them first: Personally tried to kill them. Not as a conglomerate or a generic stereotype of a race, creed or color.

My two cents that is exactly worth...two cents. Don't like it? You ain't gotta read it.

September has a few energy shifts. Some of them better than others. Positively, Mercury will move into forward motion and quit being pesky and getting on our very last nerve around the 5th, but he will probably still be a trifle annoying until after the 12th. At any rate, if you are in a mood to shop for electronics you may find things to be more favorable after this date. Kind of misses the back to school rush but at least the lemon you take back and replace with a new one should be a keeper.

As Mercury moves back into it's Home sign of Virgo on the 21st you may want to re-arrange your garage, office or your gadget drawer. Virgo is the sign of useful gadgets and mechanical devices and if you have a Virgo in your life you know their kitchen and/or their garage has every type of helpful tool, widget and appliance. If they don't, I bet they want it and can't afford it, or think they can't, because Virgo's are also very pragmatic. This is their birth month and if you want to see their eyes light up get them a new refrigerator or something practical and useful. I personally highly recommend all the new rechargeable scrubbing tools out on the market. They make cleaning the kitchen and bath much more enjoyable and Virgo's also really like things to be cleanbut often don't have time to keep them "just so". Plus, if your Virgo friend is older, these new scrubby things give their old bones a break too. The Universe has a time for all things and all of this organizational and clean up Virgo energy will help everyone out a lot in their clean up efforts down south.

Mars moves into Virgo on the 5th and Mars is all about getting things done. Virgo is a service sign and likes to organize, edit and analyze systems and people. So here is some additional impetus to make the world around you make more sense, be more user friendly and practical and just be adorned with a modicum of common sense attached to it. Military, nursing, social services and police recruiters may find some of the best potential candidates while Mercury and Mars are both in Virgo. Though don't go out looking for Virgos for these jobs necessarily because some of them are adverse to communal living and icky stuff in general.

The time frame of the 12th through the 19th looks to be the most easygoing and even romantic of the month. You could see an old friend or meet a potential life or short term partner over the weekend of the 15th.

Pluto is the next in line to move into forward motion after having been retro since April 21st. He will move forward on the 28th and on that same day Jupiter will oppose Uranus. Someone with power over you may try and force you, or in some other way impel you to do something quite out of your comfort zone which will cause you some level of unease. Getting lost and losing your sense of direction are also possible. Don't always rely so heavily on your GPS and learn how to navigate with a map just in case your gadget goes on the fritz (my husband is laughing hysterically right now that I would give such advice). At least Mercury won't add to the fray by still being retrograde. Regardless, the week before and after the 28th could have you feeling a little bit "lost" even if it isn't in the literal sense. Prepare for disruptions.

While Pluto was retrograde hopefully you made use of this time to do some much deeper research into a subject and prepare for an upcoming project. Pluto and Saturn usually denote the "bad guys" though any planet and sign can be quite negative in the right, or wrong circumstances. In mundane astrology we tend to look to Saturn and Pluto to show problems. (We use "mundane astrology" to look at the larger aspects of society and world events). Saturn is cruel and Pluto is depraved. In other words, as Pluto moves into forward motion he will likely show us some of the plots that were being coordinated during his retrograde phase.

As an aside. Saturn and Pluto are going to be in a conjunction for the first time since the early 1980's starting in 2019. They were also conjunct during the reconstruction time directly after WWII, which is probably the most profound example of this energy. Rebuilding after huge devastation and the pursuit and prosecution of the heinous individuals responsibhe which we were able to do in WWII, but in the instance of the rebuilding after the hurricane it's going to be hard to track down Mother Nature to make her pay. However, we have another human ball of evil in the form of the crazy North Korean lobbing missiles like a child playing with firecrackers that I pray won't actually be able to do anything but blow himself up.

The autumnal equinox will occur on the 22nd of the month and it is time to being preparing for winter, at least in this hemisphere. Get ready too for all the pumpkin pie confections that pop up now. Some of them rather ill advise imo, but some of them are quite yummy.

In closing, I hope everyone of every Faith can find time to send good thoughts and prayers to Texas and Louisiana. If you watched the television at all you could see that the Houston area is one of the most successful melting pots in the United States. Not without problems, but by and large everyone makes it work. They haven't had nearly the problems getting along with one another that places like France has had.


There is some really great energy bursting forth on the weekend of the 3rd containing self-esteem boosts, sudden immediate friendships and even love at first sight or first conversation! And yes, the latter does happen and not only to the gorgeous people. Sometimes kismet has more to do with an intellectual connection because some folks actually are turned on by how the cogs work in another's brain.

Mars is going to bring our nurturing qualities to the forefront on this weekend as well and they will stay with us for the next couple of months. Though because Mars has trouble being "chill" there may be some fights with immediate family members, but these will be as normal as they are tedious.

Venus is going to join the lovefest (it is Spring after all, at least until the Summer Solstice on the 21st) as she slides into Taurus, one of her home signs. She is very happy here and wants us to put pretty and healthful things into the earth to grow. If you don't know anything about gardening it isn't that hard to learn and there is a special connection you will have with your yard, terrace or even your window planter if that is all you can accomplish in your small space. Just a bit of effort will let Mother Earth know you love her.

Jupiter will help out with the good vibe train on the 9th because he is going to move forward after having been retrograde since February of this year. Jupiter is currently in a friendly sign for him, Libra. This is a double meeting up of legal entities, which is usually a signal things are less than okay. I wonder how much money the world wastes in the legal system? I'm not saying there isn't a time and a place for this kind of action. But maybe there ought to be a separate court for the frivolous types and if found guilty they get to pay double to the person sued: Just for being a blithering, avarice asshat that canít fend for himself and needs to be a parasite off their betters.

All legal stuff aside, this is a good time to create a partnership of any kind. You will both be more likely to come at it with good intentions, a mutual respect and a positive, even altruistic outlook.

Then Neptune has to get involved. Neptune is one of the very best planetary energies of well as one of the worst. That is why the 12th house (Neptune's Home) has always been described as the "dustbin of the zodiac". I didn't say it. Someone else did and it is astoundingly accurate.

Neptune will go retrograde on the 17th and remain this way until the end part of November. Meaning that lies will be doubly hard to ferret out, ship wreaks can be finally found and research being done to save our oceans, and consequently our planet, can be initiated or revisited due to new insight and information.

Neptune retrograde is a good time to find something to really believe in that is personal, not spoon fed to you by some weirdo in a smock on the internet or television. Neptune has to do with the collective consciousness and can tune us in to problems at a great distance from us and among people we think we donít care about or fear because we donít understand them. Nor they us. But Neptune gives us a chance to do so, even if only for a brief moment in time, but one that can have profound consequences for a great number of people. Sometimes this interchange doesnít work out well at all. Sometimes it does. Pray that it does because eventually we will be given no more chances to figure out how to live together on our beautiful little planet.

The week of the Summer Solstice looks to be quite lovely as well. The new moon will be in Cancer which is a homely sign and it will make you want to spend time making your space pretty, or perhaps look at buying something to call your own.

If you need a little extra cash the end of June is a good time to look for a bit of contract work whose income you may want to put aside as a downpayment for something you've wanted for some time.


In the U.S. and Canada the beginning of July brings forth our national spirits and summer celebrations of family and freedom, which has come at great cost to some. Please take time to thank the veterans in your family for their service and if you don't know any, say a silent thank you as you set off your fireworks and attend your barbaques for all those that died so North America could be the place that we all love to call home.

