Welcome to the New Year! We have opportunities for creating newness in our world now. And 2018 is offering up a lot of refreshing items to give our lives enthusiasm and infuse us with creativity of a profound type.

The planet of excitement, genius and innovation will move into direct motion as 2018 begins and will offer up huge bursts of happiness as it does. We will discuss Uranus' movements this year because this rather excitable energy will be changing signs then retrograding back into Aries later in the year. But for the first portion of the year, there will be lots of serendipitous events that could make your life a heck of a lot better than it has been in a very long time.

So much of life is about beginnings and endings. This year will be even more so along this vein for many of us. We are coming into a time when change is going to be a little bit of an anathma to people, especially to our aging population or those that just don't do well with any kind of strangeness or differing routines. So the new beginnings thing is going to be very difficult, since they are almost always accompanied by those gnarly conclusions. If you are around one of these people do your best to be there for them. I have no advice on how to deal with their angst other than please don't make it worse.

Life is hard. The older we get it can get harder to adapt. We need to realize this about people. Some people relish change and newness and all the excitment that accompanies it. Others just don't. Please take a minute if you are the former type and have pity on those less able to acclimate to change.

Letting go. Another theme of the next few years. You don't have control, or rather, the coming year could be your last one of that elusive earthly misconception. You feel you have your life where you want it. Grab that moment. Those moments. If you are lucky there might be more than one that make you think you might have done the right thing with your life and not squandered the gifts given you. Then realize that just around that bend in the road up there...where the mists gather and the shadows rest...there will be endings. Sometimes to the very things that make your life even make any sense in the first place. I'm so sorry. But this is life and we don't get to question it. We just get to live it. So get out there and do that dammit.

Other people are going to do really well with all their past tribulations and what they thought were insurmountable odds can become victories. Hopefully they will still care that they overcame because this was some really heavy stuff. And I actually am speaking of energies we will probably begin feeling by spring or summer of 2018.

This is also a financial auspice in some ways. Particularly for the United States if you use the same chart I do. This is not at all bad for stablizing fortunes and making them for those that are conservative in nature.

The other theme this year has to do with deep issues involving Neptune and Pluto. This is one of the most major re-occurring energies we will see this year, if you are rather a purist on your transit options (astrologically speaking) this has to do with the oceans, perhaps there will be some major discovery or issue involving very deep parts of the ocean like the Mariana Trench. Neptune is the ruler of large oceanic bodies of water. Pluto, the ruler of all things subterranean and underworldly. Can also be indicative of hidden treasure and religious fugues.

This can also speak to oil and gas exploration, as well as the devolopment of new pharmascuticals. And please, for the love of God or whatever you love, please you brainiacs of the world quit thinking about yourself and your bottom line and do something that helps someone that has one of those rare diseases, (Huntingtons, ALS, Duchenes muscular dystrophy and a plethora of even rarer ones with only acronyms for names I hope to My God you never have to be aware exist).

However, it also hugely speaks to the problems we are having with our opoids. Hey, gotta have the pain pills guys because if you've ever actually been in pain you know that sometimes death is preferrable to intense, unrelieved pain. We really need new pain killing options because poppies just don't really seem to be the way to go and anything synthetic is worse. And do not for one moment think that the reason those folks are growing that stuff and shipping it over here and to Europe and anywhere else Christian's or Budhists or any other peace loving religion is that they are trying to help us. Some counties subsidize it like we do wheat.

I've listened to people out of their head with pain, for very long duration, and seen how they live. Day. To. Day. I promise you, you don't want to go there. And never judge other people's pain. Doctor's and nurses are really bad about that because they are around sickness every day. Regular people aren't. Medical people are desensitized from seeing too much and dealing with manipulative people looking for a fix.

Part of this energy also has to do with people seeking secrets and such things. Could be a spy blow up I suppose but we regular folks wouldn't hear much about that. Oh, and scams. OMG. Yes, this is part of it. Disappearing money. Kidnappings for a very large ransom. Expanding power of some oceanic countries or those ruled by Neptune.

Uranus will move briefly into Taurus from May 16th through November 7th leaving hyper volitile Aries. We discussed this energy when it first occurred and while it is moving into and out of the sign of Aries there will be potentials for extreme bravery and the other more boomy kinds of things. Shocking occurrances. Unprovoked aggression and the other nasty stuff we've seen over the last while as Uranus visited.

Uranus in Taurus is a bit more sedate in nature and will have a mellowing effect upon the lord of chaos and genius. Taurus is an earth sign and very staid and set in its ways, also liking its comforts but being more than willing to work for them as long as you don't want them to get in too much of a hurry.

Taurus tends towards commodities, the beauty industry, herd animals, farming and real estate. These areas will see increased stability as Taurus takes reign. Unfortunately, Uranus is not indicitive of a downward spiral at all, but rather unsteady and perhaps dramatic gains and losses. Though quite frankly, the upcoming Saturn/Pluto energy in Capricorn will help keep the balance for a great number of folks if, again, they are conservative, long term investors.

November will likely be the most difficult month if there is to be one. This is when Uranus will first re-enter Aries and could make things be a little, or a lot, dicey. Nothing you haven't seen before, but it may be ramped up a notch. Anything you didn't finish regarding this energy will need to be attended to promptly.

Also in November Jupiter will enter its own sign of Sagittarius. This is a good auspice because we are all most productive when we are in our comfort zone. Jupiter will make us much more, shall we say, magnanimous? This is the epitome of largess. Very good energy, but also very prone to over compensation, over aggrandizing and perhaps thinking you can "go where no man has gone before"... Maybe you can. Probably you can't. Keep your head about you and don't take on more than you can accomplish. Most of us are super heros in our own mind...or villians, if that is your bent...but none of us is infallible. Even the Angels are not infallible.

The world ahead is different my friends. From genetic engineering to communicable diseases like plagues, and bug borne disease like Zika: Worrisome, definately. I believe we ALL have to figure out that what we are doing here is having implications way beyond the obvious. Every time we chose to focus on a materialistic goal before identifying the truly important things in life, we have made a choice. A choice that some greater Entity is going to notice. Perhaps such a thing doesn't exist. I will NEVER believe that because I have seen with my own eyes miracles and unexplainable phenomena, and quite frankly, the fact I am still alive is testamony enough for me that there is definately a God.

My prayer this year is all those out there with the wherewithall to fix this place do so. Genetic engineering is here my friends. It isn't being regulated anywhere. We can do GREAT things with this if we will fix disease. Beyond that, I think we are on a slippery slope that can go either way for this planet.

We are letting children grow up in countries where they have never seen peace. If you think they are going to turn out okay you are completely wrong. And I don't blame them for hating every single person that ever always had a roof over their head and food to eat.

I don't want just my country to "be great again". I want the world to be great again. But I do think we have to fix our countries ourselves, from within. How about we all just leave one another alone for a while and work on ourselves. Then we can think about where we want to go globally. But in the meantime, we need some ethics committees to regulate some things and that will have to come from the United Nations. Assuming they could ever be united on anything and put aside their petty ignorance of one another.

Happy New Year and may all those amongst us that have OVERCOME obstacles be the shining lights in this world. My prayer is that we still have the wherewithal to find that Light.


Welcome to 2017 my friends! I feel a slight surge of hope for America, though I am unsure if the rest of the world will be able to follow suit. I certainly hope it does for all sections of the world where people are being harmed through no fault of their own. And for those who feel they have been irrevocably harmed, I hope that they can find a way out of their current situation that is amicable for everyone. Few people deserve to live their lives in fear, though apparently it does give you a certain amount of perspective on life.

As the year begins January is quite calm looking with Mercury moving direct in Sagittarius on the 17th being the only really significant movement. This speaks to the winter season and potential problems with travel, especially long distance travel during the first three weeks of the month. Which obviously is something that happens this time every year. It's called winter.

