Jupiter into Leo

I admonished the sign of Leo last month about the importance of being truthful, which is even more important this month. As Jupiter enters Leo this month for a year-long stay, truth will not be an option, but an edict. Jupiter does have legal overtones, and often in matters of the law it is considered prudent to plead “not guilty” and never admit to any wrong-doing whatsoever; let the prosecutors find the truth and prove it if they can. Perhaps this is astute but it certainly isn’t decent and honorable: But then these attributes are just anecdotes not necessities anymore, so what the hell. All in all, doesn’t it depend on how much your own personal spiritual repository contains in comparison to those prosecuting you? If you are running on empty, then know it and plan accordingly. If you are all kinds of right, then put up a fight no one will forget. Ever.

For general purposes maintain the truth; there is a natural elegance and grace that come from doing so. Leo can assist us all, through the operation of Jupiter in our natal charts, to find our innocence and even our inner child, our artistic side and our ability to be a great leader or just the best and most egalitarian of managers. Leo is altruistic and loyal, not afraid of a fight when there is a worthy cause, and able to inspire others to follow their lead. [Hint: If the majority isn’t following you, then you aren’t inspirational, nor are you seeing things clearly]. Leo radiates warmth and confidence when he is at his best and he has a dominant contingency that will feed his soul.

Jupiter is the most idealistic planet in the zodiac and reaches towards the heights of deep thinking and profound spiritual insight. Where it is found in our natal chart tells us where we will wish for the freedom to pursue knowledge and mystical revelation. However, we know that in much of the world there is not this freedom, nor does it appear it will be found in the lifetime of those reading this in those dark, sad places. There is just too much ignorance and despotism running rampant. The entrance of Jupiter into Leo holds some hope for an emerging leader who is noble, far-sighted and intelligent enough to right the wrongs so prevalent in this worlds darker recesses. However, without free access, for all, there will continue to be the loss of human dignity thrust upon people, especially those who have absolutely no choice but to follow or be destroyed.

The negative potential of Jupiter being in Leo is certainly vast and profoundly disturbing. Each and every sign has a creepy little underbelly that brings about egregiously slimy outcomes. In the case of Leo the negatives are superlative. Leaders who are megalomaniacs, that require fidelity to an abusive regime and who never intend to make things better for their citizens, but rather to take all resources and live palacially, behaving like conquering demons. The world is truly a scary place, and it always has been. However, most of us in western countries have supposed that the evil was being kept at bay. On any given day, perhaps it is. Just know that Jupiter in Leo has the potential to make it better, or devastatingly worse.

Leo tends to rule the creative fields, particularly actors and all public figures to some extent, and with the Jupiter integration, this is even more prevalent. Leo rules leaders, artisans, nobility, and knights in shining armor. Remember that Leo’s ruler is the sun, and there isn’t anything in our solar system that shines brighter than this star. There is hope here. The hope of the conglomerate can be manifest and walk forth among the masses with Jupiter’s assistance. Prayers might help make this so.

This combination of energy will also speak to adventurers, of a sort who are also leaders in their field or amongst their brethren. There could be expeditions, or the planning for such, to places heretofore unseen, or rarely traversed. There will be advances in genetics and other areas of medicine, but we must be careful that these are not taken further than they ought. Some of us believe that the only possibility for perfection comes from God; that what mortals make is just a facsimile thereof, which may or may not work out. We may see a few of these man-made options come into being this year, though the totality of their potentials will not likely have time to play out under the relatively short duration of the Jupiter in Leo sojourn. Some will be lifesaving, others, oddities or science experiments gone wrong.

One important point to note is that, of the outer planets, Jupiter moves the fastest, usually only gracing a sign for approximately a year. Wars can be begun and won in a year. New projects and procedures implemented; there can be new forces to be reckoned with, and they will have to be reckoned, of this it is certain. Jupiter in Leo is not something you can ignore.

For those to whom Jupiter is a friend in their natal chart, this will be a time of advancement of leadership or of your talents. Some might find themselves in the center of people of influence, with a need to showcase your ability. Others will find your bliss by being true to yourself and following your heart. Leo rules the heart.

I don’t believe one can glean the best of this aspect, which has the potential for extreme levels of satisfaction and accomplishment, unless you have a high degree of spiritual awakening and grounding. Certainly there can be “flash in the pan” kinds of success, but they will be empty at some level. I would advise that we are considerate in endeavoring to utilize this energy exponentially. If your heart and soul are in the right place, then please, by all means, do what you do and do it Out Loud, for all to hear and all to benefit from in some way.

Jupiter in Leo has health implications for some. Jupiter is “massive”. Leo rules the heart and back. Taken together you can do the math. This can be life altering. However, more positively, Jupiter brings healing to us, in a form that can seem miraculous. Hopefully there will be health advancements this year in the area most ruled by Jupiter in Leo, that of heart disease and spinal cord injuries: More clearly, enlarged hearts and hearts that suffer from the hubris of our society (e.g. French fries and a lack of exercise), may receive assistance from the sciences to ensure their healing.