There is a bit of a fractious transit happening between Jupiter and Neptune early in the month and it may make people nostalgic and want to reminisce. There is some likelihood you will have a chance to do this due to the holiday.

As I've told you before, Jupiter and Neptune get along quite well together even when there is a difficult transit between them such as this one. The two when active in their best portent together will bring about miracles. Or negatively, it will let us blatantly see where things should have been done differently to avoid a catastrophe. Let us hope that we see more of the former rather than the latter.

I want to mention ahead of time the eclipses we will be seeing in August; a partial lunar eclipse in Aquarius @ 15 degrees, as well as the spectacular total solar eclipse on the 21st which will be seen by almost all of America: A phenomena not seen in the United States since 1918.

The partial lunar eclipse in Aquarius will be notable because it is part of a sequence involving the major total solar eclipse, but it will be felt on a personal level though can be very subtle in affect. Aquarians and those with Uranian energy dominant in their natal chart will likely feel it most. Groups to which we belong will be on our mind, as well friends that are more of the acquaintance type, not anyone that knows us well and probably in actuality knows nothing at all about us. Sometimes Aquarius eclipses have to do with misuse of funds as well as earthquakes. Sometimes they bring groups of people together to do wonderful things with altruistic motives.

On to the total solar eclipse... If you know anything about history, you know that 1918 wasn't a particularly stellar year. Russia was in great conflict, WWI was still raging; the Armistice of Compiegne wasn't signed until November 11th at 5:10 AM (for all my fellow astrologers interested in seeing the chart). Also, the so called Spanish Flu, which was actually a mutated pig flu (H1N1) began in March at Ft. Riley, Kansas military base where many soldiers which had seen action in Europe were sent to recuperate before going home. The HINI flu killed two times as many people as WWI did by the end of 1919. 1918 was also the year that the entire family of the last Tsar of Russia, Nicolas II, was killed by the Bolsheviks under orders from Vladimir Ulyanov, aka Lenin. There were also numerous fires killing in excess of a hundred people, not related to the war. So I think it is safe to say a jolly time was not had by all during 1918.

Now, don't get all discombobulated about the bad portents mentioned above. If you read the news you can see a few correlations; Russia being in the news and a terrible fire in London are the most obvious. But the major transits of 1918 are not the same as they are here in 2017. Still you can get an idea of how powerful some eclipses can be.

The ancients started documenting eclipses as early as 720 BC and believed that they were portents of evil. Most astrologers no longer believe this. If the aspects formed to the person experiencing them are a positive ones (you need an accurate natal chart to determine this) then the affect is likely to also be fortunate: If negative aspects are in attendance, then it will be an omen of difficulty. But what also needs to be explained is that it depends on how the individual has used all the energy in their chart up to this point in their life to make a determination of outcomes. We are all given Free Will. For instance, a negative aspect of Saturn and the moon can make someone very avarice and cold but when used properly, it makes them emotionally grounded and prone to works of great altruism, as well as very constant in their affections. The condition of one's Soul matters folks and the Universe knows if you are just pretending to have one.

Consequently, if you get a reading from an astrologer know it really is a bit of a crap shoot as to how accurate it will be if they don't know quite a bit about you, but especially if they don't know you personally. Partly because I know God, the Universe or Whomever can move people to be better and we don't know when this will occur and partly because God didnít want astrology to be used easily for maligning people. It is actually Angel food that was given to us through no fault of ours and we are not blamed for it any more than we can be blamed for the bad angels teaching us to meld weaponry. We know it now and must use it wisely.

It is impossible to know another person's soul or control for instances of Divine Intervention. As Isabelle Hickey explained, some people come into this life with a depleted "spiritual bankbook", and others come with one firmly in the "black" so they can weather life's storms seemingly effortlessly. Which is why some people are said to be "born lucky". Yes, some of it is luck, but much of it is the right use of the energies, talents and gifts given them. Clearly, there are a lot of people out there that are about as deep as a mud puddle and their character never changes because they never developed one to begin with beyond what is best for them: They have no qualms about lying, cheating, stealing or harming others to achieve their goals. They are the psychopaths and sociopaths of the world and there are alarmingly too many of them for my taste.

Anyway, the United States is on the Universe's educational agenda for either some fun extra curricular activities or some hours of discipline in study hall. May we hear the message the Angels are sending (it is a collective one on some level, as well as a personal one) and take their advice. These kinds of chances for advancement up the evolutionary scale come rarely with this amount of intensity. And because all of the continental United States (except I think Maine) can see this eclipse, I believe this country and it's people are being singled out for a boost up or for someone to try to push us off our axis. And perhaps the only people that can save us are Leo's... or maybe they are the ones that will ruin us. Just know though, that it is likely an either/or proposition.

Join me in praying to Whomever you pray to and acknowledge to that Being how grateful we are for a Country that strives to do better, is cognizant of our shortcomings and will track down those that bring us down and try to harm us. And there ARE people trying to harm us, both physically and financially, from the malicious, thieving hackers to the nut jobs mowing people down in vehicles and setting bombs. Those things can and have also happened in our country not just across the pond. So thank those that defend us during your Independence Day celebrations, from our military to our emergency teams to the lone person struggling in a bureaucratic organization that is supposed to help others but are being met with seemingly insurmountable roadblocks to overcome to do or even determine what is right. Too often in this Life we are merely able to make the least worst decision because there is no good option.


We have a number of Mars transits this month which can mean both progress and violence. Mars transits are not an unusual issue as Mars is one of the faster moving planets staying in a sign approximately two months depending on retrogrades. So he covers a lot of territory.

Even so, he will square Neptune and trine Jupiter during the first part of May, then a week later give an inconjunct to Pluto and an opposition to Venus. Lastly, at the very end of the month he will oppose Saturn and sextile Uranus.

This pretty much covers all the transendental planets (the outer planets). The transendentals are harbingers of long term events and generational issues. In other words, the important stuff, like life and death and the sea changes that indicate vast shifts in policy and thought. Kind of like what is going on in the U.S. because of differing policies, France with their elections and England with the implementation of Brexit.

In our personal lives, Jupiter quincunx or inconjunct Neptune and Saturn trining Uranus donít have to be a bad thing and can be indicative of enlightenment and amelioration, as long as you are willing to do the work involved to make things better in your life.

To break these energies down a bit, ideas initiated during the first part of the month will move forth, partially due to a rethinking that happened during the Mercury retrograde time (Mercury goes direct on the 3rd and has dipped back into Aries after having been in Taurus at the time of its initial retrogradation).

Mars is currently in Gemini requiring increased intellectual thought, but also more of an abruptness and sometimes a quick temper, though not a violent one necessarily

At any rate, during the first couple of weeks of May we will experience some very emotionally involved issues compliments of Mars, upping the energy level of the Jupiter/Neptune meeting and acting as a trigger.

The Jupiter/Neptune energy directly pertains to the seas in some way. Ours is being choked with those water bottles everyone insists on drinking as well as disposable diapers and all kinds of other things. There are islands of plastic awash in the ocean. I read an article in ďScientific AmericanĒ last week that in England there is some kind of moth, or moth larva that attacks the beeís wax and eats it damaging the hive. I couldnít find the article again though and may be misremembering part of it, so if you are interested look for it and read it yourself.