After the 17th it looks like travel plans can resume after about a week and in totality the month looks kind of romantic for some. With the love and attraction planets getting involved in making snow days more fun than you've had with anyone in years. I had one of those days once...I kept that guy.

Once we get into February things start looking up though, especially for those that are looking to partner up with someone. This can obviously mean business alliances as well as marital. Jupiter is in Libra as it goes into retrograde motion and Libra is the sign of contractual agreements. In the case of businesses we can extrapolate from our presidential (U.S.) cabinet picks that some of the most successful business people in the world are going to be on board. I think the world at large should be a bit afraid. These folks know how to balance budgets. Then we won't be letting anyone else into our country to buy up all of our best stuff. Which isn't bad, we welcome diversity here, but infiltration is a different ball of twine altogether.

Look, people who run governments are not necessarily fiscal managers. They are used to working for the lowest bidder from their highest paid crony and those folks will pay $20,000.00 for a hammer, according to Hollywood. Take it from me, I've seen fiscal irresponsibility on state levels a lot. Really stupid stuff. Just to make the dude or dudette in charge look good. Tax money doesn't make the leaders of those entities look like corporate moguls without their misappropriating it. You want the accoutrements that go with the corporate world, get job there because you don't get company car with the tinted windows and leather chairs working in a service profession: At least you shouldn't imo, the bulk of the money HAS to go to the people that you serve.

We need business people in governments but NOT to make money off the suffering of people. Not ever dammit. Just run it right. Get some MBA's. Not dreamers like me. But attach a dreamer to their arm and let them make the real decisions. Like those between life and death, or just decency and dignity: And NEVER back down from that.

Therefore I think the current change is ultimately good for everyone, and I believe our financial sector will continue some level of optimism for a bit of time, perhaps all of this year as things progress in a different direction. Though, always be wary of jumping in with both feet based on my predictions. Making money ain't my thing so use your best judgment, not mine, in financial dealings. That said, as I gazed ahead at a few charts of the USA in the next couple of years, it appears the economy may go through some significant changes, with money flocking to America based on a sense of our currency being much more stable than most with some significant accumulation by early to mid 2018. We are already seeing signs of this in the market

This is a great auspice for investors of course and the stimulation of the American economy and hence all of its partners and friends. However, there is some danger in the fluid resource sector later in 2019. Not sure what this means, but look to some form of undermining of our banking system, especially on local levels perhaps or having something to do with our cash flow, including electronic funds.

And freaking DO NOT bank on this. It's astrology and my advice is probably only good for those who believe as I do, or are open to my concepts. Even so, I've never really made a nickle in my life. What do I know? Of course J. P. Morgan once reportedly said that “millionaires do not have astrologers, billionaires do”.

March appears to have a few more bursts of energy happening, mostly from the international and growth sectors. Expansive changes are afoot, and some groups will wish to put up a fuss. Venus will go retrograde, and move from Aries back into Pisces during this time from March 4 to April 6. Venus rules money, friends, egotists, vanity, love, beauty, leisure time, morals, ethics and some of the most opportunistic people on the planet. And when she goes into hibernation mode it is a time for contemplation of all these things in your life.

This may be a good time, assuming other auspices in your natal chart are also aligned, to seek some sort of beauty treatment that takes a month or so to get over, or you could go away on a vacation to a lovely place you have been before and wish you would never have to leave. Some secret hideaway that makes you feel a lot better about the world once you have returned from it.

Unexpected friends can also pop back into your life from your past, and this could happen in a very coincidental way or in a totally unexpected venue. If you end up spending this time together, while Venus is retrograde, there is a good chance you may be involved in a real whirlwind romance that becomes more and more surreal as time goes on as you discover the multiple parallels that led you to one another, or for some, just back to where you belong.

April has several planets moving into retrograde motion, bringing the unbridled forward motion to a sedate halt as more research will be needed in order to prove your theory or understand your situation a bit better. Your work load is likely to bring some real tedium or a return to a position that you held in the past. And while this might not seem like a good idea it looks like it could bring a nice raise or a much nicer environment.

May is giving some real excitement about accomplishments and giving structure to ideas to assist groups of friends or even larger humanitarian concerns. However these need to be funded in a sustainable manner with multiple checks and balances so wasteful spending is avoided. Otherwise, in a few years the political climate will change and all gained has the potential to be lost and we look like the stupid hamsters on a wheel God must think we are.

June will bring some outward optimism as the season of fun and frolic gets underway. This will be tempered a bit by some confusion about underlying factors and we would do well to heed our nagging doubts about some aspect of our lives, perhaps having to do with money, but it might also pertain to a need to delve deeper into some of the more esoteric or faith based aspects of our lives. Just know that there is some part of your life situation that may turn out quite excellently as long as you don't let the wool be pulled over your eyes.

July appears to be a month with some minor stresses, probably associated with summer travel, kids and the toting of them to and fro from their many activities. Summer romance is possible towards the end of the month. Probably not anything long lasting, summer romance rarely seems to be, but you may be rather smitten for the duration.

Uranus will be in the process of changing direction at the end of July and the beginning of August. This is always a time to expect abrupt changes based on the sign Uranus is in at the time. Aries is a sign of many attributes so you can easily go look those up on your own. I'm not here to spoon feed folks. If you have been able to tolerate this column over its evolution during the past dozen or so years you know I believe only true Seekers deserve to Know and they are the only ones that will be able to “See” when they need to do so. This kind of interpretive art is just that, and if you don't have whatever IT is up there in those Ethers on your side, then this and all art such as this will fail you [Jesus by my perspective, don't care what yours is]. You will never Find unless you Seek for the right Soul and Spiritual reasons. And self-agrandizment will fall short every time as a motive. This tool was made by the Angels and only those attuned to that realm get to use this stuff and then sparingly: It is for focus in a fog, not life determination. Unfortunately it takes a lifetime to learn and then you have only scratched the surface.

The end of August has a stolid vibe, and probably some of dread as summer comes to a close and everyone has to get back to work full time. Fortunately it is accompanied by the will to work hard and some level of stick-to-itiveness.

There are also four eclipses this year, two in Leo. I'll talk more about those as they occur during the year.

By September things should even out, though the energy level may be a bit sketchy. This might be a time that is best spent analyzing your workout regime, or lack thereof. However after the first couple of weeks of the month travel and the details of life should iron themselves out and things will move along smoothly and much more easily for the rest of the month.

By October, during the dying of the light of our year here in the Western hemisphere, there will be added intensity with regard to leadership and power and other such scary things to we observers of the world. We chroniclers of life (because those mostly arrogant and obtuse self-fulfilling types terrify us), so we must just sit and watch the world disintigrate into a ball of unfeeling dictators whose sole purpose is to control and manipulate wealth and the human spirit for their own purposes. [sigh] Too much? I don't think so.

The only reason we are given power is because we are supposed to have enough sense to use it for a useful purpose. Mostly, as a species, we just don't f#*king do that. Mostly we build empires and take other people's stuff. Especially if those folks happen to be having a bad day, year or life.

Of course, then there are those that are too pathetic and useless to be anything but average so they want to steal it from those who are gifted and hard working and had the audacity to make a better life for themselves. Those types want us to spread it around equally among us. Seriously? You are not equal to them. I happen to live with one of “them” and have for over 27 years now and those folks work way damn harder than some of you or I ever did. No one deserves to have what legitimately belongs to someone else if you didn't freakin' earn it kids. Quit railing at “the man” that's been done to death. We invented it in the 70's. Get an education, move out of mom and dad's basement, do not have kids until you can afford them and DO NOT EXPECT SOMEONE TO SAVE YOU. Raise young'uns that can fend for themselves or leave your gene pool in the pool because those little tykes are instant karma and will bite you in the butt very quickly. Seen it happen. Seen a lot of life in my short one. Not impressed with the grifters of the Universe. Oh, and Bernie is an idiot. An oddly lovable one, but obviously is a person that promises way more than he can deliver.

