Leo (July 23-August 22)
February Monthly Horoscope

You have one of the most romantic energies the zodiac circle has to offer in your house of intensity this month, which is fabulous since this is arguably the month for romance. I like both this month and the holiday season, as well as warm spring days when the leaves are just opening and the first flowers pop up out of the ground, or summer days of freedom and warmth and the sun glistening off the water, as well as crisp fall days with a chill in the air that is filled with wood smoke and cinnamon.

You have the option to pick any and all of these days and claim them for your own with memories of some very wonderful times. In some cases this is a future potential to seek and sometimes it will be a reflection, likely depending upon your current stage in life. And if you can't associate these times with someone else, remember it is never too late to find someone or even reconnect. I don't say this to everyone, but for you this may be very important for you to do. I don't know why, maybe just to say goodbye, but I don't think so. I think you need to say, assuming you are not together anymore, that you remember them and you remember those special moments in time that can never be forgotten. Just like some people can never be replaced. I hope you know you are one of these people. Even if they never told you so.

On more mundane matters, you may want to put some extra energy into your kids or your investments this month. A lot of money can potential be made for you if you like speculating in sports, like basketball with March Madness just around the corner. Of course, a lot of cash will be lost too, as well as down time across the country due to no one attending to work while the games are going on. Oh well. Go have fun.

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Leo (July 23-August 22)
2018 Horoscope

The most prominent item in your new solar chart for 2018 is that Uranus is smack dab in the middle of your midheaven. This is indicative of a major change in career or reputation. You may decide to pursue a career in the beauty industry or maybe you will want to nurture the earth in some way. This is actually very good for real estate as well as farming.

Or it could be that you will become more aware of the planet and want to save some of the supposed "lesser" beings that dwell among us like the animals and such. You know, the animals were given to us as a gift. They were the first line of defense to show that we are caring beings capable of taking care of something less strong than we are. The animals love us. At least that has been my experience. And we don't take care of them, much less our own kids. Some of them are too well cared for and others not at all. We all have to care more. This should be your chant to the world this year Leo...after all you are best at roaring.

Perhaps you are also going to become a great communicator for your cause or your ambition. And there are financial opportunities to be had especially for those with superior analytical skills. This is likely to be associated with contract work or will require some travel to places which you are less than thrilled to be going.

All of the caring professions and beauty industry, as well as interior decorating and areas related to child care and home comforts will be places you might be able to find extra income or a whole new career.

You could decide to expand your family or domicle this year and if you move it will likely be to a foreign location or at least one much further away from where you currently reside. This is also a great opportunity to work from home if you are of a philosophical bent.

Your love life. Appears you have one and it is pretty involved and emotionally present. If you don’t have a love life you are likely to have ample opportunity to find one and it might be one that challenges you in some way. Traveling will create the most likely scenario for you meeting this person. This energy also carries over into business partnerships and best friends. You might join up with a business partner and become very prominent in your field.

Along with your solar Uranus midheaven traveling slightly ahead in your solar 10th house is that fame making moon. Any time the progressed moon is in the upper sector of your chart you may attain fame of some sort, I am using a generic solar chart and it shows . If you ever wanted to be a prominent public figure you still have a chance to let the world know that you are more talented than most and really want to change whatever segment of the world you desire. You have this kind of charisma and you were built for dancing upon the world stage. And if you weren’t you should have been because you have the talent.

Leo (July 23-August 22)
2016 Horoscope

Welcome to the brave new world of 2016! The Leo sect had a relative good year last year due to Jupiter and Venus being in your 1st house of ego and those things which you want people to know about you. Jupiter assisted you in all your beneficent deeds last year, and Venus gave you the wings to be the person you wanted to be. If you didn’t do those things for yourself you did them for someone else and I’m sure they appreciate all you have tried to do.

Venus is going to stay with you, this energy is very loving to you or it may manifest as some kind of wonderful luck coming your way. Maybe it is just something that will make you see an opportunity or open your eyes to a greater truth of some sort. Or perhaps your in-laws, college mates or some influential person will assist you in finding some other exciting new ways forward in your life which were closed to you because you were being held back by someone less noble than yourself. These will come from quite out of the blue and might involve some sort of marital opportunity if you are so inclined and if it will be a second marriage for you.

I don’t say this lightly. But if you are looking for love this is probably the best chance you will have to find someone who once again makes your heart go pitter-patter. Come on Leo. Everyone knows you are romance personified. Anyone would be thrilled to have you. And thrilling for you it shall be. You can finally meet someone who has your same values and shares some same past experiences.

This is not a stable relationship, and will require something more powerful than a Uranus/Venus transit to make this a durable relationship but it is something to get you through some tough times. Someone to hold while you regain your center. Someone to go out and explore the world with who can make you feel excited about life again. But mostly who can make you laugh.

