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Since Jupiter is the namesake of my website, I guess I should pay homage to the planets peculiarities. To be clear, I actually do not believe in luck…but I do believe in blessings. Ralph Waldo Emerson said: “Shallow men believe in luck. Strong men believe in cause and effect.” That goes for women too even if he wasn’t enlightened enough to know it ladies.

I am sure you have heard how during medieval times Jupiter was known for being the “greater benefic” with Venus being called the “lesser benefic”. Jupiter is the largest planet orbiting with us, and it has a huge magnetic pull, almost as much as the sun. Jupiter’s magnetic pull has attracted many of its own personal moons. Four of them are larger than the others and have names, Ganymede, (the biggest, bigger than Mercury), Callisto (the exact size of Mercury), Europa, (scientists think there might be water and life of some form there), and Io (lots of active volcanoes).

In Greek mythology Jupiter is known as Zeus, the king of heaven and earth and all the Olympian gods. He is the god of justice and overthrew Saturn (the original big meannie of the zodiac). Zeus was a ladies man, and his wife Juno lamented about this greatly. Jupiter was able to make thunder and lightening and was thought of as a protector in battle.

While my website touts the major upside of Jupiter (i.e. it’s lucky…pay attention )
;-) Jupiter also has a dark side, just as everything in this living earth has a dark side if overdone. When Jupiter’s energy touches an area of your chart you are automatically going to start expanding, overdoing, and being optimistic about the area it contacts. When it is relating to your stock portfolio, your church group, or your intellect, it can be profoundly enlightening or lucrative. But what if it touches an area of your chart related to health, what do you think it might do to a tumor, diabetes, or someone with an already inflated ego? Couple Jupiter with any element of your life that doesn’t need growth or to become more exaggerated and there’s your trouble. Have problems keeping your mouth shut? If Jupiter passes over your Mercury and enhances that problem, you better just go buy a muzzle (or someone will get you one as a gift). People who are self-aggrandizing by nature will become even more intrusive and overbearing when Jupiter aspects their sun. It takes Saturn to reign in this planets exuberance and keep us safe from expanding so far that we disintegrate.

People who have the conjunction of Pluto and Jupiter in Leo which occurred in the mid 1950’s, or thereabouts, can have some real issues with their ego being excessive in very transformational and destructive ways. The energy between these two planets is extreme when put together, and have lead to many a fall from grace. The up side is that above all others in the universe, assuming the conjunction is well placed natally to receive help, they can pick themselves up, dust themselves off and move on as if nothing happened. Pluto is a rationalization expert par excellence and Leo is pure ego, and also able to overlook its own flaws. Left to run amuck, this influence can topple the grandest scheme.

On the other hand, when coupled with a more stabilizing influence like Saturn, Jupiter can offer inspiration in a down to earth manner. However it also will put a major damper on hopes and dreams if Saturn is the more strongly placed planet.

Jupiter coupled with Uranus is a very evolutionary influence and belongs to the true “seekers”. In this aspect it offers a wonderfully protective influence and the “Midas touch”. Money, travel to exotic or strange and foreign locals and an ever present quest for knowledge are keynotes.

When Jupiter contacts the personal planets it often gives much protection from harm if it is well placed. Poorly placed it can bring the opposite, or lend realistic goals to an otherwise impractical ideology. Jupiter in good aspect to the sun is often cited as the luckiest aspect or transit out there. I agree that it is very supportive, but it is also a bit too optimistic at times.

Jupiter combined with Venus is very lucky as well, but if not well placed natally can bring some of the effects of a Grand Trine, in that blessings become an expectation and everything is always someone else’s fault. If you meet someone with a Jupiter/Venus contact AND they have the Grand Trine aspect they are definitely too good to be true. Jupiter over inflates the expectations these people have for their lovers, finances and friends. When their expectations are tempered a bit, they are some of the most generous, spiritual and loving people. Though, they are very high maintenance and need a lot of attention to be happy with one person. Not too mention their tendency toward blatant materialism.

Jupiter in good relation to Mercury makes one a jovial conversationalist…think Johnny Carson. Maybe even Howard Stern if you think about his being over the edge…though you probably need to add in a little (or a lot ) of Pluto or Uranus for a better description of him. These people are networkers, and are constantly communicating to the point they bore others to death in some cases.

Jupiter and the Moon together bring strong maternal and nurturing influences, however they do tend to be smothering, or smothered by others. If the moon sign is unstable by nature, then their feelings can overpower them and if this influence is coupled with deviant, violent, or criminal tendencies from other planets, signs or aspects, these people can be quite violent because of their excessive emotional attachment to things or people. You have heard of the person who suddenly “goes off” and hurts someone, yet they have never shown this tendency before? Well, they probably had a violent planet (Pluto, Mars) involved by transit to this emotionally volatile moon combination that triggered it.

So you see, Jupiter can be a benefit or a detriment depending on how it is used, however it is the closest thing to luck you can ever experience. This is because Jupiter is the ruler of divine intervention, and is also related to the belief in a higher power. Therefore, if you are due for a cosmic thumping, Jupiter can bring the firm hand of God into your life to right an out of context situation. As it can also allow you to escape to another world without pain, by grace.

Jupiter is the ruling planet of the sign Sagittarius, the hunter of the zodiac.
Probably because of their love of freedom and adventure, Sagittarians and people with strong Jupiter in their charts are the most likely in the zodiac to remain unattached, being known as the “bachelor” sign. The Jupiter born want to be free to pursue life’s adventures unhindered by ties and they like to keep their options open in case something better comes along. They travel light, and they don’t want anyone or anything to hold them back. People with strong Jovian influence are well known for their unfortunate knack of saying exactly the wrong thing at the wrong time. Rarely do they mean harm, in fact usually they don’t even know what they have said that has caused the room to gasp and are oblivious to the stares of their audience.

Usually people with good aspects from personal planets to Jupiter tend to have a big personality, or a generosity of spirit that protects them from many of life’s hardships.

To best use Jupiter transits, think in terms of logical places to expand, those being the houses or sign in which Jupiter occupies. Jupiter transits are good for broadening your network, expanding your portfolio, going back to school, planning an overseas vacation, and having your pastor over for dinner.

Bottom line is that Jupiter is the most benevolent influence out there, with Venus being a close second. If you are right with the world and God, chances are you will receive some nice prizes when Jupiter accents your live. And even if you don’t experience the high times, Jupiter will still protect you when you are at your lowest and most vulnerable. Everyone needs a friend like that from time to time…so this is my salute to Jupiter…the planet that sits highest in my chart. Cheers to you big guy!

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