In closing, it is worth noting that Leos can be some of the most romantic souls in the universe. You can find love with a prince or princess from an exotic land while Jupiter is in Leo. Travel afar if you have a happy natal Jupiter and you might find the love of your life in a cockle shell upon a distant shore.

Leos do love to have their belly scratched, and be fawned over, and when it is, they purr and rub their lovely selves all over you (this is a very enticing thing). Yes, they want to be the boss. They can’t help themselves, and often it is best to let them have their lead because they are simply better at organizing people than the rest of us. If you have the option of dating a Leo this year, and I think there will be a number of them out on the prowl with Jupiter’s nudging them, don’t be intimidated by their larger than life persona. Once they get to know you they show their cuddly side and make you feel as regal as they already are.

Jupiter into Cancer 6/25/13-7/16/14

Head’s up my pretties! We have Jupiter moving into Cancer on the 25th of this month for its year long stint (it will move to Leo on 7/16/2014). This is a celebratory time, and it is just in time for summer here in the northern hemi. Jupiter is Exalted in Cancer, this is not just good it is super fantastic and fabulous!

While Jupiter is in Cancer it is a good time to invest in a home, obviously, but also those things that make a house more homey. Cancer also is the ruler of cooks and chefs. Good food is a blessing most of us take for granted. Here in America we have the best of the best of the best. Anything you want you can get.

If you can’t cook, learn to do so. The food shows on TV are a great place to start. My favorite is Alton Brown (fellow southerner) and then I like “Chopped" and "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives” and “Iron Chef America” with all their fantastic chefs like Mario, Mr. Morimoto, Cat Cora, Bobby Flay, and all the new guys. I used to love the “Hot Tamales”, not sure where they went, and I really like Rachel Ray and Giada, and the Barefoot Contessa. My point being, you can learn to be a gourmet on TV if your mama and grandma didn’t teach you.

Cancer also speaks to family and our past. If you don’t know your ancestors, this would be a great time to look into who they were. We need to know where our family came from to understand what we have overcome and what gifts we have that were passed down to us.

Figure out who your ancestors are and if they are still alive, go visit them. And grandparents…be fun…give them a happy memory for their trouble. It really does matter. Don’t just sit around and whine about your owies. If you can get out, take them somewhere meaningful to you. If you can’t get out, show them pictures and give them information about the people in them. Tell them about your childhood and write it down if you have the wherewithal to do so.

Jupiter in Cancer is a very nurturing energy, bringing about the most humanitarian of instincts. This is a cosmic call out to us to start treating our care givers better. I’m not talking about the medical profession, though a few of them (sadly too few) are quite nurturing. I’m referring to those people who work in nursing homes, group homes, and hospitals. The really good nurses that actually sit by your side when no one else is there and you are sick or scared. Those family members who are there to wipe your backside when you are too sick to know you missed a spot, and feed you when you can’t freaking lift a spoon.

There is more to this than just that however. WE NEED MORE CAREGIVERS. And not ones who just got paroled. I’m not dissing the parolees, they are often good peeps who just made a few mistakes. Give them a chance. But we need to pay people more to take care of people.

People. Have you ever been to a nursing home? Especially one in a poor part of town? The people there try, but they don’t have enough funding to do what needs to be done and hire the quality of people who will be responsible enough to do it right. And guess what? There is a good possibility you will live there one day. Even the premier nursing homes have problems and in my experience they actually had even more. The answer to this is to pay people better in these places and have oversight of them from a couple of different entities.

One can be the state and governmental folks, with ombudsman programs and regular checks from licensing entities, preferably quarterly (for the government people and weekly for the ombudsman officers) both visits should be unannounced.

The next needs to be a private group who oversees the government, which truly gets so bogged down in its own hubristic paperwork and infrastructure that it can be less than useless. Not only that but you have to deal with the good ol’ boy mentality that covers one another’s ass, no matter what. That same mentality gets people maimed, psychologically damaged and even killed. Yes, we need to protect each other within these organizations, but if bad outcomes keep popping up with the same people, it is time to dissect them from the organization, not help them be mutant losers…with power…for crissakes.

Further. We need to actually BE nurturing. When someone can’t control their bladder and bowels we Don’t berate them, we Don’t make them feel shame, we clean them up as many times as it takes and powder their tookus. Dammit. “There but for the Grace of God go I”, spoken first by John Bradford…see…a citation to give credit. Not that hard.

If we don’t take care of each other, especially those who can’t take care of themselves, then what good are we? And if you believe in any sort of God why should we receive any of the goodies in life if we don’t do something as simple as nurture one another? There are plenty of families out there sacrificing their comforts for someone who is sick or disabled. We have got to Help them. People shouldn’t have to sell their homes to get the assistance they need for their sick child, elderly relative or disabled family member. It is a travesty to our humanity, our communities and our countries.