Yes. I'm a master's level social worker. Some of us aren't so liberally idealistic that we want to ruin the whole world. We understand how it works and how to spin it to make it work better.

After that editorial message, on with the year:

November. A dark month as a rule throughout history. Not evil, just a difficult time of year as winter sets in and people contemplated starving or freezing to death. Not bad, just truth. We do have a chance to continue what we started in the summer and hopefully make some stodgy old curmudgeons see a different perspective. This energy is also good for making your genius into something translatable and palatable for the masses. They've tried that with me, didn't work. I still ain't palatable for the masses. Don't intend to be.

I'll leave December out. I've offended enough people this year. I'll be back around though. I'm sure I've left someone out. But just in case...

I really do love you all. Everyone everywhere. I know I have an international audience, albeit a small one. Even if you hate me because of what I believe and because I'm a hyper-educated female who won't put up with liars, idiots and folks that are basically bottom feeders. Most folks in my part of the world do not mean you harm but we aren't sure about ya'll. Let's just say we have trust issues as a conglomerate. Many of us have risen up out of squalor ourselves (or our parents did). We expect you to do the same. Don't text the world and expect it to save you. We can't. Not our job either. YOU take up arms first. If you aren't willing to save your children why should we? We don't even do right by all of our own. Look, form an army we can believe in and an ideology that won't infiltrate and kill us later or oppress our women further. We don't need that kind of help.

I'm so sorry for your losses. Please pray to Your God for a better 2017 and beyond. And I'll pray to mine.


Happy 2016 everyone! I am SO hoping that this year is better than last year from the standpoint of all the world conflict and such. Seems to me we are in a period of some fairly pervasive and prevalent angst about the world. If you haven’t noticed, bless you for being out of touch. Look I could go into a whole diatribe about the world religions buts I’m pretty sure that has been done to death. My thing is this: No religion can be considered decent, compassionate or just if they can’t step back and try and see the world as a conglomerate grouping of exceedingly different beings who need each other whether we like it or not. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again to quote one of the greatest minds in Hollywood, Tom Hanks, “the world is looking pretty big in the window”. And I’ll add, we need a plan. If there is a large grouping of people who are involved in a concerted effort to kill us I think we need to understand it a bit, don’t you? Why do they hate us? Perhaps because we do everything over millennia better than they do? I’m sorry that was crass. And true.

How about the decent people who don’t persecute others or garner members through force try and figure out how to thwart this global enemy? There is more than one great philosophy/Belief system in this world and if we can’t figure out how to live together and respect each others notions, at least at a cognitive level, we are truly the animals I believe God is beginning to think we are. Conquer, conquest and occupation have been done to death. I believe I have met at least one person from a diverse number of the world’s great cultures who profoundly impacted me. For the better. They were good people. They were vastly different than me, and didn’t believe in Jesus like I do, but they were good. Please, for the love of your God, this year try and find something to love about others. I can’t express to you how profoundly sad I have been about the predicament of the world and the fact that all we little people can’t seem to make all the meanness stop. I predict we never will in this time. Whatever. We get HUGE brownie points for trying.

We have a segment of the world’s population who is living in, often times, not only abject poverty but their education level is truly lacking. However, they are beginning to understand that their lives are not only bad, compared to most of ours, but hideous in some cases. The internet has given them a glimpse into the rest of the world and they probably don’t understand why, especially if they are following the dictates of some all-powerful despotic leader. Plus, people of lesser intelligence, and some with full intelligence but damaged nonetheless, become angered by the successes of those they don’t align with philosophically. Especially if they have had to see their own people suffer in wont and need especially. And to these types, taking things other people have worked for is okay for some reason. Through violence if necessary.

I’m not okay with that, I hope you aren’t either. If I were on Star Trek I would be half Betazoid and half Klingon. Maybe Warf and Deanna’s kid? If they were older. Anyway, maybe I’m not the best one to lead us. I live in Star Trek land too much. Plus, the Klingon side of me is kind of scary.

So, on to the prognostication segment which I am astute enough to know is why you are here. If I have to pick a winner it has to be the inconjunct between Jupiter and Uranus which will haunt us all year until it turns into Jupiter opposing Uranus on the 26th of December.

Jupiter exacerbates pretty much everything it touches. Therefore, when it touches Uranus in the sign of war and power mongering things can get pretty difficult pretty quick. I don’t know the average age of the world’s miscreant males purposefully making war but I’m guessing we can count them all as little children with no supervision.

I discussed Uranus in Aries with you when it entered this sign and it is definitely a difficult placement for Uranus. Uranus is chaotic and rules surprises, whimsy and serendipity. Leaves a lot of options open. I would also have to say that Uranus plays some part in destiny, not in its entirety, but in relation to its uncertainty and mystical quality. I think all the outer planets are very fateful, each contributing a piece of the puzzle to our ultimate life purpose, or at least its outcome. Clearly not everyone reaches their life purpose, but like it or not, we do all have an outcome. And it is the exact same one.

Uranus entered Aries for the first time in the summer of 2010, the bad guys organized in October of 2006 according to some news sources I checked (CNN was one). So, Uranus would have been in the sign of con artists, liars, true believers (this is the catch) and those who seek glamour. Uranus in Aries was a stepping up of their nefarious activity and the overall instability of the world at large. Insurgency. Gorilla type conflict. Both are the dregs of Uranus in Aries.

There are a lot of wonderful things associated with both Uranus and Aries as well folks. If Uranus does bring you rainbows you will find them by seeking your individuality and by, sadly, which is also testament to our times, fighting for what you believe in. *sigh* This is also an indicator of sudden movements, which are larger than the norm, as in the flux in refugees. Pray for the kind and gentle people, the meek and yet strong, but especially the weak and infirm. These times try them most of all.

Uranus is also the spirit of the advocate. Those who won’t let the world harm those who can’t protect themselves. We are living in a world with an aging population. Old people, children and those with cognitive deficits are automatically under the wings of the angels. Cart Blanche’. Yes, the predators of the world can harm them. Easily. Which is why the Universe is gracing us with advocates with Aries qualities, such as bravery, self-sacrifice and the ability to kick someone’s ass. Either literally or through their intellect since Uranus is involved. Having both is an extremely excellent combo and Uranus in Aries will bring these people to the forefront of all confrontations.

The transit between Jupiter and Uranus will visit us in March and in August bringing a couple of big surprises into your life. On a mundane level, these can range from an unexpected compliment or criticism from a boss. In the case of compliment you will be lauded or some such nonsense. Should be kinda nice. The criticism would likely just be constructive and probably even very enlightening. Don’t get too bent about it. If you don’t improve I assume you will hear about it again in August and if you are working for a meanie you might need to start looking for a job by the end of year. Not because they fire you but because you don’t need that kind of grief and you can do a heck of lot better elsewhere.

As the year begins it actually looks pretty quiet. Until March, which is pretty par for the course. As a vaguely general rule expect things to look bleakest in March and November. This March is no different.

There will be a total solar eclipse on the 9th of March @ 18° Pisces, which is a re-occurrence of the eclipse which happened last year in March, so harken back to that time to figure out where you are apt to have problems this year. Pisces is one of the most difficult placements in the universe quite frankly. I’m not talking necessarily about people who are born in this sign, but when dealing with world events this is a very hard to decipher energy. The only thing you can really count upon is that if it is used negatively it will have something to do with undercover, secretive things and lies. Therefore if you work in a law enforcement or military type position this might be a great time to uncover a hidden plot of some sort as solar eclipses shine a very bright light on those who are in charge of organizations, mobs, gangs and such. Pisces is associated with the 12th house which rules very large organizations, conglomerates and other places where confusion and redundancy rule.

