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Biographical Info and Editorial

I think it is time I tell you, dear readers, some of the things that I have been putting up with for the past dozen or so years, basically since I started this website. No need to read if you donít care and I wouldnít if I were you either. Heavy stuff ahead. However, I want all of this documented somewhere in case ďtheyĒ finally do something besides menace me in a vehicle or try to poison me.

First off, I still think my computer has been hacked, which is hardly newsworthy.

I bought a Dell computer a year or more ago and it is either a lemon or has been sabotaged multiple times. Iíve sent it back to Dell in Texas several times because it canít get out of airplane mode and/or canít be hardwired. As of this writing it can do neither. And Dell wonít say exactly why this keeps happening. Also, when I would be online and venting about some of the things happening to me, on my private computer doing my personal therapy (since I AM trained in the genreí) in very colorful language, my cursor would jump around and other interesting and not normal things would happen. Like they wanted to upset me and make sure I knew they were watching everything I did. There is a lot more to this than I'm saying but don't worry, I've documented every odd happening.

Who would do that and who could? My question exactly. In case you weren't aware, people that study astrology have been persecuted for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Usually only if they are good at it, but often that isn't a pre-requisite for zealots to threaten them. I remember before I had a website, a nice man had a website called "Christian Astrology". He never said exactly what was going on, but finally said he was taking it down because "it just wasn't worth it". He was a good astrologer.

As for my situation, thinking as the logical creature I am, I surmise that "they" have to be getting in through my internet carrier. And the internet carrier assisted in making me suspicious the other day when they resisted our attempts to buy our own modem and strongly urged us not to do this though they didnít out and out say we couldnít.

We have wireless but live in a rural area. Anyone accessing our computer has to be 1). an asshole who is breaking the law and 2). probably someone in a house close by but since we do have a waterway near us, boats could probably be a culprit as well.

Quadruple this with the fact that I have had a great many problems like this and worse (Iíll get to those later) in four different countries, at least nine different states and six tribal lands. Stalkers and others even more dangerous. Lots of stuff happened in Canada because they were not that happy to have an American taking a Canadian job and I was told so multiple times by people who would see my U.S. license plate on my car and ask why I was there. Some told me to my face to "go home".

We also were renting a house from someone that didn't own the house. Of course we didn't know this. We found the house through a rental broker used by corporations. Apparently the actual owners were not paying the mortgage. The bank thought we owned it and were following us. That was a colossal cluster fuck. That is when everything really started getting bad, though it actually started before that in the States.
Probably having to do with me knowing things about people with powerful positions and them freaking out that I had a website.

Fast forward 10 or more years to now. I still canít even go for a drive without being followed. Last time (in March) I went out in my tiny two seater convertible some dude menaced me with his POS pick up. Threatening to bump me and such and crazily signaled to me to change lanes because I had the audacity to be going the speed limit in the left lane with not another soul on a five lane road in town. Seriously.

I shook my head ďNopeĒ. He sped around me and I didnít look at him. From my rearview I saw he was an ugly bald guy in a late 60ís or 70ís model blue and white pickup...Iíd say a GM product.

And now you are saying, ďgo to the policeĒ idiot. Well I went to the local sheriff (the abovementioned example being just one of many times Iíve been followed and the most recent dangerous one) and he wouldnít even see me though there were at least a half a dozen employees loitering around and yawning at me. He has never tried to call me even though I filled out a report. This was sometime in 2016.

We hired a local PI when we first moved here and he took my money and gave me the exact same information that I was able to glean with a few simple internet searches of people I initially suspected. I fired him. He did give me a partial refund. Incidentally, he was the president of the PI association.

I have also contacted attorneys, most of whom told me I had to solve the problem for them and one who actually quoted (bizarrely enough) the ďCharge of the Light BrigadeĒ to me. Why? I have no earthly idea. Item of note. He was friendly and helpful initially but told me to come back in an hour. I cold called him, so this was fine. I was mostly on a fishing expedition. When I came back an hour later he was entirely different and very much unhelpful, but he told me to go to the sheriff, so I did on the way home.

Again, logically deducing...either my car has a bug in it, the city cameras are watching when I come and go, or someone in my little neighborhood is tracking me and letting other people know so they can stalk me. No other explanations make any sense. I've informed a few of the neighbors I think I'm being stalked, just for their own safety and they basically ignored me. Asking who I thought it was? Really? If I knew that they'd be in jail already.

Just so ya know folks, Iím not scared. I do get anxious from time to time, but I think that is perfectly normal given my life. Iíve had serious health issues in the past, been stalked more than once by creeps who said they wanted to rape me and went to a grammar school where we picked asbestos off the ceiling of the gym for fun and played knife games on the playground.

