North Korea (4/6/2013)

Given what we know about North Korea, not much of which is good, it seems rather obvious to state that in their astrological chart the people (who are wonderful souls) are not happy. There are those living in North Korea who are aware of the outside world, the advancements, and how cruel the governmental regime is. But to voice displeasure at their plight means certain punishment. They do not merely punish the one voicing their discontent, but the entire family. In most cases, according to sources like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch (I’ve taken a general synopsis of the country from Wikipedia) they are sent to the equivalent of concentration camps or work farms. Kim Jong-un and his father Kim II-sung (who by the way is still some sort of “supreme ruler” even though he has been dead since 1994…seriously?), these leaders obviously liked the Soviet Stalin’s gulag concept when they occupied after WWII. Read “Gulag” (Anne Applebaum, (2003). Gulag. 1st ed. United States of America: Anchor Books), for an extensive look at these completely misguided ideologies.

My husband showed me a satellite image of the countries in that area at night (Russia, China, South Korea, Japan) and while all the mentioned countries are lit up like candlesticks, North Korea is dark. EXCEPT around their capitol. His people live in darkness and fear and he does not care. Those who have escaped North Korea say that their health care system is virtually non-existent with most of the country going back to the holistic medicines of their ancestors. A ridiculous number of their children are malnourished and their infant mortality rate is over 50%! I don’t have to tell you how incited to violence this kind of thing makes me. And they are threatening us: Giving the world (mostly South Korea and the U.S.) the intolerable choice of defending itself or retaliating. If we bomb them we will kill a bunch of innocent people who want out of there as badly as we would like to get them out. Even if they can’t comprehend what being free even means.

The people of North Korea are represented in the nation's astrology chart as Jupiter conjunct Moon in Sagittarius. This tells a dual story due to a hard square between the sun and moon. The moon is emotional in nature, and thereby prone to extremes. To be involved in their military (Jupiter and moon=collective goals and ambitions) is probably the greatest aspiration of these people. This is the only way they can conceivably save themselves and their families.

They have a collective farm system with an edict requiring the military reap benefits before the common people. Therefore, if the crops are bad (and they have been in recent memory, most notably around 1997) the military will be fed and the people will starve. Which they have, in great number. Okay, technically Wiki says they haven’t starved, but have gotten TB, dysentery and every other parasitic and communicable disease associated with malnourishment and immune systems that are dysfunctional.

There is no doubt many of the populace have been brainwashed, which only works well when cruelty, torture and executions are not also employed. It is hard to make people believe you are omnipotent and loveable when you must torture them if they don’t agree with you or won’t adhere to your dictates. There are people like this, big and small, throughout history and they wreak havoc on the innocent. The one attribute they have in common is they have too much power for their current soul level. I am giving much leeway in assuming they even have a soul.

Their “friendship” house, which includes any group affiliations, harkens clearly to the paranoia of 1920-1950 Stalinism. They never knew if their friends would rat them out, so they couldn’t have friendships unless they were very, very skilled at superficial alliances and the basic principles of psychopathology. This is not a condemnation, but a derivation of the psychological manifestations of a closed society where one’s life is on the line if you deign to speak against those in charge.

Their house of secrets carries a huge implication involving the node of fate in association with the planet of males, war and aggression. The nodes are also very active in death and birth. The house of secrets is also the house of prisons and I’ve already touched on this earlier. To further elucidate however, anyone who exhibits any sort of aggressive tendencies or tries to put together a force to rise up against the regime is summarily executed, in company with their entire family. This is what power mongering despots do. The implications of hidden brutality and inhumanity are huge with this energy signature.

Additionally, the house of prisons and secrets also rules hospitals, which according to Wiki, their hospitals are non-functioning. If you have an injury or disease which requires surgery, unless you are someone very important and very loyal to the regime, you will not be helped. Any disease requiring antibiotics is probably lethal, including some very communicable ones. This means that if we do ever get an opportunity to help the North Korean people we will be facing germs which we are not normally accustomed to seeing.

The house of death, in the North Korean chart, indicates that women die more often than men, as I’ve already stated many of them die in childbirth and half of the children they bear die. Childhood diseases, virtually eradicated in the western world, kill voraciously there.