The first place you should look for this love is to your past. Maybe a college love, or someone you met on a trip. If this doesn’t seem plausible, then it might be good to hang out with your most influential group of friends so you can find someone of your socio-economic background if nothing else.

The next big change up is that you will have a very full house in your house of money and in fact you will be gathering together great potential for even more bloody lucre. Go you! The only caveat is that there appears to be something opposing your endeavors, which appears to be something which is either unknown to you or which you would prefer to keep unknown to another. This is most likely a financial matter given the axis it is resting upon.

In the most positive potential this will bring you to a fabulous career opportunity that will allow you to make a great deal of money or at least rub elbows with some very glamorous people who can assist you in meeting others who will be helpful to you in some major way.

There is fate associated with this energy and it does appear that you need to expand your viewpoint on some matter in order for you to achieve those goals you have so set your heart upon attaining.

Your worst potential appears to be associated with gambling, stock investing and who you chose to date. Which does seem contraindicated from what I said a few paragraphs back about meeting someone suddenly and being instantly attracted to them. You may find it difficult to maintain a relationship where you just want to date. The person you meet is going to want more than that and may not be willing to take less. This energy will play a lot better for those looking for a male in a relationship, particularly an older male.

Leo (July 23-August 22)
2017 Yearly Horoscope

My favorite sign may be yours. And I don't know why but maybe I like how you roar at the world. We need more noble and lovely Souls such as yours. And as I look at your chart this year, I see vast changes.

I hope for the better but this will only happen if you are open to some rather different ideas. There are actually some opportunistic energies afoot, but because last year was so difficult for you, you needn't worry about them. You will either have overcome whatever issue you were fighting, or it has become a huge and sincere opportunity for you to be as noble and majestic as you were born to be.

The other option is that you will meet someone (a woman), that likely lives far away from you but that will make your life worth living again. Yes, this is rather dramatic, but this is a very dramatic energy. This person can lift you up and show you how much they have loved you, probably for a rather long time.

If you do not believe in guardian angels, you should. Because we never know how many spirits love us sometimes and they DO love you.

I know that none of this is very tangible for your future prospects, but really, without love, what prospects do any of us have?

I remember one time someone told me a quote from someone smarter than I am that, that to badly paraphrase says, no one will ever die on this earth as long as one person remembers them. Do we understand this? Nope. Because people don't know that those that Love us, Truly and Deeply, Never leave us. Even ancestors that never met us. They intrinsically Know us. If they don't know you, then you are doing something wrong.

Many blessings to you this year. Without you and your kind the world would be so much the worse off, so go roar loudly at the injustices and if you are in a position to do try and make stuff better, please do so. If they listen, try something bigger.

Leo (July 23-August 22)
2015 Yearly Highlights

Welcome to the New Year Lions. We all get a few changes in our solar charts which for some are game changing and for others less significant bringing more of a holding pattern from last year. Your solar chart has not changed significantly from last year, but there are relevant things we need to discuss.

First and foremost is the addition to Venus into your 1st house. This is extremely helpful Leo. You have a full 1st house, sending you energy which, due to Jupiter’s presence is a little grandiose. This might also have allowed you to grow in stature as well, perhaps in the form of poundage, but mostly by way of an acknowledgement of your accomplishments. Regardless of how measurable your accolades are, know that the people who love you love you regardless of your size, your achievements or your pocketbook. Just make sure you realize who those people are and treat them better than the rest of your entourage. If you want to lose a bit of weight or get in better physical shape otherwise, it will be much easier for you this year.

If you need to sell yourself to the world in order to make a living Venus is going to make you much more attractive to others. Your sensitivity level may be very high and you will be valued because you are handsome or pretty and charming. This is fabulous obviously. But remember, this is a gift you had no part in, so don’t rely on it. Make sure you have the brains to back up any accolades you get. If you don’t currently have them, Mercury is still with you and will give you a chance to take a crash course on whatever level of smart you need to learn.

Last year your home life was less than sedate and comfortable. This year Mars has moved on as has the moon, though Saturn still remains. Saturn is a real asshole. However, if you live in an older home his presence is easily explained. Stuff is going to need repaired. Nothing huge hopefully. If there are issues regarding structural soundness, you could have problems if your house is new. Older homes should be fine.

The house that rules your domicile also rules the family from which you were spawned. This house usually indicates the mother as well as your immediate family. Saturn here is less than pleasant. If you have an older parent who is not able to take care of themselves, you may have to deal with their infirmity this year. Unfortunately this is further indicated by Mars being on the cusp of your ascendant in the 12th house of your solar chart. If you do have to decide on the future of an elderly family member, know they won’t go quietly. Do what you can to provide support systems to keep them at home. Nursing homes are not home. Sometimes all it takes is hiring a neighbor to go and do their laundry and get the groceries. Assuming they have a trustworthy neighbor. If you live in a city, there are organizations who have people who can do these things for a fee. This is a much better option than a nursing home. Old people…and I mean this with no disrespect…if you are getting feeble own up to it before something bad happens and hire assistance. Otherwise you’ll end up in the hospital and you won’t get a say in what happens to you. Getting old is inevitable. Plan for it. No one has your best interest at heart more than you do…even your kids.

