North Node into Scorpio - South Node into Taurus:
August 31, 2012~February 18, 2014

First off, a little info about these lunar points we call the Nodes:

The north node demands that we challenge ourselves and take the route which is the least comfortable for us. The south node is the route which is most familiar to us and requires little effort. However, we all have different requirements for our soul to fully develop, some automatically challenge themselves and others cling to old familiar ways by matter of course. Neither path can be deemed as correct or wrong as the rest of the chart must be taken into account. Further, what is a challenge to some would not be seen as a challenge to another, yet is. We can’t know which path another soul should tread unless we have walked a mile in their moccasins. Therefore, I cannot say with certainty the way an individual should react to this new set of edicts from the heavens. Can they trust they have done enough to find their truth and rely on the south node to bring them rewards, or are they still being asked by the Universe to do and seek more?

The nodes hold secrets to an individual’s chart that no one else can fathom, and if they try, they could be met with the anguish they divined for the other. What I can say is that you will know by midyear if you are on the wrong path, as this is set to be a period where there is a very cogent learning curve.

On the surface of it, this is an interesting turn of events my lovelies. The Universe actually wants us to be more Scorpionic now. We are taught that being jealous, forceful and highly sexual, as Scorpio is described in every ill-conceived mainstream astrology book, is a bad thing. Yes, it is true, that Scorpio can illicit some of the most depraved of human conditions, as can Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn, Sagittarius, Libra, Virgo, Leo, Cancer, Gemini, Taurus and Aries.

Scorpio gets a bad rap in general, but on an individual basis, their dark shadows are worth investigating. Every single sign of the zodiac has the potential for extremes of evil and extremes of good. This is only because mortals are capable of these extremes. Scorpio just happens to rule sex and power and these particular attributes get human beings in more trouble than almost all the others put together. The other big evil that we can’t seem to live without is the pursuit of money, so Taurus can slide right up to the counter with Scorpio for a few cups of woe. (Amazing coincidence [or divine forethought] that these two signs share the same axis?)

Consequently, we have both of the signs of humanities biggest Achilles Heels “coming about” right now. (I can’t imagine there will be a problem. sigh) The cosmic rule book says that Scorpio is the route we are to tread if we want to emerge victorious from this earthly skirmish. Every possible effort will be made to trip us up, but passion will win over avarice and intimacy will win over greed. In order to manifest positively during these couple of years utilize the higher theoretical side of Scorpio: Inspiration and healing thoughts, austere focus on a path of research, resolute adherence to an ideal and passionate, chivalrous heroism. Avoid the darkness of this sign which includes vicious envy and jealousy, abusive tendencies, cruelty, distrust and joy in destroying others just to watch them suffer. Yes, evil stems in some part from Scorpio’s loins, but without it there would be no perseverance and ability to overcome adversity.

The Taurus south node is the path we are to avoid. Taurus is a very materialistic sign and loves spending lazy days in the contemplation of easy money. Taurus is also an ultra-conservative sign, but not always for the best of reasons. They enjoy judging others from their perceived lofty perch but I believe no one has ever seen a Bull fly, so their roost is merely an interminable nest they are too uptight to leave. As they sit drolly chewing their cud, the world passes them by with nary a glance. Sticking their head between the barbed wire is enough, even though the grass is so much greener on the other side, they prefer a nibble to a four course meal because they are intimidated by that which is real.

Practically speaking, with Taurus in the south node, farming will take a hit. This isn’t exactly news as the agrarian lifestyle is all but gone already. Now we have mass farming methods that are very far removed from the ways of our ancestors. Some farmers and ranchers will be lucky enough to find another source of income during this nodal time, in the form of investors in oil, gas, water, minerals and other natural resources associated with their land. Investors that pay them more than they could make farming. This is great for the indebted farmer and horrible for the human race that relies on their produce to survive.

The developed nations put forth safer produce than other undeveloped countries. The use of artificial hormones and toxic fertilizers is the bane of true lovers of the Earth and Her produce. Being completely organic is not likely a path either, as the “critters” will pack off your goods quite quick. Few people have time to sit in their fields and hand pluck off the caterpillars, aphids and stink bugs. However, a happy medium would do the world a plethora of good. So our cantaloupes won’t be the size of bowling balls, we can deal with that.