Anyway, a lady beekeeper got them out of one of her hives and put them in a plastic sack and in minutes they ate through the plastic sack. They arenít sure we could unleash them on the ocean plastic, but wouldnít it be cool if we could? Then we could feed them to the fishes. Kind of mean, but most bugs donít live that long anyway. The plight of our bee population is scary to me and we have to save them. Again, they die and we die. Starving to death is a real bad way to go too.

Jupiter and Neptune play well together, but the inconjunct/quincunx (150 degrees apart) is a transit of some difficulty. It indicates that your efforts could be frustrated or misdirected in some way. You also could pay more than something is worth or not be rewarded as fairly as you should have been.

Jupiter/Neptune in this vibe can give you foggy thinking about your overall worth, either that you are not as good as you think you are, or you donít realize how important you are.

The good thing about Saturn trining Uranus involved this month is that someone might come along and show you the reality of your situation. Or you might get an offer from a very established person or company that will allow you to showcase your talent and will pay you well for it. Or your boss could suddenly sit you down and tell you are a bumbling moron and you will be demoted, but this isnít likely unless you really are a terminal screw-up.

Because of Mars also acting as a trigger for the Saturn/Uranus energy at the end of the month expect the bell to toll then.


Contract negotiations may take on an aggressive note as February commences so be on your guard if you have to take part in one of these meetings. This will be particularly significant for those of you trying to agree on a contract for the first time. For those that are re-upping a contract or going back to work for a prior employer things may go more smoothly and your skills will be worthy of a significant upgrade in pay.

On the 5th Jupiter in Libra will move into retrograde motion, which also speaks to all types of partnerships and contracts in general. Because Jupiter is in Libra there will be many people joining together for both business and personal reasons. While Jupiter is retro however you will more likely be drawn back into connections from your past or even into rather secretive liaisons or societies.

One caveat is that the solar chart currently associated with Libra and this eclipse is very debilitated; as in broke, sad, deceitful and grasping. That is the worst case scenario. They could also be a Guardian Angel here to propel you to greatness, save you or simply make you smile when you never thought you would again.

The 10th is hosting a minor lunar eclipse occurring in Leo. This is going to be an energy that is a bit off the grid, indicating that many people are feeling overexposed right now, particularly those with a lot of Leo energy in their natal chart. You will be craving rest and comfort and a bit of an escape.

On this same day there is a lovely energy that brings opportunity and fellowship but mostly it just gives you a little boost of confidence when you need it very badly.

The 3rd week of February looks to be the most difficult with a downright ugly energy on the 22nd that will bleed into the whole week, perhaps longer. Avoid confrontation if at all possible.

After this energy it is eerily quiet leading up to an annular solar eclipse in Pisces on the 26th and continuing into the celebration of Mardi Gras on the 28th.

Tbh Iím a little reticent about assigning anything to this, however there is way too much Mars in difficult configurations. Positively this brings bravery jacked up a notch. Without Mars we would all be cowering, slobbering idiots. However when Mars is at his worst he is the maker of angry morons, dastardly deeds, lust where only one person is happy and world wars. Keep your tentacles in suction cup mode for this one friends. (btw, I LOVE octopi because those mollusks are incredibly smart, as are the other members of the animal kingdom. I wish we all could understand how wonderful they are before it is too late; because once it is to late for them, it will be too late for us as well).


Venus moves back into Pisces due to its retrograde motion early in April and will re-enthuse us with the idealistic wondrous thoughts of spring. We all get a lightness of being when these energies come our way, but unless you live somewhere where nature runs free you really will not understand this fully.

All of Godís creatures are in love, just as the warm spring breeze makes us all feel rejuvenated after the terrible cold of winter. We all feel this in various forms, if only by the fantastic feeling of the warm wind on our cheeks and the greening of the trees. Venus Pisces has an inspirational quality and it is so timely for it to coincide with spring bringing us all the ability to have a bit of hope, happiness and laughter.

Now for the downer stuff. Saturn will go into retrograde on the 7th which will take the rule mongers down a notch. This will be worse for those with a lot a lot of Sagittarius in their natal chart because it will make your energy level a bit off.

If you have a chronic condition and you are a Sagittarius ruled person or have this sign prominent in your chart then you may want to prepare for your problem, as in picking up extra meds or ointments.

Mercury will also go retrograde around this time which is a real annoyance. This time it is in Taurus and this will be a bit of a quagmire for things related to your beauty regime (donít get a new hair dresser or get a facial from someone you havenít been to before during this retro phase to avoid looking like a molting bird).

This might not be a good time for investing in cattle or selling them nor will you want to go overboard in real estate purchases unless you are able to capitalize on someone elseís loss. Which sounds scheming and is if you know about it ahead of time and donít give them fair market value. They will probably be glad to be rid of whatever it is they are selling or they will just lose more later. We bought a house that had A LOT of problems, some of the hidden, and got a decent deal because they were in financial straits. Law of market and in retrospect weíve spent several hundred thousand just getting it livable, so we still did a good thing. Otherwise theyíd have gone bankrupt.

Mercury goes retrograde on the 10th, meaning travel issues, long wait times and computer glitches. For those who have Mercury retro in their natal chart this will be opposite to what I just said. Your communications and local travel will go more smoothly during the retro phase of Mercury. IOW (in other words) go get a beauty treatment, buy some land and be obstinate, the latter of which you probably excel at all the time anyway.

Pluto will go retrograde on the 21st until late September. This means that someone is likely hiding their research or making plans for an event to occur after September.

Because Pluto is involved there is a tinge of the underworld here. If you are someone who could be manipulated or have ever been threatened by anyone you may want to take extra precautions because evil has a little bit more power since they can hide their tracks better with the retrograde. Plus, Saturn is also in retro and he is even meaner than Pluto.

Positively? Let me thinkÖ Structures that need a great deal of planning to ensure they are built correctly can do well by being on the drawing board now. If you need to do research for a thesis, this is a great time to delve into some rather disturbing subjects, that have to do with things underground, extreme cold or with old people, longevity and bone or skin problems.

Finally, on the 28th Venus will exit Pisces and enter Aries, indicating a rise in temperatures, tempers and some lustful thoughts. Also, women can be heralded as heroes for their bravery and courage against extreme odds. And seriously. When are women NOT up against extreme odds?


We have a couple of potent energies activating this month, one of which we were getting a hint of since last month, that being Jupiter in opposition of Uranus.

Oppositions are exactly that. Two opposing forces tangling for dominance. Jupiter and Uranus are actually sympathetic energies, but because Uranus is currently in Aries and being accompanied by Mars, Aries ruler, this makes it even more volatile than when taken alone.

People that are overly anxious might want to have a care right now. And keep in mind that while you may be fearful of things, Jupiter is involved here. And while he canít save the world, his energy is the closest to any that can (assuming you donít believe in a Higher Power, but if you do, you know that Someone else can and that Entity is in charge of everything...including the energies and messages from the Heavens).

Astrologically speaking, Jupiter does his best work when the world is askew. He is the only one that can mitigate unfair circumstances. Of course, another of his specialties is hubris and when the world is at its best is when he goes off and plays and makes all kind of exaggerated attempts that create problems through overextending our energy or over inflating our abilities.