If the government wants to do something, how about nixing ObamaCare and putting together some sort of catastrophic health insurance for people who didn’t do a damn thing wrong? Make the insurance companies do the right thing by people who have paid their entire lifetime for insurance and are still hassled for payment on procedures. Give additional coverage for the poor who can show they are trying to help themselves. Provide respite and support for families who have the courage, integrity and enough love, time and money to keep their disabled loved one at home. For those who don’t have the money or time, allow family caregivers to be paid for taking care of a loved one in their home, including those with financial means. (At a minimum wage, they shouldn't make excess money for doing the right thing). Give them access to what we used to call “Habilitation Aides” for times they need rest or when they need a break. The people who are ill and disabled will live longer fuller lives with people who love them, in a real home, rather than in institutions where love is hard to come by: Not because the people are not loving, but because they are working in shell-shocked conditions and eventually they become numb.

Obviously this is my heart that is bleeding all over this page. It sickens me to see people suffer and sacrifice when they have tried to do the right thing and be the right kind of citizen. Not to mention that they love their family member and would do anything and everything to do what is best for them. We have to help these people. I pray fervently that we will do so as Jupiter graces the sign of Cancer. Cancer. The sign of family, safe harbor and nurturing contentment.

I write this in dedication to my own family member who was a crabby Cancer, but a gifted individual all the same. And especially to all those who crossed my path in my travels upon this earth who really only needed to have someone with them in their time of need who cared.

Jupiter in Gemini

Jupiter is considered to be in its detriment in Gemini, meaning it does not function as well here as it does in other signs. This is not an entirely negative auspice, as nothing is merely positive or negative in astrology. Each individual or entity will work with an energy differently, largely based upon the other potentials in their natal chart. So it isn’t necessary to feel this will be a dire placement for Jupiter during 2012, though it will temper its exuberance to a large extent.

Gemini is an intellectual sign, but is rather superficial in expression, rather than being an expert. Jupiter in Gemini is deemed to be very scattered, with too many things going on to ever deal sufficiently with any of them. I would expect that when historians look back upon this time frame in history one fault that will be underscored will be the lack of focus by our leaders in attending to the world economic fiasco. They have been running around from disaster to disaster, not truly fixing any of them, only throwing money at them which we don’t have, creating ever larger deficits. This is certainly an apt battle cry for unseating incumbents.

One of Jupiter in Gemini’s problems is that is likes to be out and about and readily gives in to its gift of gab. This is a positive for those in careers where networking is paramount, but even then, if the message given is not one of cohesion and consistency it does little good in furthering their agenda. Jupiter in Gemini is best when it has disciplined itself in becoming an expert in at least one field, then it can go about frolicking and shine as it exhibits its own genius, and can teach others to find theirs as well.

Expect to see a growth spurt in the communication fields, as well as in jobs where people must travel extensively. Teaching positions for those in grammar school will see a slight rise, but since Jupiter is only in a sign for a year, this will likely be short lived and merely a ploy by local politicians to appease voters prior to upcoming elections. After the new regime takes over, or even if the old regime stays, it is unlikely these positions will be fiscally viable if they have not been funded for the long term.

Jupiter is the ruler of publishers and journalists. A good many well-known authors have this placement in their natal chart. Charles Dickens is but one of the famed writers with Jupiter in Gemini. Dickens is one of my favorite authors, but more for his story telling abilities than for his gift at inciting social reform. Some of his works we read as books now, were actually written in snippets, as monthly contributions to newspapers and other periodicals. This is how his famous work The Pickwick Papers came into being.

In a cursory look back at historical times, we see that Mexico and France were both highlighted during Jupiter in Gemini years, with Napoleon declaring himself dictator, 1st consul of France and annexing Italy into his domain. Mexico had many decisive incidences in its revolution from Spain and there were many skirmishes between the U.S. and Mexico during the years Jupiter was in Gemini.

Jupiter is not a rebellious energy per se, however it exacerbates all it contacts. Gemini is not a reformer taken alone, but it does have the capacity for awareness and communication delineating incongruent factions. This configuration is prone to dualistic thinking, and can most certainly take the side which best suits it in a particular circumstance. Add these two energies together and we see a reformer of sorts, but often what they espouse is self-serving or done based on popular ideology, whereas the reformer energy of Uranus/Aquarius is much more evolved than this and will forge its own path. Nevertheless, Jupiter in Gemini will likely be a year when the dualism of society is attacked.

Jupiter’s goal would be perpetuate wonderful lives of plenty for all, though Jupiter is wise enough to know this is not possible in a world of finite resources. Gemini then will espouse that we all have an equal share: Which sounds wonderful in premise, but does not carry through very well in actual practice. This is because it is not fair to those who work harder or have more skills and talents, consequently, the only real proponents of this are those who are very mediocre or exceedingly altruistic. The adage of the crayfish in the bucket is an apt descriptor: As the crawdaddies all stand upon one another within their bucket in order to get closer to the top and freedom; the other ones latch on to the escaping crayfish, plucking him back into the bucket. Thereby, those below who cannot reach the top themselves are not desirous of another to attain freedom either. In conclusion, this is an appropriate and perfect vignette into why Jupiter, when in Gemini, is most assuredly, in its detriment.

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