There will come a day when farming is again a fully blessed and honored tradition, but I don’t think it will be during the years that Taurus is resting in the south node. Just remember, if we all start to starve, those who live in concrete meccas will starve first. Migrating towards the breadbasket, should there be some sort of apocalypse, might not be a good bet since most folks there have multiple forms of artillery. I applaud those who work in community gardens in the cities and would encourage many more of them. Even if the world remains stable, it pleases God when we grow our own food for our own table. I promise you, it tastes better too.

All of that being said, we must remember that the south node can be a fallback position for those who have challenged themselves and deserve a freaking break. Since Taurus is the sign ruling farming and the products of the earth, Taurus in the south node means those who have the GIFT of a green thumb will be blessed if they have looked for few blessings prior to this point. I suspect that the bankers who have assisted farming enterprises which utilize common sense will also be given a nice big pat on the back by the Universe.

Scorpio is the caretaker of death and his ruler is the boatman on the river Styx. Scorpio is often not the most evolved sign, but when found prominently in an "old soul", it is the sign of a shaman or druid. Scorpios can be very dedicated to making a difference in the world and are some of the greatest teachers. They see things from the deepest, darkest angles (you see they spend a lot of time there) so they understand how to penetrate even the most obtuse skulls and make a relevant point. The Universe is calling on these people now to educate the scores who are entirely bereft of any core belief system. However there will be pitfalls for those who deem themselves called upon but who are abusing their power, manipulating events for their own gain or overstating their importance.

Nothing is static with the nodes. In general, the north node is less debilitating but only if one follows the more treacherous path, therefore, don’t expect rainbows and snow cones just because you are a Scorpio or are fully challenging yourself. Motive is an incredibly important part of this particular plan.

Simplistically, and also on a mundane level, these years will be less propitious for real estate, politics, the economy, restaurants, elite vacation spots, fashion industry, modeling, beauty supply, beauticians, fashionistas, hotels, green houses, natural sciences, banking in general and the stock market.

Better areas will be exploration, perhaps interstellar, law enforcement (detectives and cold case researchers), health care technology, pop-psychology, esoteric sciences, mystery writers and hospice workers.

Sometimes we can’t avoid the whack of the tail or the hot breath on our necks the Nodes can bring. With Scorpio leading, the Universe is tired of lukewarm feelings and political correctness. And with Taurus characteristics at the butt end, complacency and dogma are definitely out. The Universe wants people of passion to come forward and show the herd how to exude feelings beyond those their own ego and interests elicit. We do not need good ol’ boys and girls to go about petting ruffled feathers and making everyone feel better. We need LEADERS. Dudes and dudettes who care enough to hurt themselves making things right, who know the meaning of sacrifice and can distinguish the wheat from the chaff .

The esoteric thinking Taureans are definitely out. Those who espouse a stance and have zero sweat equity in it. All you “green” people…do you have organic gardens that can feed your entire family? Your entire block? Excellent! If not, then get to it, shouldn’t take more than your whole weekend for several months. Barring any infestations or acts of nature, like a drought, you should have lots of food for the winter.

Oh, so you ride a bike? What, three, four, five blocks? Okay, that might work, but don’t get all uppity about it because your carbon footprint elsewhere in your life probably negates it at the outset if you have 2.5 children.

As an aside. I’ve seen the folks riding their delicate bikes on the highways of the big, sprawling city I lived in getting in the way of the trucks and cars in the name of being “green” and then wiping out so the truck driver gets to live with the fact he was picking them out of his grill for a month. Pay the cities to get your own thoroughfares dumbass. You don’t belong with the cars and trucks. You will lose that fight Every time. I don’t care if your taxpayer dollars paid for those roads too. Big car against little bike still means death (or worse). Go visit an orthopedic rehab unit sometime and try on your earthly “halo” that will be screwed into your skull after a spill like that. Common sense, balance and practicality people! That is what Taurus is about and that is what is lacking with the south node in Taurus.

Scorpio in the north node will highlight advances in research. If we want to sustain this planet at this rate of growth somebody better do some research that lets the pill poppers eat their complete meal that way every day. We don’t have the food for everyone and this drought is a preview for how it will be if the population keeps growing at the rate it is currently. The western world isn’t the source of overpopulation, but that really isn't the point.