Since we are already discussing eclipses I’ll just cover all of them here as there are five this year, though the first one is the only one that will reach totality. The second is an appulse lunar eclipse on March 23rd @ 3° of Libra. This will certainly not be as strong as the first eclipse of the year but for Libras and those who have it hit an angle or personal planet, it will be plenty effective. The biggest rule of eclipses is to understand that they really don’t affect us common folk the way they do countries and world leaders, especially solar eclipses. Libra is the ruler of lawsuits, lawyers and partnerships, which without the latter, there would be little need for the former would there? That was a rhetorical question. Besides, think about it logically, Libra rules marriage and where do the bulk of the worlds legal cases come from?

Astrology is actually ALL about God and the Universe’s logic. The illogical will never understand it. The only real principle you need to understand about eclipses is that leaders tend to fall, which is why kings always had an astrologer in their midsts in times past, and even today. Typically those who fall are abusers of their power. Like those who tap other people’s computers because they are too slimy and bottom feeding to be invited to talk to me directly. As a side note here, my computer has been being hacked by at least a dozen entities. I feel sad for them that they can’t write themselves or do astrology or have any common sense. They have to steal it from others. On a positive note, I do write them hate mail on a regular basis. They only receive my Klingon side. Creeps who spy on me don’t deserve any kind of respect.

And while in the past it did give me pause to put my vast knowledge out into the ethers for “the good, the bad and the ugly” (no offense to Clint Eastwood) to read, again let us use logic. GOD gave us those heavens and in my world that means the God of Jesus. And my Savior was fair and just and kind. So what I give, I give to all equally in the hopes that maybe in doing so I will inspire others to have these qualities I so seek. Plus, I know that we are all used for a purpose. Even Nebuchadnezzar. What I do is no different than having our military go in and teach people who may turn into potential enemies combat strategy. We do it so we can show them that there is a better life and we have it. After all, according to Enoch, an unsanctioned book of the Bible, the fallen angels were not to teach us of war, metallurgy, jewelry, the wearing of makeup and overly pretty things and probably pandering for attention I don’t recall…or astrology. Not because they are inherently evil but because they are more than our poor mentality can handle. They were for the angels. But then the fallen ones wanted to come down and steal all the pretty girls and chaos ensued. And now that they are here we can’t get rid of this knowledge so… Here. We. Go. And have been for eons.

The great thing is that God doesn’t blame us for this. S/He is still out to get the fallen angels for being jealous of us. Further, and ya’ll are gonna love this….My guess is our benign and beloved Entity is a little bit man and woman if we are truly made in “Its” image. (PROVE. ME. WRONG.) Grin. You best hope the ladies of the millennia aren’t actually in charge “up there” much less the one at the helm. Otherwise expect a pounding from every woman who couldn’t defend herself in life. My guess is there will be a few big old mean men bodily thrown out of heaven with Jesus/Buddha or whomever you believe, standing there as cheerleader. Go ahead. Dispute me. Do it in public or anywhere I travel and you are a stalker. I’ll have you arrested. I don’t want to argue with anyone. Don’t read me if you don’t like what I say but stalk me and know…I’m meaner than I look. I’ve been being stalked for upwards of ten years (rather all my life, was pretty when I was younger). Astrologers are very interesting people; especially if they wear more than one hat and wear them well.

The 3rd eclipse is in Aquarius at 25° on the 18th of August. Again this is one of the lesser eclipses but will still impact those in its field of vision. I don’t like this because it may be kind of sad. Falling in the house of death and taxes. Because it is associated with Aquarius’ ruler Uranus there will be some sudden build up to an upcoming event, actually it is fairly likely that this could be the day of the event but keep in mind the enemy knows astrology too and isn’t likely to strike when it is obvious unless they are bat crap crazy, in which case this is definitely their day.

The forth eclipse will occur on the 1st of September @ 9° of Virgo. The general configuration of this particular day is odd. Because this is in the sign of Virgo, the ruler of the military and health care professionals this one makes me feel a bit of trepidation because of this and the other aspects being made to the eclipse in the heavens. In said configuration Uranus in Aries is at the pinnacle of the chart. This should be a rather surprising day for everyone, with a few blessed with a fabulous career opportunity which will take them before the public. Yuck. The introverts of the world will understand this sentiment.

And finally, the last eclipse will be in Pisces at 24°. Pisceans out there, this is a significant time for you. The eclipses have you in the eye of the storm this year and this is always a time when you will learn things that are enlightening to you. This eclipse has teamed up with Chiron, the little asteroid that could. Chiron is the smartest kid on the block and no one ever gives him/her any credit. Until they need to know something important. Unfortunately, Chiron hanging this closely with Pisces is liable to make him a little bit dense and foggy, or mysterious and elusive. If you need to learn how to be invisible perhaps this is the time.

June has the next bit of energy that is of note. On the 17th Saturn will square Neptune. This is a dismal energy, but will be helped by Neptune being in its home sign of Pisces. Saturn isn’t overly happy this year being in Sagittarius but Saturn is rarely happy. Expansion and contraction, a constant push and pull will be prevalent with this energy. Best use for it is to find something tedious you need to study and do that for a while.

On the 26th of June there will be a trine between Jupiter and Pluto. This actually will offset the earlier energy with Saturn and Neptune, lending again towards excessivEness. Nothing wrong with this as long as it is countered with a more subdued energy as well, or at least you make an effort to control it.

If you need to make an idea take flight, this is a good time, especially if you have a well thought out plan. Legal issues will likely be quite lucrative and can bring about great changes to laws that effect those who have an exceptional amount of talent and who are being constantly exploited for said talent. I’ve said it before, we need laws about people’s personal information as well as their intellectual property. Not only that, even a photograph of a celebrity, which is partly how they make their livelihood after all, needs to be protected and all monies from that image given directly to them. If they want to do a photo shoot, cool. Give away the proceeds. Otherwise, all photos and those who post them should be made to pay the person whose picture they are taking if they are receiving any financial compensation for it whatsoever. If they aren’t and they post it then they need to be prosecuted as some sort of voyeur. Any pictures taken of anyone in a famous person’s family who is not a celebrity in their own right is an invasion of that person’s privacy and the person taking the picture should be prosecuted. I don’t happen to like my picture taken. I grew up with too many Native Americans, many of whom believe taking a person’s picture is like taking their life breath or stealing a piece of the soul. I don’t know if they are right, but I’m not going to argue the point because it makes intrinsic sense to me.

Jupiter will move into Libra on the 9th, a further indicator of a shift into an era of new and hopefully higher minded laws that can protect us all from tyranny and oppression. I know. I sound like some kind of long-haired, hippie social worker. I AM A LONG HAIRED HIPPIE SOCIAL WORKER. Well, not exactly, I was born long after the real hippies and flower children, but they taught me. In school and in my jobs. They were my teachers. Peace, love and happiness was their mantra, until they saw an injustice and then they taught me to fight. Legally first.

If we, not as a nation, but as a grouping of diverse people across all nations and ethnic groups could just decide to quit wasting money on meetings and empty words and get out and do something to fix this world, I KNOW we could do it. If we don’t, it will be destroyed. “IT IS WRITTEN”. And even if it isn’t written in YOUR Book, you have to look around you and know that is the catastrophe we are heading for…

I’m too old to take up arms in this fight. My Sword is my words. But never think the little old grandma’s of the world can’t throw a knife or shoot a gun if it comes to that, because I know in my nation…we can. I’m no religious zealot. I abhor religious zealots. Had way too much of the backwoods religion growing up. All about judgement by men and for men. I love men. Some of the best people I have known have been men. But I also understand subjugation and those who think you have to go through a man to get to heaven and that just ain’t a fact they can prove. Therefore, it ain’t a fact. Never forget this ladies. The religious books were all written by men with an agenda. Most of those agendas were to keep us barefoot and pregnant. Back in olden times, people fought with rocks and spears. Men ruled that world with an iron fist. They had the muscles after all. Things are fairer now and women have been allowed into the sacred halls of MOST institutions. Not all, and certainly not in certain pulpits.

