Gemini (May 21-June 20)

If you have been feeling under the weather or having problems finding health care that suits you Jupiter's forward motion may bring you relief from your symptoms or some better options. Your relations with co-workers should be more harmonious and if you are looking for work there is a good chance you can at least get a lead on a great position if not have already landed it and as Jupiter moves forward you receive the job offer. You also may decide to go take some continuing education classes or travel abroad associated with your job.

There are two eclipses this month, a partial solar in Cancer on the 13th and a total lunar on the 27th in Aquarius. The lunar is apt to be the most significant and for you it will fall in your solar chart house of international travel and business, exotic vacations, university studies, philosophy and religion, second marriages and in-laws, as well as influential people. This may mean that you receive an acceptance letter for college, or the opposite, that you are of interest to foreign entities or that you have a skirmish on holiday with your in-law. Or perhaps you will meet your next partner if this would be a second marriage for you.

Your ruler Mercury will go retrograde on the 26th, which is not a novelty for you but can still make for some annoyances. For you, this is likely to come in the form of your boss or whatever Leo you have in your life.

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2018 Yearly Horoscopes for Gemini

Happy 2018! And I must say you have a fair amount of weirdness going on in your brand new solar chart. Lots of little boo-boos and owies, and a lot of need for energy you may or may not have at this time in your life. Still you can get over all this because you have a lot to occupy your time.

This will be a good year for you to look for more money making opportunities should you chose to pursue them. You may have some kind of great idea having something to do with homes, family, kids, comfort and cooking, even home beautification projects. Lucky you, these are wonderful areas of endeavor to be involved in and should make you feel better about things in general. No heavy lifting.

You have a bit of intensity involving your financial sector. Perhaps you are not as flush as you would like and it is getting a little late in life. Happens to all of us. Social Security ain't what it used to be here in the U.S. Only going to get worse, so they say. I was told this by a Jr. High teacher that was smarter than they had any right to be and shouldn't have been teaching kiddos but probably running the world. Regardless, this is a problem for a lot of people. Fortunately for you the Universe is sending you a bunch of advanced options. You can make a bundle if you play your cards right.

These potentials are also in retrograde and come with some rather negative karmic potentials. How are you proposing to make this money? Did you make it? Or are you being given gifts others earned and getting the places you are because of who you know and not what you know. Yeah, just don't do anything at all nefarious. Fate is coming in your house of money. Does Fate like you? I dunno. Did you piss Her off lately? And how are you about checking out of this life. Every single one of us do. I'm going to do good with my goodies for people I don't even know. Better kudos than giving to those you know who had more of a chance than the stranger that might turn into a friend, find a cure for cancer or save the world. Again...karmic crapshoot. Judge your own juju. Are you a giver or a taker?

You have a lot of uneven energy towards your 9th house of foreign business, travel and getting an education. Knowledge is power. Not for ruling over others dammit. It is for controlling ourselves and allowing us to be the best person we can be. The only animal we need to control is ourselves and if every one of us did that we wouldn't be wasting so much money on defense and law enforcement and dogma and draconian measures and all the stuff people with power use to control those without it.

Harsh. Yeah. The Universe is harsh. And we are making Her very angry, not to mention God if you happen to believe that too. Your house of career is all about being in the limelight. You have fame (or infamy) here. Glamour as well. Mystery. Lots of cool stuff. But if your energy is bad, this can get so ugly I don't even want to get into it. Neptune is the best obfuscation on the Universal assembly line. You want to be somebody important on the world stage? You can be. You can be anything you want to be. Just please try and benefit the world with it if you can.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)
2017 Yearly Horoscope

Your life landscape looks a bit changed this year, though it should not be nearly as much of a challenge as last years were.

You do have a very big concentration in your life on something you should be doing pertaining to perhaps meeting your potential life path or mate. This is a tricky configuration and very much dedicated to your Soul development. (And if you think we do not have Souls, quit taking my advice because what I will tell you will never help you but will mislead you).