Scorpio is a sign of research. Perhaps some brainiac will find a fuel and travel method that will get us to another “M” class planet (sorry, Star Trek term). Mr. Hawking says we are doomed if we don’t build a transporter beam, or rather, have the means to get off this planet. I don’t know what is going to happen, but I think it might be wise to start making some semblance of a plan and start taking care of what we have.

Scorpio, being related to Pluto also has to do with all forms of power, including nuclear, fusion and whatever else the smarty pants’ of the world have up their trouser leg. If you work in these fields the Universe is summoning you to the front of the class.

North Node Sagittarius-South Node Gemini (March 2011-August 2012)

I don’t use a lot of the little non-planet “extras” when I run a chart calculation, but two of them I do swear by are the Nodes. The North Node (NN) and the South Node (SN) are technically just mathematical points involving the crossing of the moon’s path, with the earth’s orbit around the sun. The sun is our sense of “self” and gives us our ego and our Soul. You’ve heard that when someone passes away the “Light” goes out of their eyes? Their “Sun” has set and no longer shines from within their earthly form on this plane. The sun is our essence, which is why so much emphasis is given to it in astrology.

The moon is about how we feel, our instinctual urges, and she regulates the fluids in our bodies, just as she rules the tides of our planet. When the chemical makeup and allotment of our bodily fluids are severely off kilter we die. I would extrapolate that this is also true for our planet… The moon shows how we find comfort too. For most people, when we need solace, we revert back to childhood habits. Our moon signs attributes are those things ingrained in us from a very early age. If you are new to astrology, you should really get a natal chart and find out what your moon sign is. For some people the moon can actually be stronger than the sun sign, so if you’ve always felt your sun sign didn’t describe you, this is one possibility as to why.

We can think of the NN and SN as compass points which we can follow to direct us on our worldly path. The NN urges us to move forward and heads us in the right direction, and is sometimes called the Dragon’s Head. The SN is the path from whence we have come and signals those things which we have an inherent aptitude for from birth. We are proficient in these areas already so we no longer need to focus on these things. The SN is also referred to as the Dragon’s Tail. Think of your dog chasing her tail…she seems to have fun, but really…what’s the point? And what if she catches it? Bite it too hard and she will be harmed. The same goes for the SN. You may be comfortable and happy as a little clam on this path, but you won’t grow as a person. The only caveat to this happens for those who do not overuse or misuse their SN characteristics. For them, the SN will then become a “gift”. Something they may fall back on in times of trouble. For those who overuse it, the SN will become their “primrose path”.

The Nodes are changing signs on March 4th bringing a major change of venue for us all. The NN will move into Sagittarius and the SN will enter Gemini. The Universe is telling us it is time to think more globally, travel afar and learn about other people’s Truths. For we cannot know if our own ideals and mores are authentic until we experience those of another race and culture; and by internalizing their reality, we can then determine if our own is valid in all precepts. Without this input we become narrow, inane, obdurate beings.

I was reading just this morning about how only 30% of Americans even have a passport. (Avon, Natalie. (February 4, 2011) Why more Americans don’t travel abroad. Retrieved from). And among that group, 50% of the travel is to Canada and Mexico. Perhaps we Americans should consider for a moment why this is.

I know one reason I personally don’t like to traverse the world: Because a lot of people don’t like Americans and don’t mind telling us so. I have had some truly upsetting encounters with anti-American sentiments while living outside the U.S. Europe was worse, though I haven’t spent much time there. I think one of the other major reasons for the lack of Americans traveling abroad is that the U.S. is big enough, and diverse enough, that you can experience a great deal of what life has to offer within our own boarders. We are not 100% safe within our boarders, but for whatever reason, we are still a nation of homebodies. Perhaps to our detriment while the NN travels in Sagittarius.

On the news this week (1st week of February) we see foreign reporters being threatened and hunted in Egypt as it undergoes a major revolution. Giving us a glimpse into the reality of living in a country whose people have experienced many hardships for many years. So even if we don’t want to go tour the pyramids this week, the NN’s move into adventurous, exotic Sagittarius is a signal from the Universe telling us we must globalize. If we think we can remain immune to the happenings all over the earth, we are deluded. Being comfortable in our ruts will not serve us well while cosmopolitan Sagittarius is ruling the blessings of the earth.