To the misogynistic prick who tried to scare me and hit my car: I drove a two-seater manual transmission in one of the largest cities in Americaís "sedate" traffic for 15 years and during part of them I was doing social work in all the best areas of town. I never had a wreak. Had a guy hit me in a parking lot and bumped a guys bumper going about 10 mph, one time each. If youíve ever driven in bumper to bumper traffic going over 70 mph during a tropical storm you know it isnít for sissies. I can drive circles around anyone but a NASCAR driver, and I bet Iíd do okay even then. Iíve been driving tractors since I was a preteen. So...I have a tiny bit of street cred.

However, I am thinking I need a concealed carry license. My knife isnít going to do me much good if Iím going to have my car hit from behind by some old pervert. And Iím getting a little old to put up with this abuse. I just wish Iíd have caught the woman hating piece of crapís license tag.

I have no idea who is doing this as it appears to be an organized effort. I have suspected the media from time to time of being involved. I could give example of some real interesting things that have happened to make me think so but I donít actually think they want to kill me, they are more into sucking the souls out of people and stealing their intellectual content. However, if they have drawn attention to me, a decent looking woman with stuff to steal, well, they are accessories in my mind. If you want to talk to me, my email is on my website. Though I canít see why they would want to do so since I am not a story. [Interesting tidbit: Had a guy email me with security ideas (all of which we have done, including security cameras all over our house and yard, who told me the media doesn't want to hurt me. However, I found this page is still "under construction" as of this writing, so I don't know how he would have read it to know of my problems. I will update it so that it is no longer unpublished tonight. (8/5/17)]

Lastly, I know someone wants to harm me because, as I related several years back, I believe someone tried to poison me. Long story short, I was being harassed at a restaurant in Canada and was too upset to eat my steak. We took the steak home for my dog and within 2-3 minutes of eating it she went into the first seizure she had ever had. We rushed her to the vet which was difficult since she was stiff as a board and weighed about as much as I did at the time. The vets there said it would be nearly impossible to trace what kind of poison or if it was poison. That steak was mine though it went immediately to my dog upon walking in the door. I'm going to assume if it was poison that was also meant for me.

Lots of stuff happened in Canada. It has continued where I am now, though usually not quite so much a direct attack as the possible poisoning. So excuse the fuck out of me for being suspicious.

Perhaps the folks where I live now thought I was with one of the news organizations and think Iím a rat. Especially since they have recently settled a law suit and have another one pending regarding their jail abusing women. Guess what? Iím not a rat. I have a firm rule of not crapping where I live. This rule does not apply to places I have left however.

Further. I actually did the town which is my new HOME all a favor by not involving any locals in my health care where people are laying in wait for me in waiting rooms, the nurses and techs are being idiots, doing things like putting my insurance provider info "accidentally" over the loud speaker in the office as they wait for verification and other huge HIPPA violations. They even dress people up to look like people I know. Like I can't recognize the real from the fake. I. Am. Not. Kidding.

Letís not even mention the stuff that went on with my father in the hospital. That broke my heart in more ways than one, but ultimately, his is the one that was broken. Literally.

Iím not a celebrity. Iím a private citizen. As such all of this is criminal and I canít do a damn thing about it unless I want to walk around with a video camera in my hand every where I go. Even then, it isnít prosecutable because there wouldnít be enough money in it for the attorney.

Fame is a club you donít get an invitation to I and if you do, I would advise not RSVPing.

In another instance, I actually went to another state 500 miles away to get medical tests because I didnít want to involve the locals. That medical ďprofessionalĒ had very obviously discussed me with an outside entity and she asked very inappropriate questions about a loved family member and a sketchy neighbor (who I know has stalked me because Iíve seen him or his family actually rushing out of the house to follow me on more than one occasion). This happened around 8 years ago, but continued for several years. Staring at us in our swimming pool was his favorite pastime besides making his dog bark. Which btw, looked like my dog that got allegedly poisoned.

As for the tests I had run, I called to get the medical personís license number that was involved and I was told she didnít have a license in that state. I filed a complaint for both issues, HIPPA violation and the lack of license. Then, low and behold, the state found a license. My complaint was not verified, you know, because she didnít actually kill me. This is not small stuff. This is criminal no matter who is doing it. Email me if you live in Colorado and Iíll give you her name so you can avoid going anywhere near her office. Crap, for all I know none of the tests she ran were even done or done right. Again. Consider this my official documentation in case I croak. My family should get a nice tidy sum, donít you think? [Update: Received a letter from one of the testing places saying their equipment malfunctioned during my visit and the enhanced test I PAID EXTRA for did not work, but they were sure the lesser test which said I was fine was accurate. I DID NOT receive a refund for the extra money I paid.

The last little gnome involved in my health care abuse was a real loser. I wonder if he knows that HIPPA violations are around $500,000.00 bucks apiece last I heard. This guy was already shutting down an office due to a lack of business. I didnít even let him finish my procedure, even though I paid for it and have yet to see a refund. Isnít that fraud? Collecting money for services not rendered?

