I wrote the following article on Avian Flu sometime in 2005. The current H1N1 strain is a mix of swine, human and avian flu. The fact that it has jumped from animal to human and even back to animal is what is making this “one for the books”. This is why the scientists are freaking out, and why we need to watch this like a hawk. If it becomes as virulent as the 1918 flu, well, we have survived influenza before…in fact…one of the first documented accounts of influenza happened in 412 BC. You can read more about the World History of Viral Pandemics: 412BC to 2009 here.

During the avian flu outbreak, Saturn was trining Neptune. Now, Jupiter is conjuncting Neptune while the “swine” flu is in play. See the linking piece? NEPTUNE. Insidious disease, infection… And yes, with Jupiter and Neptune we got a miracle. Because this one isn’t as virulent as it could be. But no one who has lost a loved to H1N1 will believe there has been a miracle will they? For every yin, there is a yang…for every mountain there is a valley…for every up there is a down…and for every bit of energy expelled into the world there will be an equal reactive action given back.

Having been a clinical social worker for many years in a major metropolitan area caused me to develop an interest in communicable diseases and infections which are difficult to diagnose, fight and cure. In hospitals bacterial and staph infections were, and are, a way of life, not anomalies. In introductory in-services Interns, such as myself, are informed that in the sub-tropical climate, a virus such as Ebola, could spread with voracity. This, combined with the medical focus of my career led me to watch the world’s health problems with tenacity, and review with dread all the reports related to potential illness and pandemic. Consequently, for many years I have studied the 1918 Flu Pandemic which killed millions around the globe and has been tied to the current strain of influenza threatening the world.

The 1918 flu, which was called the “Spanish Flu” was actually active during 1917, but the most deaths occurred in the spring and summer of 1918. In looking at a simple solar chart for April of 1918, three major conjunctions are present. One of Venus and Uranus, one with Saturn and Neptune and last but not least, Pluto and the South Node. There are many trine aspects present in the solar chart as well, which are traditionally designated by astrologers as “good”. This is entirely inaccurate and the pandemic chart epitomizes why. Yes, trines do bring ease, however, in this case it brought ease in the ability for this disease to transmute itself from person to person easily; and because of the war, it had ease of travel across the world. The communal living conditions the soldiers lived in also created easy access for the spread of the disease.

The pandemic of 1918 was interesting in epidemiology because it struck most aggressively at those who are usually seen as most able to withstand an illness. A transit involving Uranus conjuncting Venus was present in these years and is indicative of this, as Uranus often signifies a younger more vibrant age group and many were infected in social settings or by friends, signified by Venus. Many of those who died were between the ages of 15 and 40, whereas most influenzas hit the very young and very old hardest. Part of these statistics can be attributed to WWI soldiers being of this “prime of life” age group, but it can also be related to the high level of contagiousness and the fact the younger age group was more apt to be around other people, either at work, school or socializing. The fact that Venus is present suggests that socializing and relationships were a major contributor to the spread of the disease.

Uranus also is known for being sudden and quick, and this disease came on suddenly and people died very quickly. There is a story, though I do not know if it is true, telling of 4 women who stayed awake one evening until after midnight playing bridge, and by morning three of the four were dead.

The Saturn/Neptune conjunction has to do with the lack of effective means to combat the illness in the early 1900's, as well as the insidious nature of the disease. Even aspirin at that time, which is and was good for alleviating fever, was only just invented and being marketed by Bayer, which was a German company, so few among the Allied countries were willing to use it because they believed it was poison.

A correlating factor to the present day bird flu scare is the solar eclipse of 10/3/2005 which was sextile Saturn and trine to Neptune. Saturn is now in Leo, as it was in 1918. On 10/5/2005, it was announced that the Spanish flu strain of 1918 had been "reborn" in a laboratory using virus taken from a woman who died from it in Alaska during the pandemic. There is hope that this reinvention, will allow scientists to discover what made the Spanish Flu the killer that it was and lead them to discover how to eradicate it now. Both sextiles and trines are indicators of hope in their positive manifestation, as well as ease and accomplishment. Let us all hope this vile reborn agent does not secretly (Neptune) fall into the hands of someone very cruel and evil (Saturn).

Saturn is considered the devil by medieval astrologers and Neptune is the ruler of the weak as well as of insidious, silent, hidden disease, (including cancer, up until it makes its presence known in the body). Fog and mist are also ruled by Neptune, and these types of flu thrive in moist areas.

The last conjunction associated with the 1918 outbreak is one between Pluto and the South Node. There are few stronger indicators of a fateful event than this combination. Pluto is the ruler of death, darkness, intensity, global phenomenon, and underworld activity. The South Node is the path of least resistance. Besides the obvious relationship between this aspect and the pandemic, there is also a subtler one. Few people were world travelers before the WWI, so the fact there was a war and more people were traveling internationally just added fuel to an already deadly fire because people had not developed strong resistance to many diseases due to their relative isolation. On a more morbid note, many of the people who were ill and dying turned very dark in hue with blood coming out of their eyes and noses (leading the people of the time to believe this was not the “flu” at all but the bubonic plague.) Pluto rules all that is dark, and there is often much nodal activity during times of death.

2006 is slated to be a year of many more major planets joining up with each other in transit than we have seen in the past few years. Most notably there will be an opposition from Saturn to Neptune in August of 2006. Given the worlds current acuity to the potential threat of a pandemic, I have great hope that this opposition will signify the ability to stop, or oppose this terrible threat to all of our health. Unfortunately, oppositions usually represent factors over which we have no control.

We must be vigilant in monitoring and sharing information on the populace’s health around the world. All of the experts are in agreement that some type of pandemic is inevitable. The scientists and doctors have been saying this for many years, and the actuaries who study probabilities and statistical odds of such events believe it will happen sooner rather than later. If not from the bird flu, then from a communicable respiratory illness like SARS, or other similar mutated disease or infection.

Because we now live in a much more global society, with people traveling from one country to another daily and coming into contact with many more people from all walks of life, the possibility for disease to spread is greatly strengthened. Fortunately, the opportunity for treatment is also vastly superior to what it was in 1918. First responders, such as doctors, nurses, police and social workers are at the greatest risk.

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