China already owns most of the U.S. debt…which is significant. How many of us can speak Mandarin in the U.S. outside of the larger city’s “Chinatowns”? If we don’t get a handle on this our children’s kids will be learning it. Which doesn’t have to be doomsday, but considering China’s current Human Rights issues, I am sure glad I don’t have kids and will likely be dead before I have to start subsidence farming again. That would be a SN path for my family.

The Universe is offering us the perfect opportunity to at least remedy the more negative potentials for the future now. That is what the Nodes do for us, for the short term at least. Think of them as a microcosm…a snapshot…a year and a half in a snow globe. The United States (and other western countries) have been the social workers of the earth for the past 50 years: Humanitarian efforts used to subtly teach the message of freedom (okay, I’m a patriot, like that is news). We are going to have to drag some of the emerging economic powers along with us, or watch the lifestyle we have worked so hard for deteriorate. Have you watched the show “IRT: Deadliest Roads”? Current series is happening in India. Quite enlightening. India is trying to expand its economic prowess by outsourcing…and it is working for them. I have no problem with this as long as they also expand their ideologies and make it okay for girls to drive trucks (Go Lisa Kelly!) and stop with the stoning of the seers. You can understand my queasiness about this last topic.

As for the prognostications of a Sagittarius NN: There will be growth opportunities in areas of international interests, outdoor adventure, forestry and conservation, legal institutions, universities and professorships, freedom fighting, SOCIAL WORK!, comedians (at least those with Depth…having-fun-at-another’s-expense comedians are ruled by Gemini), daring sporting events and TRUTH…no matter how much it hurts.

God lives in Sagittarius too, though often in the dogmatic religious sense. God comes to all of us in a way we can understand, and I tend to ignore religious dogma because those things which have become ritualized and mandated by “men” cannot stand up when the true God shines upon them. We will hear the call from Our Creator during these two years more eloquently than we have in a while. My advice? LISTEN. To the natural GOD…not to the blatherings of human beings.

Sagittarius isn’t known for being tactful, so the promotion of Raw Truth is needed. And yes. Some will find luck. Follow your heart and you will benefit (as long as your heart isn’t dark and has the betterment of All exuding in its ideologies). Also, Sagittarians will be the recipients of more blessings than hardships if they are true to themselves and the One who plays a melody for their ears alone.

So, I have given you the Good News first. I apologize profusely to my Gemini friends because you are not in the limelight now…a place you so dearly love to be. Being the second sign of the zodiac isn’t really the most evolved place to be. Now don’t get all bent on me. None of us are merely one sign. Get a natal chart for yourself and start trying to act more like your ascendant or moon sign (or any stellium you might have…as long as it isn’t in Gemini) to circumvent this rather negative outlook.

The SN here is indicating that Gemini ruled things will not be blessed for the next couple of years (with the exception of those Gemini leanings which have been given as gifts…these are individualized…you’ll know it if it happens). In the normal course of action however, Gemini ruled auspices will be fraught with difficulty. This includes the areas of primary and secondary teachers, reporters (especially the “National Enquirer" types, or the paparazzi). Notice I say “teachers”…Professors are going to do just fine. You see, Gemini and Sagittarius are opposite signs (as are all NN/SN pairings). Gemini rules reading, writing and ‘rithmatic, the intellectual scale. Sagittarius rules learnings which require much more depth of study. Gemini rules grammar school…Sadge, university studies. NO, I am not picking on Gemini…the Universe is…we all get a turn at it. And after all, we learn to walk before we run, right? (Gemini is walking…Sadge running).

If you have a daily commute which requires some distance, this is probably going to turn into a major headache. The postal service is ruled by Gemini…they are bankrupting themselves and closing 2,000 or so offices. I’ve told you before that the government can’t run anything better than the private sector can (harken to my diatribes about health care being run by the government). As for health care reform…the current system in America reeks too but at least we have an element of choice. The “reeking” of it has more to do with the ideology of its members than who is running it. I’ll be writing more about my recent experiences within the U.S. system in the coming months…as the loss of my Dad continues to haunt me.