So now, while he is being bombarded by two of the outside planets he can certainly rise to the occasion. My advice? Just try and chill. Yeah, we have a bunch of bombastic egomaniacs leading our country right now, but they will likely be able to correct some of the problems with the economy which will be good for everyone if they can pull it off. And if they canít, well, then we will know they are just dogmatic blowhards with bad hair that bullied their way to the top of the heap. Really it is ultimately a matter of character isnít it. And not Being a character, but Having one. Jupiter is really good at ferreting out oneís character.

Until we can find out if they are just a bunch of judgmental meanies that want to control and conquer based on their own personal biases, we must sit and watch. And support them. Because if we donít then ultimately we donít support our nation. God. Country. Family.

Ultimately Iíll write it how I see it. Maybe Iím wrong, but at least I donít want to control and dictate to anyone. Everyone is free to click off this website if they donít like what it says. I just want the freedom to say what I want, make my own choices and my own mistakes. With a minimal safety net in case catastrophe strikes because I can take care of myself except in extenuating circumstances. Most people want the same thing if they have even a modicum of gray stuff between their ears. We donít need the government intruding on our personal decisions and it pisses us off when they do.


The Christmas season will be bright and sparkly this year with all kinds of hustle and bustle. The excitement starts promptly on the 1st with added enthusiasm for whatever you need to get accomplished. You may be planning a trip for some happy purpose.

This is not to say that there won't be a few snags here and there. You may have a surprise waiting for you at work on the 7th. Unsure if this is a good thing or a bad thing but I'd have to say either invigorating or shocking. Though it probably ties in to what you have going on on the 12th and/or 29th.

The holidays are a fantastic time to meet true love. And while this energy is not exactly romantic in nature, there is an element of primal attraction in the first stages. Because Mercury is also almost ready to move retrograde this person could be someone from your past, however, this looks more like a new love.

The 19th is full of frustrations if you need to get a lot done, which is pretty bad timing as far as the holidays go. Mercury will move retrograde in Capricorn on this day and Mars will move into Pisces, which is not a very compatible placement. Pisces is dissipating and Mars is energy.

The last week of the year is energy packed with several of the heavy hitting outside planets having major meetings. The most major energy? Uranus, genius, chaos maker, and harbinger of sudden, immediate change is moving into direct motion on the 29th after having been retrograde since August.

For war torn parts of the world, obviously these energies are dangerous. Uranus is still in Aries, the planet of war, explosions and surprise attacks. However, when used more positively, Uranus brings rebel forces to the rescue and happiness ensues.

Uranus is also funny. Spontaneous, serendipitous humor that can't be scripted. Those times when you know the Universe is involved and is smiling down upon you to make you happy.

Since you know I'm an apolitical being so I have nothing much to say on these matters, but we know that with Brexit and the U.S. having new leadership there will be many changes occur in our capitols. Duh. The socialists cry that these changes are not going to be of an humanitarian vein. Well, no, I don't expect nations will just throw money at people for free, most of them don't have that much extra. Socialism is a failed ideology. Greece anyone? Or any other nation that doesn't have stipends for their citizens based entirely on natural resources? But keep sending refugees there and see what happens folks. They don't have the capacity or infrastructure to handle it much less the manpower with the appropriate mind frame.

People do not do well when they are made to expect to just be given stuff. It is the "institutionalized mentality" that Morgan Freeman play "Red" speaks of in "Shawshank Redemption". People can only have self worth if they can contribute in some way. Even if they don't understand this, governments should. Yes, many of them have had terrible lives. But if their kids don't see them doing something about it, their kids ain't gonna either. So you create generations of this. Obviously this isn't the entirety of the issue, but it is a relevant concept.

Education. That is the only answer. But in the short term, we have some major public policy to make people. In my country, I'm pretty sure that there is suspicion new regimes will have any kind of altruistic notions. Hopefully they are wrong.

In my opinion, there isn't enough money available through tax dollars to elicit enough change for these people. We HAVE to get big business involved. Yes, they will likely be special interest groups. So what. Let all the multi-billion dollar companies pick a social problem and fix it with the best minds in the country in order to get their tax breaks. Keep track of who is doing what and fill in the gaps with tax dollars.

Many blessings for you and yours for 2017. I will not give a January forecast and will give you a slight synopsis of what your 2017 NEW solar chart has in store for you instead. Sometimes these are a bit late. I'll get them up as soon as I can.

November Monthly 2016

November begins with All Saintís Day and a mellow grouping of energy that is a nod to Faith. The word ďSaintĒ means different things to different people, but I think it appropriate that November was given the protection of the Saintís since it was at this time that the readying for the winter was finished and survival through the season was in their Hands. You know the older people in the family had to be able to look at the larders and the mouths around the table and tell if they would starve before spring or not. At any rate, this month begins with a touch of hope from the cosmos, may your larders too be blessed.

The weekend of the 5th looks like it could be a lot of fun, especially if you keep it spontaneous. You may meet someone new and unusual and become fast friends, or hear from a favorite person unexpectedly and be taken back to a time when you were differentÖhappy perhaps? These energies are not rare, the ones of fun and fancy, but they become trite with overuse. Superfluous interaction and weak minded banter are a poor substitute for substance.

On the 8th, Election Day here in the United States, Mars will move into the sign of Aquarius. Marsí attributes include war, courage, instigators, initiators and instructors combined with the Aquarian energy that brings innovation, genius, gurus, weirdos and chaos. Wanna know what else is Aquarian? Surprises. And chaos. Whatever happens, we may not as a conglomerate be as prepared for it as we might want to be.

On the 19th Neptune will move into forward motion after having been retrograde since the middle of June. Neptune is hard to get a handle on and because its effects are subtle we donít often see how its energy has impacted us except in retrospect. However, what it is most famous for its ability to dissolve, like the eroding of a beach one tiny grain of sand at a time, or the forming of a natural bridge by the course of a river. Time passes slowly for Neptune, but he has plenty of it. As he moves forward so will the issues attributed to him.

Neptune rules all things pertaining to large bodies of water, including all maritime activity. Neptune also is associated with gases, drugs, alcohol, institutions, Faith, the unconscious, subconscious, and collective conscious, as well as some of the seedier elements of society.

Neptune is hanging out with the south node right now. I donít like that. It is helpful that he is moving forward. Neptune tends towards the melancholy. He gets very weighed down in the, what could have beens, or what should have beens. This can make him morose. Life isnít fair. He knows this. He hates this more than any other planetary energy. Neptune is the entire concept of good vs. evil. He wants right to win. And he gets as pissed as we do when it doesnít, which isnít entirely helpful either. And now the south node is his new best friend. This completely sucks.

The south node could have an entire tome written about it (and it wouldnít be happy because it wasnít long enough). Picture the most soul sucking entity in your life. The one you feel sorry for because they actually have a legit reason to be whiney, like their mountain view home is built on a channel for molten lava and the entire family thought sitting in the swimming pool with Mai Tai Ďs would save them when it erupted. Didnít. Or. He shows up on your doorstep in a dithering mess once or twice a week and is making your life miserable. Yes, you understand why he is sad. After all, she was not just his wife, she was your sister. You have feelings. THIS kind of soul sucking.