I say they are wrong. I say I am a voice to the masses of those fleeing oppression, abuse and hate. Those who seek freedom at any cost, even death. My nation has been welcoming the huddled masses for some time and the invitation to our safe harbors read, in part, as such: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free, the wretched refuse of your teaming shore” (Emma Lazarus). My country has believed in this since its inception. Has yours?

The end of 2016 looks a bit brighter than we have had lately. Uranus will move forward after the Christmas holiday instead of during it, which means some problems with travel and electronic devices. However, there is a stabilizing effect from a Saturn/Uranus trine.

These two planets are actually blood brothers, oddly enough. Aquarius is another sign that got lumped together with a different planet before the ancients, who actually wrote astrology, put this whole thing together (look up Seth for further information about the beginnings of astrology). They actually put it with Saturn because they didn't have the means to see Uranus yet, they only used the first 7 planets. Which is why some Aquarians are uptight and some aren’t. I’ve met both types. I like the real Aquarians best, the ones who follow Uranus. The uptight ones are odd.

In any event, the trine between the two is a meeting of old friends. Expect to be reunited or reacquainted with people in an unusual fashion or by complete surprise. This is an excellent auspice for the holiday season and will offer us hope that differing viewpoints can converge. Not only that, but some will find they aren’t that different after all. At least in things that are important.

Clearly no one knows the future. What I do know is that the energy being built up now is difficult to amend. I know that there are miracles on this earth. No doubt about it. I believe they are coming at us hard and fast, if only because we have the ability to find them and put them out there more easily for all to see via mass media. But I don’t think that is it. I think we are seeing more because we need to do so.

In past times, when there was a miracle, it was only known to a few. Now it is known by many. I saw a picture of a pick-up truck the other day that had been caught between two semi-trucks and the guy in the cab was alive and just scratched. The entire bed and engine of the truck was gone. He was in the cab…looking terrified…when someone took his freaking picture. Did he get that money for that picture? Because he should. Not the voyeur who took a gratuitous photo of this guy’s worst moments. Yes, it was a miracle. No other explanation.

Again, I reiterate the need for respect of other people. Intruding into another’s home and life without that person’s express consent is heinous. Constant persecution of others in the name of some kind of false idea that you know what is best for them is ludicrous and probably going to get you in legal trouble. I was an advocate for people with developmental disabilities and mental illness in my career. These people are killed by people like ISIS and the Nazi’s: They always go first when there is an extermination at hand. That is why in this land, there are laws. I know them. I have worked with legal organizations to enforce them. Intolerable cruelty is a language the persecuted understand best. Doesn’t matter the wrapping, those in charge are always the same kind of people. From ethnic slaughter, to preying on the weak, to shoving your ideologies down someone else’s throat. People have died in this country to make sure that doesn’t happen. I’m here to give my voice and my writing to this fight and to lend a hand when I can, for FREE, because I believe that when God gives you a “gift” you are to use it for others. If you have a gift and don’t have another method of income you should, but you probably keep an even keel “karma” rather than incurring any positive from it then. My philosophy: I am lucky because I have multiple degrees so I can believe this way. If you don’t, use your gifts to keep you fed. You are fine. Make some money, then give back. The Universe is a great scorekeeper. If you are doing your best I think that is all anyone expects, including the only One that matters.

  • FOX: ISIS killing children with Down's Syndrome and other disabilities


    Welcome to the New Year! New possibilities open up with the changing energies in the heavens. As January 2015 commences we are being given a bit of time to get up and running for the year as January is fairly quiet except for a retrograde Mercury in Capricorn on the 21st, which will end on the 11th of February. Older computer and telecommunications systems will be prone to problems. Electric grid issues on deteriorating infrastructure may also wreak havoc.

    February brings with it the Chinese New Year of the Sheep on the 19th. I am not overly acquainted with Chinese astrology, so you’ll have to go elsewhere for information on this.

    The last week of February holds the most solid changes for us in the western astrology world. And by solid I mean that Saturn, the planet of structure and all foundational matters, will be somewhat active. There may be blockages of all sorts, including issues like striking workers wanting more pay or perhaps just better working conditions. This has the potential of becoming a larger issue because this same week Jupiter and Pluto will not be reaching a consensus. Jupiter tends towards all that is large, so if these energies are in fact linked it could be a rather far reaching level of dissatisfaction. Saturn also has its pleasant side, which in this context might be the ending of a construction project that will offer a very sound structure and will give stability on a number of levels to those utilizing the building or home.

    There is reason to believe that perhaps March will come in like a lamb this year, at least for some in more temperate climes. March 3rd brings the assistance of an important energy between Jupiter and Uranus, further giving the opportunity for people to voice their objections to the way they are being treated. Taken alone this is an enthusiastic, fun loving and lovely energy as long as the exuberance of it can be contained somewhat. Perhaps it is an indicator that those who are desperately unhappy will be heard and be compensated monetarily and/or by improved conditions.

    Jupiter will actually be within 10 degrees of Uranus in January so we will hear this call, in subtle and more over ways for a good deal of the year. It asks that we expand our humanitarian efforts as well as find something for which we are enthusiastic and excited about doing. Often these activities will be of a group nature, and even this seemingly benign energy signature can have negative circumstances When it does so it reeks of overt recruiting of members for groups of zealots and others with odd or nefarious ideologies, as well as the less threatening (in most circumstances) herd mentality. Barring these less than optimal potentials, you may be invited to join a very prestigious group or join an organization in which you can utilize your special talents or learn new ones. The people you associate with can inspire you and open doors to your future.

    This first week of March has some happier energies which hopefully indicate whatever negativity still lingering from the last week of February will be completely overridden by these more loving energies. In most places it may be a bit early for spring fever, but perhaps its affects will come early this year. Those looking for love need to be out and about the first week of March and if you can travel somewhere of great distance or attend a university class or any sort of higher ed seminar you may meet someone very special. Even for those who are not looking for a relationship, these auspices will be very good for furthering your contacts with people who can help you in some way.

    On the 15th Saturn will quell the positive attributes of the first week of March somewhat as this stalwart planet turns retrograde. Saturn entered Sagittarius on Christmas Eve (24th) and as it retrogrades it will leave this sign and enter that of Scorpio once again on the 16th of June. I will discuss this at length in the Scorpio Horoscope as it pertains more significantly to that sign. A retrograde planet will often do this and it is all part of the Universe giving us a taste of what we need to learn before requiring us to utilize it in our life repertoire. In the case of Saturn, these may be very hard life lessons and ones that are often not that darn fun to learn. Few people go through a Saturn retrograde unscathed, but for all the scars he may leave he will also impart wisdom and maturity in handling all situations in the areas he touches in your natal chart.

    The enjoyable possibilities will disintegrate with a total eclipse of the sun on the 20th. Pisces will host this eclipse @ 29°, meaning this sign needs to pay attention. I will discuss this in more detail in the Pisces Horoscope, but suffice it to say that this could be a rather big deal as this is the final solar eclipse which is associated with the “blood moon” total lunar eclipse sequence, if you go in for this theory. All eclipse sequences have a solar and lunar component, even if they do not occur in close proximity like these two will. The total lunar eclipse will take place on the 4th of April @ 14° of Libra, however the final “blood moon” total eclipse will occur on 9/27 at 4° of Aries.

    Pisces will host a couple more eclipses in the next year or so, but Libra only has one more time at bat, being March 23, 2016. Eclipses are directly affiliated with nodal movements and this year the north node will be in Libra all year, the south node will be in Aries however, the sign adjacent to Pisces. In the world of the nodes, they go backwards (or appear to for us on Earth) so Aries is actually lagging behind in relation to the eclipses. The final lunar eclipse in Aries will be in totality on the 28th of September, this year. Arians need to definitely mark both of these dates, paying close attention to what befalls you on the first one and fix or mitigate issues you might find before the one in September. This same advice falls on all of us when the eclipses and nodes are entering and closing out of our personal signs.