Another thought occurs...preparing for the globalization of the superbugs and communicable diseases, especially those beasties bred and spread in hospitals. This is already happening...people traveling abroad and spreading the creeping crud...that is how the cholera epidemic in Haiti someone foreign who went to help them after their earthquake. There have been three cases of cholera in the last week or so in New York, brought back by people visiting the Dominican Republic. This all fits the Sagittarius/Gemini polarity as well. Not all things which come from the NN are good mind you. The Nodes work as a team, and they will find our weaknesses, as well as our strengths.

At any rate, we can see why W.H.O. and the CDC get their panties in such a wad when a superbug starts traveling continents and jumping species (as H1N1 did). And even if that one was a dud...we need to prepare containment measures across the globe for the one that isn't. This too is foretold by the Sagittarius/Gemini nodal change. Teach it in the schools first...Gemini ruled and thus a hazard area.

Most countries have a decaying infrastructure, especially relating to transportation systems. Expect some major issues and failures of bridges, thoroughfares and aging edifices (make them do a structural survey of your kid’s elementary school if you suspect it should be condemned). Gemini also rules administrative functions; documentation, correspondence, written procedures, and the interpretation of such. Procedural objectives will need to be made more efficient, and probably taken under the advisement of attorneys. If yours aren’t…fix it posthaste or suffer the consequences of something that will not stand up in court.

The social butterflies of the zodiac are in for a major wakeup call. Gossip is ruled by Gemini and if you are a spreader of such trivia you will probably end up on the receiving end of some bad press in the next couple of years. Trivia in general is not going to be smiled upon: The world doesn’t have time for these shallow, useless leanings. If you can’t think beyond your next costume or exploit, well, no one will care. If you live to make fun of other people, get ready to have some wit directed “right back atcha”.

Gemini is a dualistic sign and its symbol is the Twins. Having twins in the literal sense isn’t exactly an easy thing to take on, and for the next couple of years it will be harder. As far as dualism, this makes me recall the duels of days gone by…when gallant men fought for everything from women to money in honor killings. There could be a bit of a resurgence of these “Count of Montecristo” realms. But what it will probably culminate in has to do with those countries with beliefs, such as honor killing. This is a cowardly practice in which the accused is unarmed when they are attacked. Only those with no honor would attack an unarmed person.

The NN in Sagittarius will further appeal to our sense of honor in other ways, perhaps requiring that we all determine what it is we would be willing to fight to keep. Of course we would fight for our family. However, our relatively sheltered kids are part of a great big world that is scary. Can they compete intellectually? Can they hold their own in a real fight? Do they understand that their town is not the epicenter of the world? Sagittarius in the North Node is asking that we make our life count for something beyond our sense of self. That we integrate the global truths into our own personal reality. We can teach the kids and uninformed this stuff NOW, or they can learn it in ten years the hard way.

The U.S. and Canada have been profoundly blessed in our ability to go out and better our circumstances. So have many other countries. Those countries which have not been blessed are starting to get pissed about it. If we can’t explain to them that their Human Rights violations may have something to do with their problems, then we better get ready to take up arms. The best way to teach is by role modeling. The NN in Sagittarius wants socially responsible role models to step forward now. The SN in Gemini wants to remain oblivious to higher conscious thinking because deriving power from unevolved and oppressive means serves their purpose, plus, they just aren’t too bright. Until ignorance regarding gender and religious freedoms are defeated, expect some major problems.

In the U.S., some of the countries we ignore now are becoming economic forces. Some will overpower us by sheer numbers sooner than later. Oh, and let’s not forget to mention our Achille’s Heel: Our irrational, bone-headed efforts to live beyond our means and invest in social programs we Cannot afford. Those so called “third-world-countries” very well could be in power by the time your kids are adults, if not sooner. The knuckle-dragging, woman haters are pretty easy to spot, but don’t think for a moment that women are on equal footing in China where they are still culling girl babies, or in India where the girls can’t freaking drive without being harassed.

The nobility of the NN in Sagittarius may sound all fluffy and wholesome. It isn’t. Sagittarius has already learned the lesson of “do or die”, torture and torment Scorpio, the sign proceeding it. He has now incorporated that into a grand philosophy for survival. So don’t be misled by Sagittarius’ lofty ideals of social consciousness; there will be blood. Shallow ideals will be the first to shed it, compliments of SN Gemini.