Do the math. Add the abovementioned attributes together and what do you see? Yes. This is a good energy to have gone. And YES. Good can and does and will come of it. Unfortunately the south node is mean to lots of people, all of us at one time or another. And Neptune is ambivalent about how he treats us. If they are seen doing good together they arenít quite happy with mere good and they have to take it up a few notches to miraculous or at least Divine. On the right side of it all, this energy might be the most perfect there is. (And the most imperfect!) Together they represent what everyone wishesÖon their best day and in their most noble frame of mind. Together, they tell us, We. Are. Not. Alone. And not just because Siri, and Echo and whatever else you have going is listening. These are blessings people. Not small things. Big. Things. But those things we donít give credit to our Maker for. Like rain right before a drought. A changing gulf wind in a hurricane, leading it away from shore. A season with no tornados. Those things we just donít really see that quickly. May 2017 is when this energy will completely leave us, though Iíd only give it until the end of March.

The week of Thanksgiving has some somber energy, but that isnít going to play out that dismally for everyone. Financial topics could be conversational fodder during the holiday feast, and you may hear that a family member is going to have to file bankruptcy. Steer clear of any financial scheming or becoming involved with those that are. Also, avoid politics. I know, never going to happen after this election, but donít be surprised if Uncle Hal ends up wearing the turkey carcass as a hat should the topic get out of hand.

The upcoming shopping holiday after Thanksgiving appears to have a few deals, some on luxury items, but the most satisfying time will be spent decorating and buying the trimmings to do so.

October Monthly 2016

Wednesdays seem to be favored by the cosmic time keeper in bringing about activity during October, including those happenstances that bring about romance and all types of partnering up, both personal and business.

The 5th brings competition either for love, power or money. Even things deemed ďfriendly competitionĒ can go awry: Such a seemingly simple thing, like one of the secretaries putting together a party for an influential person and having no one else help can start a texting war with lines being drawn the likes of which havenít been seen in the hallowed halls of your workplace since the great pie vs. fruit conflict of í09.

Around the 1lth and 12th the petty competitive annoyance is still around and now it has someone [you] in its sights. Perhaps it ďwuvsĒ you. Thrilling, Iím sure. Or maybe it is. Even so, slow down a bit. Make sure this person is legit and not just blowing smoke up your posterior region before you reveal too much about yourself.

By the 3rd Wednesday of October if there has been a storm brewing due to the interjection of a 3rd party into circumstance where a number smaller used to suffice, then expect someone to call a dual or do something equally stupid on the 19th.

The energy build up on the 19th is a powerful thing. Not long lasting but quite jolting. This energy happens when stupid humans wander around and react selfishly or aggressively. The Universe then uses this energy specifically to end something and there will be no kid gloves utilized in the process.

The 23rd thru the 26th has you receiving invitation or attending luncheons or other events that will actually not be as bad as you thought. This might be a mournful event involving an older woman or a unique male from your past or future, in the latter case you would obviously be meeting this person very soon.

The last week of October is rather dramatic, with romance being very strong and long term alliances being discussed.

July 2016

As July gets everything related to summer underway the 10th offers up a nice energy involving Jupiter and the sun that makes it the best day to deal with authority figures or those who have overstepped said authority. Your verbal skills will be a bit sharp though, so make sure not to eviscerate anyoneÖunless they deserve it. Not literally. Really? A turn of phrase is just that.

Venus moves into Leo on the 12th. This is a lovely energy and gives ultra romantic and noble Leo an extra boost. Entertainment venues are a fabulous portent and good times will be had. If you meet someone you think is a really nice person and wish to proceed romantically, you may have found an epic romance.

This is also good for investments, but given the reverberations of Brexit this must pertain to an opportunity to buy low, though things are already stabilizing as I edit this. Small gains might be made in areas pertaining to where your Venus is located in your natal chart at any rate. And yep, you may need a professional astrologer for looking that up. Even a novice can help you out with this, so donít shell out big bucks. You can also do it yourself! Get your natal chart run (Astrodientist does it free I think) and locate the girl sign (Venus) and see what house it is in; then do an internet search about that house. Simple. OH! But watch out for any little lines running to your natal Venus. If they are squares or oppositions or even sometimes conjunctions, then maybe you should avoid investing under Venus auspices. Okay, it ainít so simple.

The 29th has the big issue for the month involving Uranus moving into retrograde. Uranus is a heavy hitter with a psychotic tendency. Psychopaths will do anything to benefit themselves or their own self-interest; they are superb liars and manipulators. Most folks have some level of this characteristic in the psyche, others have a lot of it. Youíll see them in the news venues.

Sometime Iím going to write about the psychopathic and sociopathic tendencies of all the signs because all of them can be utterly detestable given the right configurations and environmental factors. And all of them can be wonderful tooÖgiven the right configuration and environmental factors. Itís all about the Soul people. Some people got one and some donít. Those that hurt other people on purpose and for personal satisfaction or gain and abuse their power have deeply flawed characters.

Uranus is a planet of immediacy and when it goes forward and back it is usually significant. Planes fall out of the sky, the ground shakes and situations can escalate at an alarming rate. But also, it can bring huge changes for people in untenable situations. It can bring breakthroughs in the sciences and computing. Not just small discoveries, but huge ones! Much of science is ruled by Uranus imo though Pluto plays a large role in the research aspect of it. Uranus knows how to think out of the box, knows how to be excited about the possibilities and can actually, sometimes, even get glimpses into the future. Visions. Uranians get them. Sometimes they just lead to craziness, but sometimes, they lead to a line of thinking that overcomes obstacles and stupidity and all the things that hold us back as a conglomerate group of beings that have to learn to live together whether we like it or not.

While Uranus is retrograde you need to rethink how you are handling a situation involving the sign and house your natal Uranus is involved in. Perhaps you need to travel to someplace that is entirely different than what you can fathom. (Just plan for this trip now, wait until Uranus goes direct to go, unless youíve been there before. Uranus will go direct on 12/30/16).

If you belong to a church, synagogue or mosque, or ashram, go do some missionary work. And not for a week. Go for several months. To a place far, far away. Find out how they think. You canít know your own God unless you can defend your beliefs with wisdom. You canít have wisdom without knowledge and experience.

Learn respect people. I have dealt with all creeds of people of all intellectual levels. If you have respect for others, and you listen to others, they will listen to you as you whisper (not shout) sensible truths to them.

Be careful out there my friends as Uranus changes directionsÖalways.

September 2016 Highlights

This month there are a couple of partial eclipses. A solar on September 1st at 9 degrees of Virgo and a Lunar on the 16th in Pisces at 24 degrees. Those folks with personal planets (Sun, moon, Venus, and Mars) or angles at or within a degree or so of these coordinance may have some part of their life or work highlighted.

On the 10th Saturn will square Neptune. This is a nasty little bit of energy usually and we are fortunate that Jupiter is going to help us out and override or at least ameliorate it by changing signs, moving into Libra on the 9th.

If it does take a destructive bent, we may see infrastructure dissolve or buildings and older folks may leak, so if you are a bit incontinent take a change of clothes (and donít be embarrassed about it, probably the saying ďshit happensĒ was coined by someone during this configuration).

Jupiter moving into Libra is nice because Jupiter and Libraís ruler Venus play quite well together. Jupiter gets along pretty well with all the cosmic crowd, except Saturn/Capricorn where, according to Ptolemy, he is in his detriment.

Jupiter in Libra will enhance all unions (as in partnerships). Those in search of a significant other will have better luck this year. But those that are already in a relationship will probably benefit the most.