    The eclipses are highlighting our partnerships and the secrets, lies and fantasies we may have concerning them. This is a difficult pairing, however the rulers of these two signs are actually good friends, lessening the harsh. Pisces can be a sensitive soul when it isn’t being a deceiver, so if you value your marriage or other very close long term relationship (including those with a business partner) attend to the relationship if you want to keep it. In the latter case, fiduciary issues are likely to be the culprit, with one partner not being as forthcoming about their expenditures or earnings as they should be. Or perhaps there will be some other secret that someone you care about is keeping. People are allowed secrets and we are entitled to privacy, regardless of the current trends of exploiting all personal information for either attention or gain. As long as the secrets don’t affect you, minding your own business would be the classy thing to do. If they affect you negatively in some way, then perhaps you should have chosen your partner’s better.

    Karmically speaking, if you believe in this concept (which also extends to other religions but is named differently amongst them) then you should realize that every situation we are put in is fodder for learning this Life we have Chosen. Blaming others is a direct negative mark in your spiritual bankbook (a concept I steal from Isabel Hickey). Perhaps you can get away with blaming events, such as natural disasters or random acts of violence from people we do not know, however we must own who we associate with and understand that nothing happens to us that we ultimately haven’t agreed to, albeit silently or ignorantly. All actions have a direct reaction, as physics has stated, and all inactions carry energy as well. The Universe keeps score and we do come here with that bankbook a bit stacked according to what we need to learn and who we’ve pissed off or pleased in the Great Beyond. The nodes and eclipses speak to when we might expect to see karmic happenings or the Golden Rule at work more overtly.

    On the 8th of April Lucky Jupiter will move back into direct motion after having been retrograde since December of 2014. Sagittarians will receive the most benefit from this with their efforts moving forward with greater ease. Jupiter is in Leo this year and the retrograde time was probably a decent mellowing influence for this energy which is prone to being rather arrogant and egotistical but can exhibit judicious and magnanimous leadership.

    On the 16th of April Pluto, Mr. Dwarf, will go retrograde in Capricorn until September 25th. Pluto carries heavy underworld affilations so this is a time when nefarious types could be quietly planning something. Look to late September and early October for possible times when their planning culminates into something concrete. For mundane purposes the months while Pluto is retrograde is a good time to go over tax issues and research tax laws. Investigations and research projects undertaken in April may be discontinued in late September as well. Pluto is the planet most associated with abuses of power, therefore while he is retrograde abuse going on behind the scenes, especially involving those in positions of power, can come to light as the planet goes direct.

    Mercury will go retrograde in May from the 18th to the 6th of June. Expect problems in farming, perhaps shortages of some crops or difficulties getting items to market. The financial sector will also suffer from snafus regarding communication and networking.

    Neptune will move into retrograde on June 13th and stay thusly until November 19th. Neptune is still ensconced in its own sign of Pisces this year which is a comfortable place for it to be and it will be easier to accept the issues it brings. For instance, Neptune is an unreliable planet and those with planets and signs closely associated with it may be prone to running late to engagements. Fortunately we know this about them and can plan accordingly.

    A few days after Neptune’s retrograde (the 14th of June) Saturn will move, for the final time, into Scorpio and remain until September 19th. Saturn’s lessons in Scorpio are rather harsh ones for Scorpio is a rather exacting sign by nature. One of his mascots, the Scorpion, tells us what we need to know about him. For those with strong Scorpio attributes in their natal chart this last retrograde will bring much to light about their character. Many Scorpios truly are the “strong, silent type” of the movies. Others are weak, sneaky children who lash out at others in underhanded ways. Saturn will teach the latter some lessons regarding their hateful ways.

    Another meeting of Jupiter and Uranus on the 6/22 will lighten the mood a bit, and unfortunately give the bottom feeders of the abovementioned Scorpionic typologies an opportunity to have a nice laugh at someone else’s expense. I expect this will be their undoing. For the rest of us, this energy is lovely and will bring about the happy times associated with the onset of summertime.

    As Saturn moves direct (still in Scorpio) he will meet Jupiter in a frustrating and disheartening transit on 7/3. Saturn is wont to squelch the beneficence of Jupiter and Jupiter is apt to go overboard in reacting to these kinds of arbitrary interferences. This is a depressing influence and it is nothing to trifle with if your circumstances are swathed in negativity at its onset. My best advice is to take a nice long vacation to a place that is either laced in antiquity or to visit older people or to some Saturn ruled place. The change of scenery will be immensely helpful if you are stuck in a situation that seems inescapable.

    On the 11th of July Jupiter will mix things up a bit and enter the sign of Virgo. This will offer opportunities for people in the military to be honored and good jobs to open up in the areas of analysis, the armed serviced and health care. Hopefully this won’t mean we need to increase the size of our military again, but that is certainly an option, and a very depressing one. Refer to the above paragraph. I fervently hope we can avoid this and instead focus on the heroes we have instead of making more.

    Jupiter in Virgo will also harken the need for highly trained medical professionals, and Saturn’s square signals this is not a viable option due to lengthy licensing requirements. Resources are not available and the money to be made in this field is drying up for various reasons. Medical people are supposed to be “healers” first and foremost, however many people in this field are looking for money and probably some element of power. Some of this is understandable based upon the time the arduous study involved in their professions. Virgo is the servant of the Universe and the ruler of all medical folks, on every level. So. If we look at our medical system on a cosmic level, perhaps we need to focus less on the money making potential of it. That will come if the professional is really good at what they do, as it should: Naturally, in a free market system of capitalism, this will come. However it is a benefit, NOT the objective.

    We have technology at our fingertips that can streamline healthcare and make it more accessible and much more palatable. I’ve said before I can envision going to Walgreens or Walmart and sticking your hand in a machine that takes your blood (painlessly please) and reads your skin and can tell if you need an antibiotic or antiviral, you know, the easy stuff. Then, with this information a doctor can video chat with you and you can show him or her whatever part of your anatomy has an owie. Again, the simple stuff. However, if you could go to a little gas station like place, give them fluids and then video chat at home with a very well qualified doctor about whatever results your fluids turned up and perhaps diagnose more difficult problems. Robots are already doing surgery and maybe this can expand. I’m not advocating the gas station set up with surgery, though in some ways this is what we already have, reminds me of cattle call in the farm, but local areas could get robotic technology and we wouldn’t have to be subjected to the vast array of viruses and bugs that can be found in a hospital. Obviously we would still need hospitals. But not as much. I hope we can move towards eliminating them except for extreme illness because my experience of the medical system as it stands is distressingly negative. The system is lacking in people who have the capacity to really care anymore (overwork or were incapable to begin with) except maybe in “Peds”. I view the entire system as torpid and dysfunctional.

    As for the Jupiter in Virgo energy, the excesses of the health care system and doctor practices have probably come to an end. No nation can afford it and the level of education required for doctors, nurses and other professionals needs to be revised or streamlined. Simply stated, we have the means and methods to put the knowledge that has been accumulated with regard to medicine into a database and then retrieved as needed by less highly trained people. The albatross we have now is not even vaguely based on common sense or practicality. Both of these attributes are part of Virgo’s repertoire, a sign that thrives on editing a system and making it better.

    On the 13th of September there will be a partial solar eclipse, the front end of the final total lunar eclipse of the “blood moons”. This partial solar eclipse will happen at 20° of Virgo. And as stated earlier in this writing, the final blood moon total lunar eclipse will occur on 9/27 @ 4° of Aries. The sign of Virgo, has to do with health care, the military, analytical skills and our mundane, every day work environment. Aries is also indicative of military type personalities, wars, men in general, police personnel and firefighters, surgery, anger and aggression. I’m not fond of this combination for eclipses of this significance.

    On the 18th Saturn will move back into Sagittarius and leave Scorpio for good, or rather, for now. Scorpios will have learned a lot from Saturn during his time in their sign, as we all do. Now it is Sagittarius’ turn. Sorry. We all get to learn upon this earth and Saturn is the teacher of final resistance if you will.