I can't address this with any IS your intrinsic essence that this kind of stuff is about, and it can have to do with fate and destiny and a bunch of stuff that you may need to fix or the Universe will fix it for you. This isn't likely a transference or projection thing either, like a lot of things regarding generic solar charts are in astrology.

The only thing I can tell you is that it may have to do with your nurturing abilities and the power you wish to wield. In many cases your past experiences will be enough to propel you suddenly into the position of your dreams.

You will probably be looked to to speak for someone that you have either done some business with together in a speculative nature, stocks or even gambling, but probably an artistic appreciation that has not been overly fulfilling for a financial partner.

Your financial situation needs some immediate attention and it is fortunate that you have a lot of energy to put into this problem. If you need fast cash, you need to look to things like the food industry, anything that nurtures others or perhaps something that will keep you warm in your golden years, including being a paid companion for someone that needs you. Yeah, that sounds kinda fraught with danger. Make sure you know what your job description entails. Exactly.

You have very good auspices for investment if you have the funds in which to do this. Do watch out for opportunistic investment advisors if you are new to this sort of thing. Just because they recommend something doesn't mean it is a sound investment. Or maybe it is. Please just do some study of the market before you let someone coerce you into putting your life blood into it.

Many of you have been married for some time or have a very reliable partner/bff/business associate. God loves you if this is the case. Know that. Decent folk are hard to find seems to me.

The biggest change to your chart may be that you have some very powerful public appeal right now. You also could have a great influx of cash come your way which is rather terrifying if you have any wits about you whatsoever. If this is your blessing this year, please be fiscally responsible.

Oh, but the very best part of this year is that you have an angel in your pocket. Nope. Not kidding. Well, this only works if you actually BELIEVE in angels. I do and I can tell you they can be very helpful entities to have around. Enjoy yours. She loves you.

Have the best year ever!

Gemini (May 21-June 20)
2016 Horoscope

Well, Gemini, the one thing I can say for certain is that you will have a year different than last year. It appears that the issues you may have had last year will be brought into much clearer focus. Funny how that works out when a few of the pieces come together. In your case, I think all of the missing links will become extremely apparent at some point over the coming year.

Look, Iím going to spin this in the best way possible because just because a chart looks bad doesnít mean that it is since everyone is different and everyone who has walked this life has gathered to them a plethora of energies based upon their actions and mostly, what God or if you prefer, the Universe, perceives as their intentions. So most of you will still have a great year and it is likely that you will be able to accomplish much of what you have been striving for, especially if this might pertain to a life changing event, probably initiated by an ending.

If you like a challenge then you will be given an opportunity to push yourself to new limits. You have Venus assisting you in your appearance and overall presentation, which is always helpful. If you would like to enhance your appearance this might be a good year to have a makeover or do some kind of minor cosmetic surgery. If you are inclined to have a child, this might be the year for you to do so. You would look quite pretty pregnant, or so people will tell you.

If you need to figure out a way to work from home you might consider selling beauty items, taking care of other peopleís children or even starting a catering business. Know however that this may prove to be disruptive to your home life. Therefore you may want to do what you can to keep things as even keel as possible. Though this may be difficult because of further friction from your spouse or best friend.

Saturn is still visiting your partnership house, as it was last year. This isnít necessarily a negative thing and can actually greatly enhance the durability of the relationship. If you are looking for love, then you may find it with someone older or with a more reticent personality. And if you are looking for a marriage partner, then you have a great opportunity to establish a long lasting relationship.

Your biggest issue could stem from your career and how it impacts your spouseís life. Neptune is still in your public persona and career house, therefore you are still dealing with issues which may not be altogether clear to you, perhaps the management of your company is in the midst of some secret negotiations of some sort.

As I said above, this is very likely to be a signature year for you. Some of the more pleasing possibilities are that you inherit a house, get a huge tax break on one or perhaps your partner will find a fantastic job that will allow you to build the home of your dreams.