The next big change from last year will come in your 9th house of foreign investments and travel, the clergy, philosophy, religion, in-laws and the great beyond. The moon will put you in touch with these things and make you much more emotionally invested in them. If you are a non-believer, you may find reason to Believe. If you are a Believer, you may be confronted with things that aren’t so pretty and make you wonder “why”? One of my favorite sayings is from Alfred Lord Tennyson from the Charge of the Light Brigade: “Theirs is not to reason why, theirs but to do or die”. Questioning the Great Beyond won’t get you far. Studying it might just save you. If your feelings lead you here, please follow them.

Leo (July 23-August 22)
2014 Yearly Horoscope

July will bring a very large bit of good news your way Leo as Jupiter moves into your sign for a nice long stay until August 2015. This brings opportunities to you in a personal way. You will also feel more benevolent and prosperous, which never hurts ones mood either.

Jupiter will be cozying up to Mercury all year in your solar chart, which makes you more prone to long conversations and maybe talking a little too much, which isn’t really normal for most Leo’s so this verbal boost may even out with you merely enjoying conversation more. Maybe it will be the people you have an opportunity to speak with who encourage or enliven you, as they may be influential or very learned in some field.

You may have increased travel. This might be associated with some type of organized study, maybe in affiliation with a university or other hall of learning. Expanding your knowledge on a subject will benefit you in a number of ways, even if you just teach yourself.

One negative associated with having Jupiter in our sign has to do with our tendency towards self-indulgence. Often we gain weight while under this influence. If you want to keep the pounds off you might want to take up walking or bike riding.

The section of your solar chart that pertains to your family, home, real estate, antiques and your parents, specifically your mother, has a couple of rather austere planets contained within it this year. First of all, Mars, planet of anger, aggression and accidents like broken bones and muscle strain is in residence. The best use of this rather hyper energy is to start a project around the house that requires a little bit of muscle. Just be careful not to take on too much and hurt yourself.

The second planet here is Saturn, who is the builder and engineer of the zodiac. You might want to build a new home now or do some renovations. If you buy a new house you may be drawn to one that needs a little work or is older. Saturn rules old people and you might find that your parents are succumbing to the problems and infirmities associated with growing older.

The next house we will discuss is the one that rules artists, children and love affairs. Some of you may be welcoming an addition to your family this year. If you have children they may be the cause of a few emotional upsets. This will be especially true of those who are away at college or getting ready to do so.

If you are an artist or in some other kind of creative field you can receive a huge amount of inspiration this year, maybe from some of that research we discussed back in the first couple of paragraphs. For some of you a mentor might enter your life, fitting the description of someone of influence we already discussed. They might open your mind up to things that spur on your creativity to new heights.

Love affairs will be very emotional indeed. You might fall for someone who is a confirmed bachelor or bachelorette. If so, just enjoy yourself and allow them their freedom. You won’t win them by trying to tie them down.

Your health house indicates that something is taking its toll on you, it may be your job and the stress associated with it. Whatever it is you may not realize how much harm it is doing yet. Make sure you take some time for yourself and do what you can to minimize the negative impacts as much as possible. You have plenty of will power regarding this issue so if you need to you can overcome almost any problem.

Neptune is gracing your house of power giving you that ephemeral quality that is so alluring to others. If you need to get information or assistance from someone you can call upon this gift to find what will charm them into cooperating with you.

If you manage money for someone else you need to keep a close watch on them and it. There may be some confusion or foggy circumstances associated with it so double check all your work. Your tax situation is not better and will need extra attention.

This is not a year for foreign travel I don’t think, especially to places where you have already been. Oddly, traveling in a group is not a good idea either even though there is usually safety in numbers.

This strange energy is also playing with your college studies. You may have a professor who is quite bright and has no patience for those he feels are lesser mortals. There is little you can do about this besides your best.

Your career house doesn’t have a lot of emphasis on it this year but it appears you might have some sort of money making scheme under wraps. Maybe because it is the planning phase, or because it has to be kept under wraps at this point. If you are looking for a job and have nothing in mind you should consider working for the government or a hospital.

Lastly, you have a guardian angel in your pocket giving you a fair amount of protection from any detractors. Some of you may have a secret love, or friend, but it looks more like love. Maybe it is someone you reconnected with at a college reunion or who you recently met while traveling. However you met, for some reason you may seek to keep your relationship a secret. Just know that when it becomes known you are going to truly shock and surprise a few people! Fortunately these people need to be shocked and surprised out of their boring countenance and complacence.

I hope you will have an absolutely fabulous year, with fun and prosperity raining down on your world. Please remember to say a prayer for those who are less fortunate, especially the kids with cancer.

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