    Let’s move on to October, shall we? There is a favorable transit between Jupiter and Pluto on the 11th of this month. This usually has to do with finances and often signals bankruptcy due to over-extravagance. Don’t be this person. As a positive potential the good guys can beat a really, really bad guy’s organized crime organization.

    The last major transit of 2015 will involve Saturn and Neptune. Disillusionment is the best word to describe this energy. This is when you have worked your ass off for something all your life and suddenly the foundations of your efforts are dissolved. I vehemently dislike this energy and the only thing we can do about it is pray fervently, regularly and meaningfully.

    I don’t make the energies my friends, I just interpret them. Yes, we could put some fluff with the above transit of Saturn and Neptune, but it would be grasping at straws. If you find the good side of it (working your ass off and finding your dream job as one option) then still pray in thankfulness because most people won’t experience this side of it. Another positive might be that you find true love later in life, which is actually a fabulous potential isn’t it?

    A final more positive sign for 2015 is that Uranus, the planet of genius, computers and all things eclectic will move into direct motion on Christmas Day. Uranus is the creator of chaos, so expect a rather loose kind of holiday, but it is also very fun on occasion. After Christmas bargains may be back in vogue after having been given a few years off in lieu of “black Friday”, “green Monday” and “cyber Monday” sales. Especially look for mark downs of computers and telephones.

    I hope you don’t find this excerpt daunting in length, but I do like to try and give a useful Christmas offering to you: Even if you don’t believe in Christmas, or rather, Christ. That’s okay, you can still read if you like. If you don’t like me because of it, then please go away. Look. I’m not telling you what to believe, at best I’m your favorite astrologer, not your spiritual advisor, which incidentally, I have no desire to be. That said, sometimes I will voice the Belief System I adhere to, as well as occasionally refer to the other options available. The one thing my Belief teaches is that not everyone is meant to follow the same drummer or hear the same cosmic call. I understand this and respect other ideas because of it. And if I could have one wish for the coming year, I would wish that the rest of the world could understand this freedom of belief too. May you all have a safe and prosperous New Year!


    Happy New Year, one and all! I am always so glad to start with new, fresh charts each year, which I suppose merely mirrors the feeling we all have when upon making New Year’s resolutions promise to quit doing all the things that we feel make us less than perfect. It doesn’t matter that few people actually adhere to these internal promises, after all, it isn’t like we will hold our self-accountable. Regardless, it is nice to imagine we have a clean slate and can start over.

    During this season of remembering those things that really matter and in looking towards 2014, and this hope of renewal, we should consider our hopes and dreams carefully. Resolutions are usually made with a personal goal in mind, and we may feel that by mid-year (or February 1st!) our hopes have gone awry. Maybe it would be better for us to think of others when we make our wishes for the New Year. Sometimes the angels do not always fulfill our hopes in the way we might have expected and our thoughts that go forth into the cosmos are returned to us with a bit of a different spin. This is perhaps because the “Powers that be” are more receptive when we give our wishes away.

    With that, I will endeavor to introduce to you the energy of the New Year. I will only touch on the major points.

    As the New Year gets under way, we don’t have a lot of exceptional energies to report, at least ones that will be extraordinarily potent. The 8th does have a significant short term surge in vibes that may be a little bit hard to handle but it is helped by the involvement of two of the more friendly signs, Libra and Cancer. Therefore, watch out for feelings emoting outwards, perhaps between friends who decide to be more, family who need one another and partners who are jealous.

    The most influential time of January appears to be at the end of the month. On the day of the Chinese New Year (we are welcoming the year of the Horse) there are a number of energies converging. If we harken back to December 21st, Venus, purveyor of all things lovely, went into retrograde motion, hiding some of her charms. On the 31st, (the same day as the Chinese New Year), it will move forward, bring some of the sparkle back to our lives.

    February 19th will move the north node from Scorpio into Libra, which I will discuss at more length in the “April” section.

    Jupiter, planet of largess and luck makes the most significant impact in late February by confronting strange and shocking Uranus. Jupiter is in home loving Cancer, and Uranus is still in war loving Aries, so this may bring a few problems to the home front. Nurturers may have a problem with those in their family who have no concept of creating the kind of home environment that is conducive to growing a family. In other cases, people who invest or work in an industry which revolves around homes, real estate, antiques or children might butt heads with one that is extremist or very innovative.

    The friction that the combination of Jupiter and Uranus brings can ultimately bring out an element of genius which is very unique and far reaching. This will only happen for those who have struggled and overcome vast obstacles to get to where they are. Nothing about this will be easy to accomplish, but if you are able to pull it off (after years, maybe decades of work) this is a very wonderful, pure and radiant energy that is one of the few in this Universe that can bring forth anything truly beneficial, both globally and at home. So many of those who work silently for a great many years to bring forth their gifts and talents fall by the wayside at some point due to exhaustion, lack of funding and deflated dreams. If you happen to be someone who knows a person like this and have the means to keep their research going, obviously feeling it is worthwhile, this might be a good time to invest in them.

    March starts out on an energy lull which is greatly exacerbated by the retrograde movement of Saturn, the builder, timekeeper and executive function of the Universe. Saturn gives us the ability to get large projects done and find the person with the ability to carry them through. During the retrograde time, which will be in operation until the latter part of July, you will be given time to look more closely at who might be best able to accomplish a task or to do a little more research or background work on a project. Projects which will take a long time to accomplish are the ones in most need of a very long planning phase.

    Scorpios need to be especially cognizant of this energy and the time frame it will cover. Saturn will remain in your sign until the end of the year when it will change signs but then retrograde back into Scorpio during 2015. I will discuss this more in the Scorpio yearly horoscope. Suffice it to say Scorpio’s are not done being tested and tasked due to this rather extended dose of the dampening energy of Saturn.

    Pluto will go retrograde on the 14th. Yes, I said Pluto. That planet that is no longer an actual planet because some nerd (okay, multiple nerds) with a great big magnifying glass said so. I believe that if a largish orb is orbiting our sun or in any way running amuck in our solar system, it is relevant to the energy pull on our planet. But then, I also think Ceres should be made the ruler of Virgo. Ceres is about the harvest and Virgo is the sign of the harvest, as well as some other indicators linking the two. I suppose Chiron would also fit the bill with the whole “serve and suffer” associations of Virgo. Further, Juno would be my pick to rule either Libra since they are both in charge of relationship stuff. Obviously I am being presumptuous, but no more so than a bunch astronomers arbitrarily assigning importance to bodies in the sky like they own them. My two cents isn’t any less relevant than theirs (or yours) in the cosmic scheme of things.

    On the 15th there will be a total lunar eclipse at 25 degrees of Libra signaling those of this sign need to suit up for the game. This is the first eclipse in Libra, meaning that the north node is also all yours. This is a very important movement for the Libra leaning folks of the world. You are being asked to move way outside your comfort zone. You may experience some emotional upheavals now due to the eclipse being of the lunar variety. All in all you need to have a little sit in with yourself and figure out what the Universe is trying to tell you. Look at the transiting north node in your natal chart for hints. The Universe is usually less than subtle so you should get the general gist of things during this total eclipse, and if not now then around the time of the other eclipses which will fall in Libra on 4/4/2015 and again on 3/23/2016.

    Pluto, is still the body in the sky that speaks to us about power, magnetism, sex, drugs, taxes and death. This is a real harbinger of goodies, yes? So you see why we can’t ignore this rock orbiting so very far away from us, no matter what his size. In this case, size really doesn’t matter. Pluto will remain in retrograde motion until September. While it is retrograde there will be a lessening of the ability of those seeking power to find it. On the underbelly of the vibe there could be evil doings including the weak being maligned, subdued and abused or even kidnapped by the strong. One of the less lovely characteristics of Pluto is abuse, in the form of those who want control over others or get off on subjugating people.