Mercury will go direct on the 23rd in Virgo, one of its Home signs. You may have to reschedule your doctorís appointment or wait a really long time to see her/him. But you probably wonít notice that being any different.

Pluto moves direct on the 27th. This coupled with Mars moving into boring, rule mongering and control freak Capricorn is crummy, tbh.

Pluto rules the underworld and subversive groups. Mars rules taking action, being aggressive, men, fire and wars. Yes, these are all the bad attributes. The good ones are Pluto: focus, research, sex appeal, magnetic personalities and all that is ďtall, dark and handsomeĒ, though in my experience the Pluto types are not always tall or dark. You get the point. Mars is brave beyond reason, protective and we need fire to keep us warm as winter comes calling.

There is also a conjunction between the Sun and Jupiter which indicates a powerful meeting. For those in the business of finding the bad guys, you might want to jot this date down. The good guys will meet too and could make a plan to do something fantastic and courageous.

APRIL 2016

This month brings to us the retrograde of Pluto. Iíve discussed his propensities with you before, but for those of you new to astrology I will reiterate. Pluto has a dark side, equaled only by Saturn in the grand scheme of things crawling upon this earth. He is the criminal underground, the kidnapper, the stalker, the rapist and murderer. Not a murder for hire or because torture and cruelty is fun, as Saturn, but one for power or passion. These are the darkest of his proclivities, which as you can see, are very bleak indeed. Btw, Pluto is in Saturnís sign of Capricorn now.

When Pluto goes into retrograde motion it signals that plots are being carried out behind the scenes and that devious plans are being hatched. When Pluto resumes forward motion, we may see them manifest. Though because Pluto is such a slow mover, things associated with this energy rarely happen immediately. This is why having Mars move into retrograde, a much more action oriented planet could make things happen on or near the 17th. Mars will move forward on June 30th making this another day that you might want to jot down on your calendar.

Pluto is also about other things not nearly as evil; such as privacy, transformation, usually likened to the caterpillar turning into the butterfly, and desire, which can also be a very nice thing that brings two people together for eternity. Without Plutoís brand of passion there would be no great romances for which we dreamers can cling.

However, right now I wish to discuss the first item I mentioned, which is privacy. I donít know how many of you have ever had yours violated, but for those of us who have, it is a very perplexing thing. My computer has been sent back to Dell several times in the last month and Iíve had to contact Microsoft once. All this in a six week period of time on a year old computer. My computer is back again and working, but I have been forced to rename it Voldemort.

All this and other issues involving underworld activities effecting me on a personal level makes me think that perhaps the whole Hilary Clinton email scandal is likely more about her knowledge that within the government and those who are charged with protecting her and the important information she was constantly dealing with might be using it for their own purposes or leaking it. This is in no way an excuse for her behavior and I donít get involved in politics, but I can understand wanting to keep your data private. I can also understand the Secret Service and FBI wanting to know if she is going rogue.

So to all of you who embrace the electronic age, as I do, beware. All of those devices that make our lives easier are also eroding our individuality. When everything we do is put into an algorithem to predict future behavior, when we walk into a department store to support them by spending our hard earned money and our face is scanned and what we buy is used for marketing purposes or for security, they are actually robbing us. (Just as the paparazzi rob the famous of their own image for their personal gain), violating our right to have our face be our own, not the property of the public database. These things eat away at the fabric of our souls my friends, and I donít like the way that world looks.

Power and direction is really what it is all about this month. In order for most to have power and accomplish their ambitions, money is a necessity. Often times the kind of people who carry negative Pluto/Mars energies spend a lot of time trying to figure out the basest ways to obtain financing, and some will even resort to extortion and blackmail, both of which are part of the domain of Pluto. These people are lower than an amoebaís ass, so know that while Mars and Pluto, as well as Mercury begin their retrograde times, the plot will be investigated and those involved will be found out by the time Pluto moves forward in August. Avoid all people who lurk about and steer clear of dark alleyways.

August 2016

Mars will move into Sagittarius as August begins, increasing the overall energy level for many of us. This is usually a time of year when there is much to do, with some schools starting a new year and the harvesting of crops before autumn. Therefore this change of venue for Mars should be helpful as long as we donít overdo things and do something too strenuous resulting in a pulled muscle or broken bone.

Venus moves into Virgo, the sign of critical thinking but also of nags in the first half of the month. If you work for someone that is constantly nagging you for some reason you may decide to call it quits. This might also transfer to your love life, however, this is a fairly mild energy and quite frankly, Venus will temper some of the harshness of the bitching making it easier to take.

The most potent vibrations this month occur on the 13th and 14th. Remember again that in astrology things rarely happen on the day the planetary energy is exact, especially pertaining to the outer planets, such as those I am about to discuss.

Saturn will go direct after having been retrograde since March 25th of this year and will regain most of its momentum by the 20th. This is very good for getting projects that had been languishing due to mismanagement, a lack of workers or other obstacles, finished.

Saturn is currently in Sagittarius which is associated with people of influence, legal issues and international concerns. Jupiter/Sagittarius also are the keepers of the faiths, in that all religion falls here. Problem with Saturn is that it is all about dogma and people that have no ability to think for themselves and explore a subject in depth so that it leads them to a personal truth. Usually ignorant people fall into this kind of problem, such as we see in the Middle East. Little education, a terrible quality of life and a legal system that encourages bad behavior and a disrespect for life in general.

Saturn is not really a soft fuzzy planet and in its worst light brings about austerity, harsh discipline and cruelty, as well as restricting things. Sagittarius is all about freedom. The freedom to roam, as it is adventure seeking and likes to explore, but also of the ideals that give us the Free Will my God intended for us to have.

An 84 year old priest was murdered in Normandy this week as he stood in his pulpit. The fact that this kind of evil is so openly walking the earth without fear is the worst possible auspice of Saturn in Sagittarius and the basest and most malevolent kind of atrocity. This isnít the first such killing and it certainly wonít be the last.

At this same approximate time Jupiter will receive a frustrating transit from Uranus. This is indicative of a need for cooperation or an adjustment to terms. In this case, this could come about in an abrupt or surprising manner. The best case scenario is that you will be invited to take a trip, hopefully a vacation, to someplace far away, causing you to have to make adjustments to your usual schedule.

August 18th has an appulse lunar eclipse (a.k.a. penumbral) happening at 25 degrees of Aquarius. This eclipse is difficult to see and likely harder to fathom any impact upon us, but if you have a planet or angle at this degree you may see some affect.

The last item of significance on this months agenda is that Mercury will go retrograde on the 31st in one of the signs it rules, Virgo. This may impact any doctorís appointments you may have, as Virgo rules health care personnel in general. If you have a chronic condition, it might flare up or disappear at this time as well. The usual warnings on Mercury retro still stand, so expect travel delays and detours, computer and electronics snafus and electrical outages.

Mercury will go direct again on the 23rd of September, but wait a week or so to let the planet regain full forward motion for unnecessary travel and the first signing of a contract.

June 2016

The first couple of weeks of June are fairly clear and due to the forward motion of Mercury late last month we should be free and clear of his tricks now as well.

Additionally, on the 13th, Neptune, the most deceptive and void of logic planet in the zodiac will move into retrograde motion.

Neptune also rules the collective consciousness and as such is capable of bringing large numbers of minds into the same frame. As it goes retro there will be even less information available on subjects that have been somewhat nebulous to you. In other words, that sketchy dude at work that you just have a strange feeling is up to something, stay away from him: Whether it is of malevolent intent remains to be seen.