More on NN Sadge/SN Gemini

I already wrote a piece on the overall auspices of the move of the Nodes into Sagittarius and Gemini: NN Sagitarius/SN Gemini. However, this is a rather big deal and I felt I must go ahead and drone on about it some more.

As I mentioned, Gemini, which is going into the south node, rules primary and secondary education. Therefore, it represents those who only have a high school education. I say “only” loosely however because I know plenty of folks who are exceedingly intelligent who barely got their GED. Thing is, the south node, while it gives gifts, it also makes things a bit harder for those who perhaps had a better choice, but chose the easy route. If you had a difficult go of it just to get through high school, like my grandparents did, then you have no worries. If you screwed around and could have gone to college easily and didn't, then it may be an entirely different story for you now.

Jupiter is moving into the “path we should follow even though it is very uncomfortable for us”, north node. This rules college education and raw experience education. “Raw” as in trial by fire, survive or die, “I’ve been to war” mega experiences. Not, “aw, I don’t want to spend my trust fund on university and want to go bum around India and Milan for a while” "raw". Bottom line: If it was easy, it is crap. If you spilled blood and soul, it’s all good. Even if it is the south node.

Regardless of all the hype in the news about how university degrees are not panning out for the youth, they are still the best bet if you don’t have a plan. I haven’t been to college for more years than I care to admit…but I will. When I went there was NO INTERNET! Yes. I was born in a cave and grew up wiping my ass with leaves. When I was in college you went to the “tombs”: Those mildewy, asthma inducing, musty rows of books that were mostly from the 1930’s to 1950's. Or when you went to pull newspaper articles, you looked at a microfiche (which always made me nauseous as I have motion sickness issues). Or in some big book to pull magazines and periodicals: Then, either the magazine wasn’t there or the article you pulled the magazine for had been dissected from the referrence material and your two hour search was for naught. In other words, we had to track down our research. Same thing with grad school for me, though the internet had actually been “discovered” by then. I just didn’t have it.

My point? Oh you poor whiney bastards. Stress? You are overwhelmed? I’m so sad for you as you text and drive, consume $5.00 coffees (I would have saved that money for beer…which is a much better stress reliever) and have access to every information source known to man. If you can’t write kick ass papers with all that information, then perhaps you should shut off your electronics for a week and actually get some work done. In the words of “Mathesar” of Galaxy Quest… “YOU ARE OUR LAST HOPE”.

The Chinese kids have lived crap assed lives and are going to take your jobs and all your stuff if you don’t start learning quicker and better than they do. I am on the Rainbow Bridge between Generation X and the Boomers…and I fully expect to be farting rainbows in my last days. The Boomers are going to consume everything we have. There are too many of them to feed…much less hospitalize and institutionalize. So if you think you are under pressure now, just wait until Mom and Dad are living in your garage because you can’t afford a nursing home because the current 2,000 page POS of a health care bill has NO EFFING provisions for LTC….Long Term Care. Learn this term. “Long Term Care”. Remember it. Get insurance for it or regret it every day you have to spoon feed your drooling parent oatmeal and skip breakfast yourself.

[Grinning]. At any rate. This is why you need a college education. You will no longer WANT to work at home. You will worship your cubicle. You can make more money there and be far away from the chaos at your house that your kids, your loony parents and your pets are creating.

I’m willing to accept college is different now that you can buy all your research and essays online. However, if you actually listen to the old professors…they will teach you how to THINK: How to organize your thoughts, your life and your livelihood. They will teach you how to study…take notes…and learn beyond the essentials of grammar school.

If you want to become proficient at anything, then grad school is a MUST. But I learned a lot in my undergrad education regardless of what they are saying now; above and beyond how to talk my drunk ass out of a ticket and away from an octopi. I am so sorry the current generation isn’t. The colleges need to step up and figure out why. Maybe too many online, fake degrees flooding the market? I don’t know. I just know we need our universities to be more hands on and teach people by engaging them. And honestly. I am SO sorry if they aren’t teaching you anything now. Perhaps it is because they are too busy trying to get published and get tenure to do their freaking jobs.