Another great thing is that this could be a banner year for your health in general. You should feel quite well and look even better. You only problem might be fighting off all those vying for your attention.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)
2015 Yearly Highlights

We have a New Year upon us and with it comes possibilities for change and the potential for overcoming the obstacles that had you flummoxed last year. You will be given more aggressive tendencies this year towards achieving your goals. This is a great year to begin a workout regime that allows you to bulk up and increase your muscle mass. Just donít use this strength in the wrong ways my friends. Your sign has a tendency to go off into left field a bit more than most Iím sorry to inform you. Protecting yourself and your own is wonderful, there are many demons running amuck in the world. Always have been, and in this age, there always will be. Know how to recognize them (discernment helps) and only use your super powers against these forces. Please.

Your financial sector will be assisted by additional income in the form of a home based part time job or through some other domestic endeavor. If you have a talent for cooking, you might look here to find a part time job cooking for others. Keeping in mind though that you will never get rich cooking for someone else unless you can open a restaurant yourself. At any rate, this looks more like supplementary income. Any job which allows you to keep a roof over your head and food on the table is a very blessed thing indeed.

Jupiter is going to expand the network of people you can interact with and if you are a young person still living at home with mom and dad, you may be welcoming a new sibling into your family. Look, this may not be on your list of things to do, but I promise, siblings arenít all bad. At least when you all go to the nursing home you can say ďremember whenÖ? to someone who will totally understand.

Saturn is hanging about in your house of domesticity, routines, the military, health care, your job and your pets. Saturn is all about gaining experience, as well as getting old. Both of these attributes are actually quite helpful in the house in which they fall in your solar chart. Iím not saying they are easy, Iím just saying they are, well, expected. There are no surprises here. Easy it is not. Hurting in every piece of yourself when you get up in the morning because of arthritis, a Saturn malady, is not easy. But it is part of life of a heck of a lot of folks. We take the good and the bad and we do with it the best that we can. My God doesnít ask much more than that, I hope yours doesnít either.

If you are in the military or have a loved one there, missing them could be part of your scenario. Even if they arenít deployed, they may spend a lot of their time in a place that you cannot go. If they are gone, it may be actually easier than the above prospect. This is where experience comes in and if you donít have it, then find someone who does and ask them how to cope. Reaching out is very hard for most of us, but as a multifaceted Gemini, you are blessed in that you can voice your thoughts and seek out those who can help you. Never be afraid to ask for help. The world is full of wonderful people who actually would be more than happy to assist others but donít know how to do so. Sometimes a smile, a nod and a wave is all it takes. Donít be embarrassed to wave back. You are blessed that this is not one of your problems!

You have a great deal of emotion building up in your house of power this year. This has a number of possible portents, one of which is the ending of a very important relationship. The moon rules our parent who has the most emotional dominance in our life, usually the mother. Perhaps your mom will get a job where she is top of her field, or maybe you will have an extreme falling out with her. Or, given that this is the house of endings and deathÖwell, this is a potential but not one to dwell upon at all as this is a paltry little generic solar chart and not at all indicative of the actualities of your natal chart.

On a less somber note, this is truly exemplary regarding the power that you will wield. Your personal magnetism is at an all time high my friends. You can attract partnerships which can be very beneficial, as well as attracting those who are terribly jealous and envious of you. You will certainly know the difference between these two potentials and you need to steer your life as far away from the latter as you possibly can. Yes, you can overcome their venom, but it really isnít worth wasting this powerful energy on such low lives as this. As a side noteÖget your taxes in order ahead of time and have all your receipts and documentation handy.

Your career is in a hold pattern and you need to be aware that you may not know all that is going on behind the scenes in your company or with your bosses. Do not assume anything.