Iím not jumping to conclusions on the malevolent option because we also have a difficult transit between Saturn and Neptune to contend with on the 17th.

This transit can be very detrimental and in some cases may show someone to be desirous of harming us. The gradations of just how harmful they are will vary greatly but try and be aware of your surroundings and those that have access to you and your stuff.

Obviously, this energy will work out for some folks just fine since we all have different aspects in our natal chart that can ameliorate ugly energies. In these cases it can bring substance, security and solidarity where situations were uncertain and unclear.

Later in the month two planets that are often involved in financial dealings will play happily together. Investments may be a go now, but be wary of the Saturn/Neptune thing mentioned above. Try very hard not to capitalize on someone elseís pain. Bad juju that.

Editorial Commentary:

Saturn and Neptune bring something else to mind for me, realism and practicality vs. fantasy and illusion. I read a few days ago in the Wall Street Journal that most insurers, including United Health Care, are pulling out of Obamacare markets. United Health Care is one of the largest insurers in the United States. They are pulling out because they are not making enough profit and, in fact, donít believe they can make any profit in these areas. Whether you believe insurance companies should be in the business of making a profit is neither here nor there, though I am with you if you think they shouldnít be entirely about the money. Some profit is fine for services successfully rendered, but if you are in a business where the welfare of people is at stake, you need to rethink your value system if you donít want to cover the person with advanced cancer because it will be an economic loser for you financially.

We know for certain that most insurance companies before Obamacare were not covering people with pre-existing conditions. Iíve been that person. I was, however, educated enough to know I needed to pay more via my husbandís companyís insurance in order to cover me if I couldnít work anymore. No, I didnít know if I would get sick when I did that. But we decided to double cover me because I knew I was not in a field that I could stay with a company for a long period of time. Not economically sound advice, but I knew about pre-existing conditions. And I knew my husbandís insurance was much better than mine. Some people donít have this luxury or a ďCadillacĒ insurance plan to fall back upon, and I hated that when, as a medical social worker, I saw people losing their life savings and I couldnít help. So who do I blame? The insurance companies. For pretending to give a shit, but when left to their own devices they invented the whole pre-existing condition fiasco. Obamacare negated these efforts on their part; this program made it illegal for insurance companies to deny those with pre-existing problems.

Now we are seeing insurance companies pull out of non-profitable areas. In some less populous states they are completely pulling out of the rural areas and only serving the bigger cities: Which if you know anything about these areas you know that there are complex problems already inherent in getting medical care there. For one, good medical practitioners donít flock to rural, poor areas because they canít make enough money, plus I have heard them complain about assisting those who are not easy patients. Secondly, they donít have the medical facilities and canít afford all the equipment necessary for quality services to be rendered.

Suffice it to say that Obamacare is not actually helping some of those it was designed to according to the rhetoric. Yes, it did do some very good things initially. But if the insurance companies are going to pull out of it, guess what? We are back to Medicaid. Why didnít we just expand and streamline that system? Instead of messing sick people around by giving them coverage and having those entities withdraw from the system later. Think about it. You have advanced cardiac disease and no insurance. You have worked like a dog all your life for minimum wage or just above and you finally get a lifeline via Obamacare. And now, they pull out. You can pick up and move your family into a big city, or you can just die. The system doesnít careÖand it never did.

This is Saturn/Neptune at work. Ideologically speaking (Neptune), Obamacare was a savior to some very sick folk. I love it for that. But it has jerked people around too much for me to be happy with it beyond the pre-existing condition and covering sick kids up to 26 years old on their parentís insurance. The lack of continuity of care is a killer for many people. Doctors and their office staff have a lot on their plates on good days. Though on some days, from what I have seen, what they have on their plate are personal problems, catching up on their Facebook page and gossiping about the patients. I saw it as a patient and as a medial social worker. The folks working at the hospital still cut up and have parties in the hallway even when your loved one is dying in the next room. And they think nothing of it. And if you happen to be noteworthy, they will post they saw you in your skivvies on their Twitterfeed.

Back to the topic though. Saturn gave the ideology of Obamacare a life and a structure to grow upon. That is what Saturn does. However, Obamacare was born under a Neptune starÖnot based in reality. And with the square we are seeing in play now, it is a call signal that it must be revamped or disposed of if it is to be equitable to all. The deductibles are ridiculous. The choice of doctors is lacking. And quite frankly, if it has hurt one very ill person with its lack of continuity that is unacceptable.

I told you when they put it together they werenít doing it right and that we didnít have the money. What I want is that the ratio of people being helped by the system to vastly overcompensate for those being trounced. Not meet it. Not surpass it by one. Fix the systems we have. They are in place. And allow those having insurance with companies decent and profitable enough to have better insurance avoid all dealings with it. But mostly, please, please quit making the lives of sick people worse. God, the Universe, karma, whatever you believe, will get you for that, at least I betcha that it is noticed and noted.

May 2016

Quietly we go into spritely May, which is a nice change for most of us. The 1st is a bit dim but benignly so. However, the 3rd has a wonderful energy that is good for initiating a relationship with a person of influence or embarking upon a long journey. This is an overall feel good energy and will make the day lively. The 6th can bring news but especially the 9th or 10th and will do much to move projects forward.

On the 9th Jupiter will move into direct motion after having been operating incognito since the second week of January of this year. Additionally, there are several happy little Venus transits later on in the week. So far, the first two weeks of May look more promising than any we have had in some time!

On the 22nd Mercury will resume forward motion making shopping and commuting much less annoying. Wait another week before you buy a computer or electronics though.

The only negative this month is the continuation of a square between Jupiter and Saturn. We first experienced it from mid-September 2014 through November of that year. After which it visited again in July 2015 through the end of August. And this time it entered mid-February, reached exactitude on the 23rd of March, then Jupiter went retrograde lessening its influence. On the 26th of this month it will be exact once again, so it will add a little pallor to the good auspices, but only for those who have not used it well. The energy will leave for good on June 26th and wonít return again for until 2024 and then not in its current configuration.

The square between Jupiter in Virgo and Saturn in Sagittarius is difficult. None of these energies play well together, but that is probably the point. The Universe gives us these things to challenge us. For only in challenge will there be growth and only with growth can we overcome that which is necessary for our spiritual and/or earthly development.

This transit is all about ferreting out our weak points; for some it manifests on our job, for others in our parenting skills or perhaps in a character flaw. If you began a job last year, this month will likely have you feeling much more comfortable in your duties because you have learned, through trial and error, how to best accomplish the goals set forth for you. For those who have been on the job for a while, they could see a bonus or promotion come their way by mid-summer.

March 2016

March is the first month of 2016 that we have some major players entering the fray. The first meeting of the majors is on the 6th, when Lucky Jupiter meets Uranus in an adjustment phase. Jupiter is currently in Virgo and Uranus is still in Aries, so this is not exactly a meeting of the minds. Uranus is arbitrary enough without being in warlike Aries; as Iíve told you before, this is a difficult energy. Weíve seen a good deal of unrest since it came into power in May of 2010. I believe I told you about this being a big deal way back then as did every other astrologer worth their salt. This is not rocket science my friends. This is the tracking of the Heavens which were given to us by our God. They give us signs...and the gazing upon them, nor the interpretation thereof is not evil. God wonít let anyone use them for bad things unless it suits the purpose of the Plan. We donít have control here. We shouldnít even want it. Anyone who doesnít believe in Something bigger than themselves is truly delusional. Go watch the Light drain out of another Soulís eyes a few times (not necessarily in death as it happens way before death for some) and youíll know.