    Pluto also gives us inherent knowledge, something like wisdom, but deeper. Look inside yourself while Pluto is retrograde. Do some exercises in self-awakening. Think a thought and make a decision without consulting all your Facebook friends. Spend a weekend alone, someplace remote. Pluto is a solitary energy and you will receive more of its blessings if you don’t look for them in a crowd.

    The 20th of April has three significant energies converging, one of which I already spoke of back in February, but it will replay this month. You see, often the energies deem it necessary to double whammy us, or triple, quadruple and even the other “ruple” us with the same energy signature because well, the Universe believes we are stupid, or at the very least obtuse. And if that is what the Universe believes, argue with it at your own risk. At any rate, re-read “February” and double down on it. Then add:

    An opposition between Jupiter and Pluto. Jupiter is ubber touchy feely for part of this year, but Pluto is the antithesis of this due to it being in Capricorn. The best use of this energy would be to apply for a job as CEO of a business involving antiques, kids, nurturing or cooking. Other people will try and impose their will upon you, or steal your mojo under the guise of wanting to take care of you. Jupiter is one of the best planets of the bunch but when he overdoes it things tend to explode in a big way. Pluto in Capricorn is a truly unfortunate placement for most people. The only positive comes in the form of extreme will power and tenacity. Therefore, these two Jovian led energies converging on the same day are going to be relatively potent especially for those with similar aspects in their natal chart or strong Sagittarian influences.

    The day after Jupiter squares Uranus and opposes Pluto, Uranus will make yet another square to Pluto. This is a generational aspect and most pertinent to those born in the 1960’s. I’ve discussed this at length during the past year so you may read more about it by perusing the “Monthly Highlights” for 2013.

    Memorial Day weekend (24th) has the only significant transit for May, again involving Jupiter, this time trying to play harmony with Saturn. Saturn is still in Scorpio, bringing a need for skills in research, investigation, the engineering of structures in extreme environments, including underground, underwater and on other planets. Hopefully this isn’t indicative of Mr. Hawking’s lament that we have a limited amount of time left upon this planet. There is chatter about populating the moon and Mars, both places which would probably benefit from putting part of their structures underground given the extreme cold temperatures; Saturn and Scorpio are indicative of very cold, dry, climates and underground dwellings and mining operations in general. If you work in any fields mentioned you might find a very good position with a new company endeavoring to capitalize on the minerals and natural resources of a distant heavenly body, or perhaps here at home, in underground or clandestine operations.

    All this being said, I have fervent hopes that those contemplating these explorations dwell on one thing before they begin: If we do something to negatively impact the moons rotation we are all toast. We need the moons gravitational pull to keep our planets orbit from spinning off its axis. At least that is my understanding. Not that anyone knows for sure it is purely conjecture based on scientific method I suppose. Still, the Ancients alluded to one of the signs of the end of the world would be the planets no longer keeping their current orbits. Drilling great big holes in one of them might just cause this to happen don’t you think? Read the ”Book of Enoch” if you are interested in knowing more. Better yet, study the implications of making the moon into a wiffle ball.

    June has the annual backwards movement of Neptune as its biggest event. Neptune will move into retrograde motion on the 9th and remain so until November 16th. Neptune is happily ensconced in its Home sign of Pisces, which is very helpful given some of the other more volatile placements of the outlying planets.

    During Neptune’s retrograde time it is best for those with strong influences from this planet and the sign Pisces to take extra time to make decisions. Muddled thinking is very probable and there could be developments in some area of your life which are not readily seen that can make decisions you make less optimal than if you had waited until the end of the year. Therefore, the Pisces or Neptune dominated should take the most decisive actions in their life either during the first five months of 2014, or wait until December or early 2015.

    July is relatively quiet from a major transit perspective, but it does have some other issues, including a change from Jupiter. Lucky Jupiter will move from the sign Cancer into Leo on the 16th. I will write a longer essay on this change as this time approaches.

    There are also a couple of retrograde issues to mention in July. Saturn will move into direct motion on 7/20 and immediately after that, on the 21st, Uranus will move retrograde until 12/21/14. This is not an unusual set of events, and Saturn moving forward will likely lend a bit of stability to unstable Uranus making it less of a chaos maker. If you have strong Uranian or Aquarius leanings in your natal chart, mark this time frame on your calendar.

    August is a very quiet month with the exception of a build-up of smaller transits on both the 1st and the 8th of the month. Since it is back to school season, at least in the West, this likely signifies the amped up errand running and shopping that ensues at this time of the year.

    Jupiter will make an inconjunct to Neptune, who is retrograde so in a less congenial mood, on the 15th. Confusion will reign supreme for those going back to college with room assignments and class schedules likely in need of some clarification. Don’t assume everything is settled by any means until you get there.

    The third week of September is most noteworthy with Pluto moving direct on the 22nd and Jupiter trining retrograde Uranus on the 25th. The trine of Jupiter and Uranus is a very fun energy assuming Uranus will behave itself and use its more noble side. Uranian energy is quirky and strange sometimes and tends to bring the weirdoes to the fore. Jupiter will put a magnanimous bent on things so that good fun may be had by all. This is an energy that can bring hilarity and invention. For those working on research projects you can receive a major breakthrough at this time. For those shlogging along in a learning endeavor where you have felt completely lost, this will bring your “light bulb” moment.

    There is a total lunar eclipse in Aries on the 8th of October. The eclipse patterns are rather confusing this year with Libra hosting the first one back in February, Taurus the second in April, then this total lunar eclipse in Aries and on the 8th and on the 23rd of October there will be a partial solar eclipse in Scorpio. There will be two total lunar eclipses this year and I will look more closely at where they may be seen, and consequently the areas of the world that will be more prone to their energy, when I write the related months “Monthly Highlights” in 2014. Eclipses always bring issues that may have been hidden into the light of day. This enlightenment will hold most strongly for those influenced in their natal chart by the signs Aries and Scorpio.

    In November there are a number of minor aspects but no major ones (using conjunctions, squares, trines, inconjuncts and oppositions). This is actually a bit unusual as November often harbors more energy than this. I’m uncertain of the implications, if any. Neptune will move into direct motion on the 16th.

    December has a bit more going on starting on the 8th when Jupiter moves into retrograde motion and will remain thusly until 4/8/2015.

    On the 15th, Uranus will once again slide into a square with Pluto, an energy which will continue to be with us in 2015. Deep seated change accompanies this energy and it is a very difficult one to get used to, therefore, the Universe gives us several tries at it before it becomes part of our life permanently.

    On the 20th, Uranus will move into direct motion making the above mentioned signature vastly more potent. Some of the changes in the works will either make greater negative impact or begin to be assimilated. Likely the former. Issues with implementation and acceptance of said changes will become more apparent.

    Finally, on the 23rd, taskmaster Saturn will move from Scorpio to Sagittarius. This will be a trial of sorts, with Saturn ducking back into Scorpio on June 16th 2015 and remaining in Scorpio until September 19th, 2015 when it will again move into Sagittarius. This has been a long few years for Scorpio and those with personal planets in this sign. The energy it has carried has not been easy with structures being maintained through sheer force of will, people with power using it in sometimes miserly and often cruel ways. Saturn rules engineers and builders, making these people pay more attention to detail and do extra research in order to build something that can withstand time.

    As Saturn enters Sagittarius I will write a little bit more elaborately on its implications. All and all, Saturn doesn’t get along well with anyone, but certainly not exacting Scorpio nor superfluous Jupiter. The generosity of Sagittarius will be curtailed, probably due to a lack of means to do so, and its largess and lofty ideals will be made to be practical before they may be implemented. If done right, this does not have to be an extreme negative as true beneficence can be spread fairly and pragmatically where it can make the greatest difference to those involved.

    With that I will end this synopsis. I offer you my heartfelt wishes for you to have a blessed New Year and hopes and prayers that we may continue to conquer the scourge of cancer, especially childhood cancers. Cheers to you all!

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