The final change within your solar chart is one you can be thankful for and which can assist you a great deal if you donít overtax it. Venus is a protective influence especially when she is in the 12th house as she is for you this year. You may operate this year as if you have an angel on your shoulder. I hope very much that you believe in angels.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)
2014 Yearly Horoscope

Jupiter has left the building, or at least your solar 1st house as 2014 begins. This is bad for your confidence and attracting abilities, but good for your ability to lose weightÖthat you likely gained while Jupiter was making life easy for you. Though you did have Mars here last year too, so you may have built your bulk into muscle.

This year however your personal fitness or indulgence program is over and it is time to think about how you are going to pay the bills. Mercury is edging you towards doing so with your intellect and communication ability. Jupiter is also in your money house with Mercury which will make it easier to find work, with this combo maybe contract work, but Jupiter is also apt to bring about extravagance or an increase in expenses.

Your home is a place of comfort to you this year, and if you decide to take on a job where you can utilize your analytical skills you might be allowed to work from home. Therefore it is a good idea to set aside a space and put the things in it which will make it conducive to getting your job done.

If you donít like to eat at home, this year is a time when you might want to take up this routine. It is one of the best ways to save money if you are needing to do so. Especially if you have a family. If you donít cook, it is never too late to learn. If you just hate it, well, then draft the person in your family who doesnít hate it and let them plan the meals and give them all the tools and gadgets that make it more fun than chore. I love kitchen gadgets and most cooks do too. Go buy a few and see if you donít feel better about being in the kitchen.

If you have children there may be a bit of unrest amongst them. Mars is inhabiting your house of kids this year bringing angry outbursts, squabbles and fights. You may be surprised at the outcomes in some of these skirmishes, a rebel might surface who can clean the older kids clocks, much to their chagrin and your amusement. If you have a bully in your midst who goes after the other ones it might be time to put them in some sort of athletic program so they are too tired to be mean, or in extreme cases in some kind of school program for delinquents.

If you arenít in an attached relationship, this year can bring you some opportunities for love affairs that are mostly lustful in nature. You probably will have a volatile relationship with whomever you are seeing, or maybe you will have a mutual sports interest, which is a much better option. You also might begin dating someone who is involved in sports.

Your health house has the problems of older folks knocking at your door. These might be your issues or those of a family member or co-worker. Eyesight fading, bone deterioration, agility issues and even memory problems can all rear their head. Oh. And the rear is also apt to be on the fritz occasionally, especially with Saturn being in Scorpio. Scorpio rules those things we donít like to talk about, or talk about to the discomfort of those around us.

Speaking of Scorpio, its ruler, demoted dwarf planet Pluto is happy to be hanging out in its Home house this year and will send you some extra power when you are dealing with taxes, taboo subjects and endings. You will have a large amount of magnetism, so you need to be aware of this when dealing with lesser mortals who may be awed by your mere presence.

Neptune is making your career sector a little ambivalent or confusing. If you work near the ocean or another large body of water, in shipping, pharmaceuticals or with the mysterious and glamorous then this can be a banner year for you. If you are looking for work, these are good fields in which to begin your search.

You probably want to avoid groups, clubs and superficial friendships this year. You could be subjected to some weirdoes or have some unfortunate surprises. This isnít something to be vehemently avoided, but you need to use your judgment and discernment and if anything seems odd, disengage.

Venus is hidden in your house of secrets. This indicates a money or love issue which you would like to keep to yourself. There may be a female in your life that ends up in your dreams on a regular basis. Or maybe you have a love interest you wish to keep secret. Whatever it is, this will give you no small amount of pleasure. Just be careful of hiding money if you have joint interest in finances with someone else. You can get away with itÖfor awhile. This is tied to your house of taxes, so that makes it even more of a no-no if you are hiding income from the powers that be. Stick to having an enjoyable light romance and avoid the negative potentials involving the government.

I hope you will have an absolutely fabulous year, with fun and prosperity raining down on your world. Please remember to say a prayer for those who are less fortunate, especially the kids with cancer.

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