Jupiter will try and talk Uranus down, though that is like trying to herd cats. Virgo isnít exactly a sign that is easily persuaded, but it is a sign of compassion, or at least of the ability to analyze a situation thoughtfully. Jupiter is representative of those with influence. Probably depends on how much respect the warring entity has for the influential one.

On a more simple level Jupiter and Uranus meeting has connections to the Divine from the standpoint that unexplainable events occur that could turn out very terrible and donít because some other Force is at work. Because this is a difficult transit it doesnít mean that there wonít be miraculous events, it just means that the good that comes will be even more noticeable.

There is a solar eclipse on the 9th (or 8th depending on where you live), which will come to totality and will effect a swath of the earth in the Pacific which encompasses Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Hawaii and the Yap Islands, according to Wikipedia. This particular eclipse is in the oceanic sign Pisces, so is a little concerning with regard to the fact that most of these places are surrounded by the ocean. Now, this doesnít have to be a bad thing and may bring increased tourism to these places. But the ancients were all quite afraid of eclipses, especially total eclipses, so we might want to watch for some sort of seismic or shipping event. Those who are at the helm of any vessel may want to double check their ship for issues.

We are also being faced with a disease which while not born from the ocean does occur due to the mosquito and those watery places where they dwell. Pisces can be related to dissipation and erosion of the fabric of whatever it touches. Including lives. Therefore the Zika virus is certainly in the picture here and the fact that science is scrambling for a vaccine is a problem. Not for the scientists who appear to be caught unawares, which is not their fault, but for the families that live in the poor areas. Microcephaly is one result of this disease and there are indications it may affect adults with the Guillain-Barre Syndrome. Guillain-Barre causes paralysis and can have long term detrimental effects, including death.

Microcephaly is not a death sentence usually, and in countries that have good health care it can be treated but there will be the need of operations to expand the skull to accommodate the growing brain, as well as for cosmetic reasons. Kids born with this disease in poor countries are not likely to fare very well. Keeping a mosquito away is extremely difficult in countries where people dwell in edifices that are rather ďopen airĒ.

On the 16th, Jupiter is again in play and will meet up in a tango with Pluto. Pluto who is in the planet of the underworld, is not that deft at cozying up to Jupiter, the planet of transparency, but can do so in the right circumstances, which is kind of the mantra for the service sign of Virgo. No, not all things related to Virgo are positive and since it rules the military and its objective, which sometimes means killing, it obviously can have some decidedly difficult issues. However, most of the time the Virgo connotation of the military is that of sacrifice. One of Virgoís mantras is ďserve or sufferĒ. They must give of themselves and be willing to actually die for a cause in order to use its energy positively. Yes, this is harsh. And not all will be required to do so, but most do so willingly.

At any rate, bringing Pluto to the party is hard. And Pluto in Capricorn is beyond rough. Again symbolic of our current times where we again have a despicable lot torturing people and starving them to death. Weíve seen this ilk before and it must be stopped. Even if you donít like those that are being tortured (Iím talking about Syria here), you must understand that standing on the sidelines while it happens...and knowing about a human travesty. Of course there is the whole ďthey want to kill the infidelsĒ thing. Plus, each country gets to allow crap to go on if it wants, especially against its own people. Prime Directive at work in my Star Trek addled mind. I have a hard time knowing how to feel about it since I know that most of the men dying would put me, as a woman, in chains if they met me (kinda mouthy after all). And so it goes... But know this, it is only the beginning and it is spreading. Jupiter, as it dictates the ability to expand, is probably not helpful.

And finally, we have the events of March 23rd. There is a configuration here that is tantamount to the final play for a lot of people. This is between Jupiter and Saturn and it is probably one of the most difficult configurations of the zodiac. If I told you its underbelly it would scare you, so Iíll just say that if it comes about badly we will know it. And quickly. There will be another occurrence of this energy in May, so God is giving us a little bit of a ďheadís upĒ. Hopefully we can act in an orderly and cohesive manner to circumvent whatever might be the problem, not only in the world at large but also in our private lives. Thing is, we also have an appulse lunar eclipse in Libra on that day as well. *Sigh*

This is not a strong eclipse, but it adds insult to injury to the Jupiter/Saturn thing. These are harbingers my friends. Have you read the book ďThe HarbingerĒ? If you havenít and you like prophecy reads, perhaps you should do so, just to get a feel for the word ďharbingerĒ even if you donít believe in anything spiritual.

And while the solar eclipse earlier this month spoke to me of things of the water, this eclipse speaks with fire. Libra is not a fire sign, but the chart associated with it carries this energy foremost and has the unfixed vibration that indicates one that is rather out of control. Now, fire means a lot of things besides actual fire. Fire also indicates passion and drive and an effervescent quality that attracts others. Some call it charisma others the ďtype A personalityĒ. Played happily, this is a very fun energy and can bring lovely things together. Perhaps things that can even change the world.

This is also the last of the Libra eclipses and will be very significant for those who have this sign prominent in their chart.

February 2016

Yes, I know my introduction to the year was a bit on the snarly side. I meant every word of it. My website is sometimes also my way of venting, and having my privacy violated is definitely something I am going to get pretty pissed off about, and Iíll not apologize for it. People in power often are too inconsiderate and stupid to understand they are abusing others while seeking to obtain their own ends. Further, since the time of Socrates, and likely before, it has been shown that those who desire powerful positions are the least appropriate for the job, except in some circumstances when the Universe calls on them to see we measly mortals through times that would otherwise destroy us. Harken back again to WWII. Two men who were less than charismatic, in fact both were disabled (Churchill was reported to have bipolar disorder and Roosevelt was a survivor of polio and was probably pretty darn depressed) saved the world. God put them there. I doubt either of them would have signed on in peaceful times. They werenít there to feed their egos. We must always worry about those who are.

January saw Jupiter moving into retrograde motion in Virgo on the 7th until May 9th. While Jupiter is retrograde we have time to delve into subjects which correspond to the energy of Virgo more deeply, moving from an elementary level into a more philosophical level. If you work in a health care field you may find that you need to spend some time on your continuing education hours or even be required by your employer to attend seminars which they believe will expand your knowledge on protocols and new advances.

In February, there are no major transits to speak of, but the 3rd has a minor energy that can resound significantly for some. If you are looking to be competitive in your field, this will give you an added impetus to do so, as well as create a fair amount of antagonism from your rivals. Depend on the fact that you will need to go the extra mile to prove to higher ups that you are the best person for the job.

As we move into the first weekend of the month there is a fair level of excitement about whatever activities you have planned and romance appears to be in the air a week before Valentineís Day itself. Love letters might be a nice touch if you have a penchant for that sort of thing.

Venus moves into Aquarius on the 16th bring a rash of unexpected opportunities to make some extra cash, see a friend you hadnít seen in a while or meet someone unusual or ahead of their time in some way. This also can play out through romance as well, so this will go a long way towards keeping the excitement of a new relationship alive and well.

As the month winds down it should be a bit quieter, but one can never really tell about this since the planets play off our natal charts and give opportunities for you personally which I cannot see here.

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