I loved college. Some of the best years of my life happened there. I bleed Orange. But then, I used to walk into a bar (whose tee-shirts are world renowned…my second home…Eskimo Joe’s) and see Garth Brooks standing on a pool table MC-ing and walk out going, “oh damn, Garth is here and it is wall to wall people…let’s go someplace else”. And I got to dance to “Amarillo by Morning” with George Strait himself singing it…more than once. And I used to sit next to Barry Sanders in a class where we were both majoring, knowing he had no idea who I was, but I sure knew who he was.

Just please don’t write off college my young friends. I don’t care if you are brilliant and are earning a living already. I promise you. Pick the right place and you will have the best years of your life there. And I pray to God you learn something too because we are becoming a global metropolis and kiddos who haven’t had it as good as you have want your jobs, and deserve them if they are smarter than you are. Not just in the USA, but in Australia, the UK, the Netherlands, Italy and anywhere else that the lifestyle “rocks”. Keep that image of your drooling Mum…using all the babysitting money you had reserved for your own kids in your mind…it will spur you on to greatness!

North Node into Capricorn~South Node into Cancer

On the 22nd of August the nodes of the moon will be changing signs, from Aquarius and Leo, into Capricorn and Cancer (which happens to be where the eclipse pattern is located now as well. Nodal activity is intertwined with eclipse activity). This energy will be with us until March 4, 2011.

With it will come some harsh realities to those who have been overly dependant on their past associations or have feared moving away from things in their world they are comfortable with, such as family and lifelong friends. In other words, as the north node of the moon moves into Saturn on the 22nd, anyone who has not crawled out from under the rock they were birthed under will have some huge problems; culminating in many of the doors for which they could move forward being shut. This is especially true for those who are over 30 years of age.

Developing individual responsibility is paramount now, and those who have taken on more than their fair share of the load are set to be blessed by this new cosmic energy output. God has always blessed the “toilers” here on the earthly plane, and it is time for those blessings to come to fruition. Especially to those who have ventured way beyond their comfort zone to make their way in life.

If you are asked to join groups for practical matters, and even joining groups from your past, these will likely be rewarded as long, again, as you have not relied too heavily on them throughout your life.

The south node, or the Dragon’s Tail, is moving into Cancer. Cancer is the sign for “family” in the astrology world. Moms, real estate, homes, the past, sentimentality, nostalgia, antiques, cooking, fluid resources, stomach ailments, the breasts and fluids of the body are just a few of the more prevailing things ruled by Cancer. And let’s not forget, the general population and communicable diseases are also ruled by Cancer.

The south node represents the “path of least resistance”. In other words, those things we, and society does, because it is easy. Falling back upon family will not bring blessings now, nor will it open doors for you. And unfortunately, “Mom’s” will likely have a rather hard time of it for the next couple of years.

I hope you noted that the masses, and communicable diseases are also on this list. We already know about H1N1…and it has now spread to 160 countries, with England reporting 100,000 new cases just last week. They also have confirmed a woman in the Netherlands contracting Marburg Hemorrhagic Fever in a woman who visited a cave full of bats in Uganda while on vacation and brought the virus back to the Netherlands. Cancer is one of the rulers of the blood in the human body, as well as all bodily fluids: Consequently, there could be spikes in all blood, saliva or sexual fluid born communicable diseases, and perhaps even in the leukemia cancers. If you have had leukemia and it is in remission, be diligent in your care now.

I want to end on a less somber note. For one, the south node doesn’t JUST bring calamity, though if you read what the ancient astrologers believed you will be terrified of it. However, I do not believe it is inherently evil. The south node also is home to gifts we brought with us when we entered this dimension. And as long as you have not made a point of overusing these gifts, they can come out now and bring some long awaited and much deserved blessings. Natural healers, those who heal by touch and the ability to sense how others need to be nurtured in order for them to thrive, will thrive themselves and their work will be recognized. As will those with intuitive abilities which have gone untapped. This is due to Cancer being affiliated with all things watery and fluid. Those whose gift is teaching or caring for children will be honored, as will great cooks and domestics. And a few of those who have longed for a child will have one.

And if you want the north node to bless you, you must make concrete progress. You must do what you say you will, be responsible and stick to the practical. Executives and engineers will only come through these troubled times if they produce results, yet are still able to maintain their humanity.

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