I would wager to say that the style and scope of executions are shocking and very emotional in this country. Setting these people free will be reminiscent of the liberation of the concentration camps during WWII.

There is a reiteration of a theme in the country’s natal chart of severe problems concerning the eyes. This may be metaphorical and symbolic in nature, as many astrological alludings tend to be. Therefore it can speak not only to the fact that they literally cannot see, probably due to eyeglasses being too expensive for common folk, and diseases of the eye, like conjunctivitis and cataracts running rampant; but also it speaks to something deeper in meaning. They cannot “see” how to escape from their plight, and some of the younger people don’t even understand the concept of freedom and what that entails, much less the luxury of being able to think for themselves. Therefore, they are truly “blind” to any other options. We cannot miss what we have never known.

The North Koreans have spent the last twenty years “crying wolf” and “playing chicken” with the rest of the world. Their sawed off little half inch puke of a leader, Kim Jong-un, learned this bulling playground tactic from his daddy, you know, the dead guy who is still in power. I mean, what can you do if a dead guy wants you to behave badly? What recourse can you possibly have? What an excellent excuse for being evil personified.

The son, Kim Jong-un, was educated in the west, at least to some extent, so he has no excuse for being a disgusting, mean little twerp and he does understand that the rest of the world has electricity and cars, for crissakes. However, their military is more in charge than he is and they are probably much like Hitler’s henchmen. Despots one and all. Their conglomerate crimes against humanity make me wish for a DNA driven drone that can pick them off like fleas off a monkey.

[By the way, I am using the North Korean chart information from Nicholas Campion’s book Nicholas Campion, (2004). The Book of World Horoscopes. 3rd ed. England: The Wessex Astrologer Ltd.]

Kimmy has designated the 10th of April as being the last day before he does something very, very naughty. In looking at the transits associated with this day the house of children and gambling is highlighted. Probably indicative of the military having the youngest of their ranks putting themselves at greatest risk. There is an opposition from transiting Uranus in the 5th to the 11th house Neptune conjunct Mercury. I’m guessing the younger set are crazy zealots because otherwise, how could they live and look forward to a future in their current situation. I’m also extrapolating that if Kimmy has any friends they have told him pissing off the U.S. is not advisable. However, there is also a slightly sinister connotation, which doesn’t seem to pan out. That perhaps he has a despicable friend planning to help him. The astrology indicates that Russia is telling him to keep calm. They would be the first I would worry about, the next would be China. Obviously, this is not rocket science as far as who the possible conspirator could be. However, I don’t think China would be interested in bombing someplace it is highly invested in, plus they probably understand better than anyone that the dude is bonkers. Okay, in the throes of megalomania and delusions of grandeur, to keep the psychobabalists happy. In fact, I think the Russians will be a great help in diffusing problems if only because they don’t want to see a great deal of unrest in their area of the world. Probably not because they like us, unfortunately.

Personally I still hold out a great deal of hope for Mr. Putin and his regime. Granted, he scares the bejesus out of me, but I’ve read about his mother. He lost siblings, and I am sure his family lost friends, during the siege of Leningrad. He has heard from his family the profound suffering from WWII. His mama was a Christian, so it is said. I certainly hope he will do what he can to mitigate evil rather than perpetuating it.

So, based on this and the observations of the current transits, I think Kim Jong-un will keep to antagonizing his southern neighbors. South Korea does have some Mars transits (war) and a sextile between Jupiter and Pluto during the immediate time frame after the 10th. So they better be ready to intercept any missiles coming their way. Jupiter and Pluto are harbingers of immense overdoing. So this does not clarify if they truly have something to worry about, and can indicate a small thing that turns into something very large as well as over compensating for something. I do think if the North truly goes through with their threats that their intent this time is great numbers of casualties, or destroying banking or other large money making enterprise. Given their overt atrocities against their own people, they would feel no remorse in killing a great number of South Koreans.

The world, NOT just the United States, needs to view the North Koreans as the children they act like. Someone…BESIDES the U.S….Russia, China, I am speaking to you…needs to take action if they carry through on their threats. They are your neighbors and they are being playground bullies. Do something dammit. Obviously my opinion is nil and I am merely a voice in the wilderness, but you have to admit…it is the Right thing to do.

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