Hence, I have no problem being a recluse Iíve always had a reticent personality. But I most definitely am elusive at this point. I refuse to interact with anyone because I; A), donít trust people I donít know (never have); 2), donít want my family to suffer for my stubborn insistence that I be allowed to write what I want and be an astrologer/blogger, so they are better off pretending they donít know me and C). I am sometimes a raving banchee woman because my privacy is being violated to this extent and my righteous indignation is leaking out all over the place.

To everyone frothing at the mouth to know all about me, here are a few facts we can actually prove. I have a near perfect credit score, we own our home, which was one of our retirement goals. This is the second home we have owned outright (we donít much believe in ďusuryĒ), which is more a testament to my husbandís abilities than mine, tbh. I figure what I did for a living kept our "karma" somewhat even since we have been so hugely blessed.

I have an undergraduate degree in Sociology, emphasis in geriatrics, minor in Spanish (the last of which I got on scholarship). Did my internship for my undergrad at an evangelical hospital where the preacher would say, ďyaíll come and we will help you!Ē on the television and social services got to figure out what to do with them as he stood in the fountain with his suit pants rolled up blessing the water and selling it for five bucks a gram. Oh, I got kidnapped there by a deranged dude and held hostage with his wife for a bit. No biggie.

Worked closing down an institution for people with mental retardation due to a federal court order because there was proven abuse. Dealt a lot with federal judges and guardian ad litems. Fun times.

Did legal advocacy work (part-time) for a federal agency that sued state agencies for non-compliance with the Americanís with Disabilities Act, special education law and issues regarding people with mental illness living in both the criminal justice system and in state facilities after being adjudicated incompetent. Talked to people in institutions while they were being forcibly taken down for refusing their meds. This, my friends, is against the law unless it is taken before the court. So is tying people down in a hospital bed. (Saw a lot of that too). Even if just because of a small thing called a Fire Code.

I have a partial grad degree in human resource development and full graduate degree in Social Work, emphasis in health care. Did my internships (we must do two, mine were unpaid, in the MSW program I attended); one at the United Way working on Unmet Needs Committee after natural disaster. The other internship was at a world renowned orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation hospital focusing on post polio syndrome, muscular dystrophy, strokes and TBI, traumatic brain injury.

I worked with poor populations mostly...people with developmental disabilities, mental illness and kids with diseases that would terrify you if you knew they even existed. Most of whom didnít have insurance, many of whom were illegal immigrants.

Watching kids die made me quit believing in God...for a while. So I quit my job and started delving more seriously into astrology. One of the first books I ever read as a child was an astrology book. And you know what? ASTROLOGY took me directly back to GOD. Because the two go hand in hand whether you small minded apes understand that or not. Sorry...that slipped out and is addressed to my nemesis(s).

The things Iíve seen could have been soul shattering. Sometimes they were. But ultimately they made my Faith stronger.

And no, I donít want a bunch of attention. Iím an introvert. What I want is to be given a modicum of respect and peace. I am going to keep writing. I owe it to everyone who died giving me this right and to every woman that has had a the patriarchy tell her to shut up. Well, and Iím stealing this from a lovely Hindu lady with a beautiful tatoo...Ēfuck the patriarchyĒ. And no, I don't hate men, in fact, many are on my list of very favorite people.

My life is not some comedy...as you can fully see. None of this is funny and I damn sure donít need any help unless you have facts proving someone is trying to harm me and can give me concrete, tangible evidence. Stalk me and surveil me at your own risk. Iím a pissed off menopausal woman who has seen too much in her life and I donít take kindly to your antics.

Menace me in my car or follow me again and Iíll kick your sorry ass. And if I canít, Iím betting my guardian angels got me covered. Anyone thinking I still need to pay my dues? Come out of your nasty little cave and confront me in person you sadistic lurking wannabe. Bring your dictionary and try and put two sentences together that are grammatically correct. Tell me how many people youíve tried to help, your education level and what you have done in life to deserve to be my judge. And unless you have holes in your hands and feet proving you are HIM, I will intellectually annihilate you. Just let me type my response because I ainít so good with verbalizing. See, Iíve spent a lot of time in contemplation, not in espousing my thoughts from a soapbox. So excuse me for being a bit less overt in my demeanor than those that keep trying to kill me.

Now Iím going to have a beer. Have one with me if you love me and give a toast to my big dog Betsy who basically took a bullet for me. And my dad, who died still trying to protect me even while he was out of his head at deathís door. And to my mom who I am afraid to associate with because the last time I took her home we were nearly killed by a guy with a boat that came into our lane and nearly clipped us had I not been quick enough to avoid it. He had been following us for miles. And to my poor, wonderful husband who has had to put up with this crap for years and still 100% supports me. And to all of you that care about what happens to those who have no voice at all. ďNever give up. Never surrenderĒ. CheersÖ

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